Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Calling All Cars! Derrick Blogs.... #BB16

Derrick's HoH blog is just as orderly and professional as his HoH tweets.  He has a lot to say here, and doesn't waste much time getting right to it.  If you watched the live feeds yesterday, then you probably heard him getting a list of each house guest's shout-outs for his blog.  He promised to include all of them.  But as you will see, none of them are included in the blog.  This happens at least half dozen times each season.  I don't think Production lets you use your blog for that purpose, but I guess we'll have to ask Derrick about that later.

The fish on top of Derrick's head looks funny in this picture, but maybe that is why CBS chose to use it...

Hey Guys! 

Let me start by saying that I am sitting in the Big Brother house, blogging to you as the current HOH!!! It doesn't get any cooler than this! 

First I would obviously like to thank my wife Jana for allowing me to take advantage of this opportunity. It's tough being in this house but she has also taken on a lot of extra responsibilities by taking care of our daughter Tenley and our two dogs, Mason and Rocky. She is one of the strongest people I know and I am extremely proud to call her my wife. Jana, I hope you know that I think about you and her every second of the day and although I love this game, I am doing this for us. Being in this game has really put in perspective how important family is and I cannot wait to see you and "T-Money" soon (But not until I win BB16!). You are my best friend and I love you so much. 

To the rest of my family and friends, I want to say "Hi" to my Mom, Dad, brother Matt, and my sisters Meaghan and Aimee. I also want to say "Hi" to Tim a.k.a "Pops", Krissy, and Dillion. This would not have been possible without you guys. I miss all of you and I hope you are keeping Jana and Tenley company while I'm gone. By the way, whoever sent that horrible school photo of me…. I will get you back…haha. To the rest of my family, all my Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, I know you are all rooting me on and I hope you guys are enjoying the show and I am making you all proud! 

To all my brothers and sisters at CFPD, I miss you guys and I hope things are going OK this summer. I know it gets busy out there, especially this time of year, so good luck and stay safe. A special shout-out to the Midnight Shift guys! In addition to that, I want to pay my respect to all first-responders (Police, Fire, Rescue, etc.) Be safe out there guys! We may be a small city, but we're one of the best! 

Ok, so a little game talk…I think I am in a pretty good position at this point. Ideally, I didn't want to win HOH this early in the game but with the current "Battle of the Block" twist, I want to avoid being one of the four houseguests nominated at all costs. I'm still trying to read everyone in the house but I'm starting to develop a better idea of who I can trust going forward in this game. I'm hoping to complete the first "big move" of the season on Thursday night so we'll see how that goes. 

Finally, to my fans (By the way, still can't believe that I have fans! Crazy!!!), thank you for your support and voting for me to be part of "Team America." As a fan of the show and a fellow "feedster," it is a dream come true to be acknowledged by you guys and it is, in my opinion, the ultimate honor. Make sure you guys follow me so I can talk with all of you when I get out go this crazy house! Overall, I hope I am making you guys proud. This experience has been amazing so far and I really can't put into words how cool this has been. Although difficult, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I don't plan on wasting it. Thanks again to everyone for their love and support!


Brittany's Husband Looks Good, Too #BB16

First of all these pictures are all over the internet, so I assume someone got them from Facebook or something so I can't give credit.

This is Britney with her husband --they are separated now but based on what she has said on the live feeds they have not started divorce proceedings yet for financial reasons.  I just heard her tell Amber that he is a firefighter, and works in an area very close to the Big Brother house.

I've also heard her say that she married him when she was 18 or 19, and she said he was at least 10 years older than he is in his early forties now.  I'm getting a rock and roll vibe from him though, although his body does look like someone who saves lives.

This is her mom and dad, I think.  Does her mother have a twin sister?

Getting liquored up!

Bathing Beauties #BB16

Well, Brittany's boobs are a big topic in the chat room right now, while all the live feeders watch this scene.  A chatter claims that she told Frankie last night that she got "small implants, because she couldn't afford a lift", but I can't confirm that myself.

Brittany talked to Donny across the yard, addressing him like he is a slow two-year-old, making plans for tonight.  They expect to be locked in, so they can't "look at the stars".

Brittany:  Maybe we can go in The Hive and count the cells?

Donny:  Well, it'll be cold in there, but if you can stand it...

Brittany:  Or we can go upstairs in the bird nest and count.

(Obviously trying to prepare for the HoH tomorrow...)

Brittany, in a low tone:  Oh my God...I can't stand that...when he makes that sound with his mouth? ...that sound?  He's so weird....

Amber giggled.

Brittany wonders if Caleb is just being quiet because he's hungry.

Amber:  I don't know..he's hasn't talked to me for the past few days....whenever we do talk it's just about life...not the game.

Brittany thinks everybody in the house needs someone to really talk to.  Jocosta gives her that feeling, and Derrick too, she says.

Up at the Crack of Noon #BB16

Brittany puts on her makeup and spends time hair spraying her bun.  Christine is eating either cereal or oatmeal.  Of all of the guys in the house, she says Derrick has the closest physique to her husband Tim, although he weighs about 30 pounds less than Derrick.

Jocosta wondered if Tim was that tall, and Christine says Tim is 6'2".

Jocosta:  Mmmm hmmm.  I wish my husband was tall.

Then Jocosta went on....and on....and on....talking about how all of her husband's brothers were tall, but he wasn't.  And then she had to repeat that a few times, to be sure everyone heard it.

I think Brittany said that he husband is around 5'8, so she's hoping that the kids get some tall genes from their grandfather.

I know everyone loves it when Christine blows her nose, so here you go.

Here's Christine trying to appear fascinated with Jocosta's Short Husband Story.  She did smile quite a bit, showing all of her teeth in delight with such an interesting tale, and added a few height elements from her own life...for example one of her brothers married a woman taller and older than he is.

Brittany:  He must be attracted to someone more powerful than he is...

Christine:  And get this:  he's a stay at home dad!

Victoria couldn't pretend, couldn't Fake the Fascination.

When they get to the competition where they hang off the wall, Victoria might just be stubborn enough to stay on there all night.  She has been doing tricep presses and other exercises every day.  As long as her weave doesn't snag on something and get crooked or fall off, I think she might have the focus to win it.

(No one expected Danielle to hang onto that ship in BB14....)

Devin can be heard talking in the kitchen about which foods were healthy, and which weren't.

Brittany is considering having an apple with peanut butter, and Devin approves of that.  Jocosta is slicing a tomato and is going on and on and on about how good it looks.

Devin: It is ripe and juicy.

Devin then suggests Brittany have a bagel with some of that fresh tomato.  I didn't hear her respond to that, but she says she plans to have 'whitefish salad' for lunch.  Frankie made that last night, beating the poor dead fish into a literal pulp and mixing in lemon and oil.

Outside Amber says she  "still can't believe she's here".

Really Amber?  Really?

Maybe she means she can't believe she's stuck in there with a stalker Caleb.

Brittany:  I just cleaned that kitchen last night, and it's already disgusting.  I give up...I just wanted to have a protein shake this morning because it is so disgusting in there.

I think they might be real...based on the last three pictures.  Is that even possible in Southern California?

Pao Pao: I Had a Big Bag of Doritos, Some Coca-Cola, and Cried My Ass Off #BB16

Jeff sat down to talk to Pao Pao, and they got off to a good start.

Jeff did his homework for this one...maybe a little too much.  He asked Paola twice when she realized the game was going to be harder than she thought it would be.

She said when she got put on the block with Donny, that's when the game got hard.

Paola:  But then I really met Donny and found out what a great person he is...I didn't know there were people still like that out there.

Her plan was to try and keep low in the house, and keep her mouth shut.  It worked for the first week, she says.  Jeff asked about the BoB in the swing...did she throw that?

Paola:  No, I'm only 96.8 can I swing?

Jeff:  How can you not swing?

Jeff tried to get a straight answer from Pao Pao about whether she threw the second BoB, with Brittany.  It was hard to follow, but I think she said she planned to throw it, but then Brittany asked her if she was working with Devin, so she tried to win.

Zach seemed very confident that he would survive the live vote, and this made her nervous.  When Zach said he wanted to address the group, she thought she could, too.

Paola:  I shouldn't be sitting here right's all Devin's fault.  

Jeff wondered why she just sat there when Zach told her she sucked in his speech..she basically agreed with him when he said it.

Paola:  I definitely think Zach sucks, too.  He lost every competition so far...c'mon, he spelled 'warning' and he went to the University of Florida?  With a seven letter word?  

Now Jeff brings up 'Technotronics" and Paola talked about trying to spell 'calculator' and not having the right letters,

Paola:  I'm an idiot just like you!

Right now Paola thinks Derrick is playing the best game, and also Donny since he's her best friend.  She and Donny had a great connection and trusted each other in there.  Jeff says Donny is sweet as pie and Paola agrees.

Jeff:  But you kept telling me I was old in our interview..and then you go in there and make friends with the oldest guy!

Jeff always asks the house guests during the preseason videos to leave a message for themselves to see when they come out of the house.

Her message to herself said she was going to win and be rich, with a Ferrari and a mansion out on Long Island.

Jeff:  How much money did you think you were gonna win?  Not five hundred thought five hundred million!

Paola said the paranoia was crazy in there.  Every time you see a conversation you think it is about you.  And it is so boring in there with nothing to do, and she had to live with people she didn't like.

Paola:  Over half of the people I didn't like...

The twist this year didn't help her, because the HoH's wanted to put the weak people on the block so they would lose the BoB.  A fan asked her to describe her experience in one word, and she chose "hard".

She thinks Frankie is a flip-flopper and is going to be the downfall of Team America and Donny, too.

Jeff:  Are you upset that you weren't part of Team America?

Paola:  I'm upset I'm not part of the frickin' Bomb Squad!

She had no idea that Derrick was a cop...he wasn't even on her radar in the house but as soon as she learned about his real job she said he should be the main target.  If she knew that in the house, she would have targeted him immediately.  She said Cody was her first target, then Zach.

Jeff:  Cody and Zach?  But which one did you have the crush on?

Paola:  Both of them!  Ha ha ha ha. I had the biggest crush on Zach and then he opened his mouth!  And then when Cody opened his mouth I saw what a flirt he was, so....

One of the questions from the fans was "did you know Devin has a daughter?"  (ha ha ha ha)

Paola:  That's like his big thing...all the time...

Jeff:  He had to give that speech about it, and he cried!

Jeff then says that he doesn't want to jump on Devin too much, because that house can make you do stupid things..  (A message from the CBS legal team, I'll bet.)

Paola:  I can't say I don't really like Devin, because I don't know who he is...he had five personalities and all of them sucked.  One minute he hated Brittany, the next he had a crush on her, one minute he wanted everyone to like him, the next he didn't care...

A viewer asked if Caleb was too obsessed with Amber...does she think it will ruin his game?

Paola:  It already has ruined his game....Caleb is so in denial and thinks Amber is playing hard to get, but Amber doesn't like him at all.  It is messing up both of their games...

Jeff said it certainly seemed like Amber wasn't interested from the outside looking in, and Paola confirms this.

Paola:  We'd be sitting there talking about something else, and then he would bring up Amber...something Amber said...where he was going to take her on a date.  I told him it was Buy One Get One Free...because if he's taking her out, I'm gonna go too and want free dinner and drinks and stuff...

(That sounds like Buy One, Buy Another One.)

Paola plans to be friends with everybody, but it is hard to imagine being friends with Devin right now.  Jeff tells her she's fresh out of the house now, and things will seem different later.

The most shocking news to learn outside of the house was Derrick's job..she was completely surprised by that.  He really had her fooled, talking about his Parks & Rec job.

Paola:  I thought that job was cool, but boring as heck, but now that I know I think he has a really good chance to go far.

A viewer asks what does Pao Pao think about Zankie.  She had to think for a minute before she realized what that was.  Then she said that it is Zach's game, because Frankie has such a good social game with everybody that he's using him in the game.  Jeff asked about all of the Zankie cuddling, but she said that Zach really wanted her, and everybody knew that.  

She confirms that Donny is an outsider with the rest of the guys in the house.  He brings positive energy in the house, she says, and everybody wants to keep that going and not hurt him.

(Uh...Hayden had a dream the other night that Donny was a serial killer, which signaled Christine to talk about creepy his eyes and facial expressions well as some of his comments to the girls.)

Paola shows Jeff the badge Donny gave her from hosting the competition.  She made a necklace out of it and tells Jeff she gave him a DJ necklace in there so this was his gift in return.

She was very surprised to learn who Frankie's sister is...she knew that he lived in New York and was in the entertainment business, but she had no idea his sister was Ariana.

Jeff:  So, does that make you like him more?

Paola:  No.

Jeff:  Good, don't be a user!

She's not sure if Frankie can keep that secret all summer, and says he has a beast mode social game.  Jeff teases Paola for being bitter.  The first thing she did after getting evicted was she ate a bunch of Doritos, and drank Coca-Cola and "cried her ass off".

Jeff says it is very lonely when you are evicted.  After having so many people around you it just feels so quiet and lonely.  He asked her if she kept checking her mic and she said yes, and she couldn't remember her phone number at first.

She wants Derrick and Donny to work together, and get Frankie out.  Jeff says anything can happen, and Derrick might even be sitting with Jeff next week.

Paola:  Well good, because that means my Donny is still in there.

Jeff gifted Paola with a Big Brother tumbler and she loves it, she says.  She plans to get a BB tattoo, too, and with that the interview was over.

Derrick Addresses the Live Feeders, and Frank Eudy #BB16

Derrick calls out Frank Eudy, who used to talk the cameras all the time, saying Frank had some serious balls to talk about the game like that, with 14 other people in there.

Derrick:  You got balls bro. I"m not even sure who can hear me now, up here, so balls of steel bro...balls of steel.

He hopes everyone is enjoying the show and knows his family understands why he is doing what he's doing.  He wanted to come in the house and play an honest game --he's being as honest as he can be and told everyone at home that he would have to play a certain way to win the game.

Derrick:  You can't be too honest in this game, or people will use it against you.

He's playing as well as he can right now, and hopes that he doesn't need to make any more big moves for a bit, but he needs to just go back downstairs and fade back into the crowd and win comps when he has to.

This week was a blessing, he says, because he got to see his family's picture and "his daughter's feet" and it was worth every second, but now it is time to go back to what he was doing and not become someone who is viewed as a threat.

Derrick thinks he can do that, because there are people in the house who are very paranoid and this will ultimately ruin their own games.  They are going to assume they are targets when they really aren't, and this will self-sabotage their game and keep Derrick in the background.

He looked down at the scars on his forearms and said they were real, by the way. (Derrick's first competition in Episode #2, where he decided to grip the "spit" in a bear hug instead of holding the handles and using his legs made his arms into a bloody, scabbed mess.)

Derrick:  I've got to be one of the first to be permanently scarred in a Big Brother competition.  Some of these have healed....I think I'm gonna have some fucking scarring from this....

Derrick:  ...stupid...I should have fell right away....pride....pride set in....

Derrick sees his mic pack on the nightstand and now isn't sure if we've heard any of this, and looks around the room for the audio equipment.

He is ready to sign off but tells everyone that next year at this time, he'll be home watching someone doing the same thing, talking to the cameras.

Derrick:  Night ya'll.  Love you.

He got in bed and got comfortable, still talking a little.  He turned on the spy screen and noticed that Big Brother turned off all of the lights in the house.

Derrick:  Get a shot of that...that is have to get a shot of it.

They did.  It is kind of sick.


I think Derrick is going on the block next week, but he might not be the one to go home.  It all depends on who wins the HoH(s).  If Jocosta, Donny or Brittany win HoH, Derrick is going to be in trouble.

I predict the HoH winner will either be a repeat winner we may already be growing tired of (like Caleb or Frankie) or  someone random, like Victoria.

I heard Hayden tell Nicole that he didn't want to win HoH until they were back to the traditional HoH format, and she agreed.  I think they usually start the Jury after there have been five evictions, so I'm guessing they will shift back to the single HoH structure at that time.

But what do I know?  Nothing, really.