Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Nicole Listens, Nods Out #BB16

I wonder who Nicole is talking to?

Devin, of course.

He called her upstairs so he could tell her the whole Bomb Squad story.  Like she doesn't fucking know already.  He told her he was "done with Caleb'.

Nicole:  You don't think you will make up with him?  You've had so many ups and downs already.  (ha ha ha)

Devin:  No...we've had a few...but I'm done now. There are just too many things I'm sick of, and there are things that I just don't want to be a part of.

Nicole:  I can't tell...sometimes he talks good, sometimes I hear him talk bad.  I don't ever say anything because I don't have anything to say.  You and Amber did put me on the block, but I understand why you did that.

Devin: I don't want to say anything bad about him, because I don't want to be that person.  Let's just say I don't like some of the things he does, or some of the things he says, or his game play.

Nicole wants out of that room is so obvious but I guess Devin is oblivious.

Devin says that the reason why he has stayed up in the HoH the last few days is that he didn't want to talk to Caleb.  (I thought it was so he could perv on Brittany, watching the Spy Screen.)

Caleb:  Did you see him when I was in the kitchen, asking me for the HoH key so he could use the bathroom?  I just wanted to be with you guys and not talk game.

This, That, and The Other from the #BBLF #BB16

Jocosta stayed up all night, which just never happens.

As you might know, Devin had a long, long talk with Brittany last night where he confessed the entire Bomb Squad saga, naming all of the members and the time line of when things happened.  Brittany wanted Jocosta to know all of this, too, so Jocosta went upstairs and Devin launched into the entire story again.

Personally I don't think Jocosta was surprised by much of it...she's no dummy and heard Devin say "the alliance is over" during one of his tirades earlier this week.  This week has been at least a year long can see Jocosta in the photo in this post as Devin went inside, saying the alliance was all over.  Jocosta was grinning, enjoying the action.

So early this morning she tried to stay up until Donny got up for the day, because she wanted him to wake her up at a certain time today, so she wouldn't sleep through today's action, apparently.

Paola entertained herself by pointing at pictures on the wall, trying to show Jocosta who was aligned with who, flipping the pairs and groups randomly.

(Like Paola knows more about the alliances than Jocosta?  Not a chance....)

Later on, as they went to bed at the crack of breakfast, Cody and Zach also spent time gazing at the memory wall, after Zach made various gang signs to the camera, and what looked like signals from a third base coach.

Cody and Zach weren't looking for alliances though.  They know all of that.  Instead they commented on the pictures...who looked good, who didn't.  It went a little something like this:

Joey:  They both agreed that picture of her was fantastic.

Paola:  Same thing.

Cody:  Zach criticized his hair...what was up with that?  Is that the way he fixes it?  Cody said he didn't have time to get a haircut at that time.

Zach:  Zach admitted he had the "worst haircut ever" in his picture.

Hayden:  Zach said, "dude...they fucked him over with that picture...he's better looking than that".

Brittany:  They agree that the picture is very unattractive...she is much more beautiful than that.

Victoria:  They said it was actually a good picture of her.

Amber:  They said she looked like a "lioness".

Frankie:  They said he looked like a troll doll, but then added that they "love Frankie".

Devin:  Zach can't look at his fucking picture without wanting to punch him in the face.

Derrick:  They agree this picture suits him perfectly.  Cody said "Derrick is the man!"

In the picture below they are imitating Derrick, their hero.  I'll bet Derrick will be called on more than once in the future by Zach and Cody to fix a traffic ticket, or worse.  That's what Police Sergeant friends are for, right?

Victoria and Frankie whispered about the drama in the house, and reality dawned on Victoria about what would happen on Thursday night.

Victoria:  Devin is going to sleep down here?  Oh Shit!

Amber was really upset about Devin ratting out her name to Brittany and Jocosta.  Jocosta was a good friend of hers but I bet she will be very forgiving.  Jocosta can't very well turn her back on the former Bomb Squad members, since that list includes most of the people in the house.  The ones who matter, anyway.

Amber swept the floor and got laundry together.  Caleb advised her to just keep "cleaning and smiling and being Amber".

Caleb sat outside and seemed to be trying to ingratiate himself with his former enemies.  He has announced that he will vote to keep Zach, and is against Devin now.  Well, isn't that convenient Caleb?

He had a bag of chips and was crunching them with gusto.

Zach:  Oh my God I am so hungry!  I would do ANYTHING to have some of those chips.  Caleb, can I lick your fingers?

Derrick:  That would be a rule violation.

Zach:  Really?

Derrick recited the code section and subsection from the Big Brother rule book where licking food off people's fingers was prohibited. (I just made that part up, but I'll bet he could have....I think they are furnished the rules as a part of the casting process, or at least in sequester.)

Caleb kind of rubbed it in at that point, with the chip crumbs and all.  He might have waited to tip the bag when he went inside, instead of doing that in front of Zach and Derrick, who have the munchies real bad...

They were all of the impression that the Have Not week is over tonight at midnight, so that they have all day Thursday to eat up in preparation for the live show and HoH competition.  They were even planning where they would sleep tonight.

But they learned they were wrong...they can't eat until Thursday at midnight, which is the standard Have Not time table.  The rules were different last week due to the holiday schedule, so this was a serious blow to their morale.

Devin Blogs: He Just Wants to Play an Honest and Integral Game #BB16

Devin is not a bad writer.  Really, he's not.

It's long and boring, but his communication skills are certainly better than many former HoH's that have graced the HoH Suite.  (For example:  Remember this?  And this?)

Of course, Devin misused the word integral, but maybe we misunderstood him all along, and his intentions had nothing to do with integrity.  (See definition here.)

Posted on Jul 9, 2014 09:45am

I want to start out by saying hi to the most beautiful girl in the world (my daughter) Jayden Sofia, and that I miss you every day that I am in here. Not being able to see your bright smile and your charismatic little self, full of energy sprinting around the house is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to deal with. I love you Jayden and hope to see you soon. And to my daughter’s Mother, I thank you for taking on the task of being the greatest mother anyone could have ever asked for. I know it’s not easy right now but I’m so proud of you for being the amazing woman you are, Thank you. Being in the BB house has been a blessing in so many ways and I will forever be grateful for this experience. I would never call myself a super fan out of respect for all the true super fans out there, but I can call myself a student of this game. Before entering the house I watched season after season multiple times over to try and formulate a flawless strategy. I thought of every potential cover story of who Devin Shepherd is and where I come from, and in the end I decided to just come in here and be who I really am.

Days leading up to my entry into the house I wanted to play an honest and integral game, even if that meant an early exit for me from the game. But one thing is very, very clear when Julie sends you through the front door for the first time. "Expect the Unexpected"! When I walked into the living room for the first time, glanced left and looked right I couldn't help but instantly think about all my favorite BB players of the past, and what they had to do to win this game (Dan, Rachel, Hayden and Boogie). At that very moment I knew that I would be forced to make a lot of moves that would go against the person I am outside of this game. From day one I think it’s safe to say I’ve played this game pretty hard! But I’m a competitor at heart and not a floater, even if being a floater at times is a great strategy the only way I know how to play any game is hard. The day I exit the BB doors I will never have this opportunity again, so I made up my mind that I’m going to play as hard as possible while also hoping to be smart about my game play because one thing is certain, I don't want to have any regrets about leaving anything on the table when it’s all said and done.

Now for the fun stuff! I have never lived with more than three people in a single house setting before in my life (lol). Living with fifteen others has been both challenging and a learning experience for me. I grew up an only child because my sister is twenty-six years older than myself, so living in the BB house can be intense at times. Dishes pile up higher than a mountain on a daily basis, clothes are left dangling in the most random places of the house (not surprised to find underwear in the storage room next to the produce anymore haha) and if you ever get the opportunity to live in the BB house for a summer and like to stay clean; well you better make sure you have a well hidden stash of towels somewhere or you most definitely will be sharing your buddies for sure. The fifteen other cast members are some of the most unique and amazing people I have ever gotten the opportunity to meet and share time with.

We truly have it all this year, from the most talented Broadway performer (Frankie) who will impersonate you down to a "T" at any given moment. To the kindest southern bell who comes from the most humble backgrounds with a family of nine brothers and sisters. We have it all this year! Every single person regardless of what may be seen or said at times is beyond amazing. The hardest part about this game is that each week someone is going to be judged before they are really understood and they will be sent packing out the door. This week I was able to put myself in a position where I won HOH and could build back trust and show loyalty to people I pre judged early on in this game. This was my first blog ever! I’m really pumped for the world to read this and I hope everyone enjoys to the max! Can’t wait to see what this game has in store for us all next week. Truly don't ever want this time here to end but at the same time I can't wait for it to all be over…

Take care with much Love, -Devin Shepherd