Sunday, July 13, 2014

It's Not Easy Being Green #BB16

Devin was the only one up for a while.  He's a Have Not, and he got up early and laid outside on the hammock.  I'll bet it feels good out there at that hour, after laying on that brick in the Have Not room.

Nicole got ready for the day, and her frog costume.

Last night I thought Production had given Nicole some green shorts to wear, but it turns out she rolled up the legs as far as she could.

Jocosta sounds much better.  She says all she has to do is finish the liquids "they" gave her and then she doesn't have to keep getting checked up on.  Then she proceeded to list a lot of liquids...a bottle of electrolytes, and I think six bottles of water.  And they told her to eat more fruits and vegetables so her body had more nutrients.

Jocosta needs to start doing the right thing in there.  Eat like an adult and stop sprinkling Benefiber over every bite of food.

She can't believe she tried to take a shower yesterday.  She should have taken a chair in the shower, she says.

(She did look horrible.  She could hardly move yesterday morning.)

Hayden, Donny and Nicole sat outside and had light conversation that turned personal at some point.  Nicole doesn't think that she can ever get married because she ends up getting bored with the same guy.  She stays with them for about five years, but she gets bored.

She and Hayden believe they are exact opposites....two different to make things work.

Donny:  Yeah, but opposites attract.

Nicole:  For a minute...

Hayden brings up the rumor that Zach likes Nicole, and Nicole sounds like she may not believe it. After Hayden went inside Donny brought it up again.

Donny:  So, Zach likes ya?

Nicole:  Yeah....I guess.

Donny:  You could get to meet Amanda Zuckerman!

Nicole:  You think that's true?

Donny says he if he had to guess, it probably wasn't, but it might be.  Who knows.  Nicole says it might be true, and after thinking about it, she thinks they do look a little alike.   Donny wondered what Christine thought, and Nicole said she thought it could be a possibility.

Donny says he'll look at Zach a little closer today, to see if he can see a resemblance.

(Donny is trying to complete the Team America challenge.  You can see them come up with the idea here.)

Nicole wonders what guy Donny would find the most attractive if he was a girl.  Donny thought for a minute or so before speaking.

Donny:  Hayden, because Cody is so good lookin' that he would be bombarded, and would have too many girls around.  He's a good lookin' fella and he's just used to having them around.  I don't think he's a bad guy, he just flirts because it's his nature.  Zach is not a character for you...I think he's got a good heart.

Nicole agrees that Cody doesn't have a bad bone in his body, but he is a flirt.  She says she told Zach she thought he would meet the right girl someday and she would change him.  Right then Hayden dashed back outside with a banana for Nicole.

Donny:  There's your answer right there.

Donny Tells His Dating Story, and Derrick Takes a Shower #BB16

Last night Brittany encouraged Donny to tell everyone about his girlfriend Christine.  She and Donny had a conversation the night before in the living room about Donny's relationship and it got kind of deep.  Brittany had to push Donny a little now to share the story.

Donny:  Well, Christine works in the office where I work, answerin' phones and all.  She's real pretty, with dark hair and eyes, and I knew that she just got divorced from her husband a few months earlier..

Brittany, smirking:  My middle name is Christine....

Everyone goes "whooo" and is already loving the story.

Donny, to Brittany:  And your last name is Thompson!

They all laugh and Donny continues his story.  (Brittany's last name is Martinez.)

Donny:  Well, she told me she had two tickets to a race, and asked me if I wanted them.  I don't have nobody to take to a race, so I said no thanks.  And I thought about asking her to go with me, but it was too late.  Then one of my friends told me that she really wanted to go with me..

Donny:  So when she asked me again about the tickets, I said I'd take one ticket, if she would go with me.  She said yes, and the next day she handed me a little folded piece of paper.  I got home and opened it, and it said "Homework" and there were some questions about me..

(Cody is totally going to use the folded note strategy, adding it to his aresenal.  I can tell.)

Donny:  Christine is real organized for her job, so we went tail gatin' outside the track, and she had all sorts of drinks and food to eat.  We sat out there for awhile and then went inside for the race.

Donny:  And the race was real good for datin', because the track is so loud and you have to sit real close together so you can talk.  And she had a little radio for us to listen to, and we shared the earphones like this....

Cody:  Did you kiss her good night?

Donny:  I'm not gonna tell you that....but yes!

Everyone loved the story and Cody can't wait to meet Christine.  Donny hopes she will be there, but he can't be sure.   He started telling them that Christine hates his beard, and implies there is more to the story, but Brittany stops him, saying they don't need to talk about that part.

I got a feel for what the bad part was, from hearing part of Donny's conversation with Brittany the night before.  It sounded like he became aware that Christine was going on a few dating websites, looking around.  I think they broke up for awhile, maybe because Donny wasn't making enough time for her, and maybe the beard (but I didn't hear that part).  They reunited just a month or so before Donny came to the BB house, and he wished he had more time with her to make sure things were right.

Donny:  I think about her and those websites sometimes in here, but there's nothin' I can do about it.

Derrick took a shower with Devin lurking just outside, peppering him with questions.

Devin  Do you think anyone will like me out there (in the public)?

Derrick:  I think there are people who will love you.  And there will be people who absolutely hate you, but I will be the same way.

Devin:  The superfans are going to hate me, bro!

Derrick was really nice to him, saying that he will be very busy once he's out, because he is going to be contacted by superfans for interviews, and everyone will want to talk to him.  Devin made the point again, awkwardly, that he hopes no one is going to try and do anything like get Jocosta out this week.

After this conversation, Derrick went right downstairs to find Donny, telling him that Devin is still trying to play the game, no matter what he says about wanting to go home.  Derrick says it hasn't even been two hours since Donny won the PoV, and Devin is already trying to get something going.

FYI Donny is widely expected to take his friend Jocosta off the block, so it will be Caleb vs. Devin sitting in the eviction chairs on Thursday night.

Maybe We Should Call it the "Lack of Fitness" Tracker #BB16 #FitBit

First of all, CBS should have signed up FitBit as a sponsor, so they can use the brand name instead of the generic "Fitness Tracker".  Shame on the promotions department for not putting a deal together.

Production is changing the way the FitBit works, though.  The default goal for every FitBit is 10,000 steps per day, so each of the five status lights represents another 2,000 steps taken each day.  I was watching the live feeds when they had been wearing them for about two days and Zach's FitBit did the little celebration light show when you meet your daily goal.

So I looked online, and the house guest with the highest total steps at the point was Zach, and he only had about 3,000 steps.

In the real world, I can get about 7,000 - 8,000 steps per day just from daily activities and taking my dog on three short potty breaks outside.  If I go for a run, I can easily get 12,000 - 14,0000 steps per day (which doesn't seem to be happening, now that Big Brother is on, but it is also 90 degrees outside...).

Here are the results for the Top Four through July 10th, as posted on the CBS website.

The "Active Minutes" stats are just deplorable. There is a little hill leading out of my subdivision, and my FitBit counts walking up the hill in the morning with my dog as "Active Minutes", so you don't need to work very hard to make those minutes happen.

But having said that, when I do a Jillian Michael's DVD workout, only about 2 or 3 minutes of the 20 minute workout is counted as "Active Minutes".  If you've ever suffered through the "30-Day Shred" or "Get Ripped in 30 Days" you would know just how unfair THAT is.

But the house guests don't understand what all of the lights mean, and why they are wearing them.  Obviously they will play into the game somehow, so I guess we will just have to wait and see.

FYI #1:  BB asks them to return their Fitness Trackers to the storage room every now and then.  I assume they are just recharging the battery, or syncing the results for reporting purposes.  The actual tracker is inside the rubber bracelet, and you have to take it out and attach it to your computer to recharge every 3 or 4 days.

FYI #2:  You are supposed to wear the FitBit on your non-dominant hand for best results.  I am left-handed, so I wear it on my right arm.  Zach wears his on his right arm, too, so I guess he's a lefty as well.

FYI #3:  You can program your FitBit to wake you up with "gentle buzzing vibrations".  When you're asleep, it's not so gentle, but this might be a fun way for BB to mess with the house guests in the future.  Although I can see them chucking the bracelets against the wall in anger, and FitBit certainly doesn't want to see that on TV.  So maybe it's good they aren't a sponser.

FYI #4:  They are wearing the FitBit Flex bracelets, which sell for around $99.  There are several different options for the rubber bracelet colors, and Tori Birch is going to release a "fashion" line of bracelets before this Christmas, I think.