Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Devin: Dude, I'm Tweeting This for My Daughter.. #BB16

I'll just say it:   Devin's tweets are very boring.  I'm bored, reading them.

I can only assume the Production neglected to post the more interesting tweets about swearing vengeance on Zach, and his newfound love for Brittany.

Oh, I don't know if you know this, but Devin has a daughter. and she had a birthday.

Scenes From Today #BB16

Frankie got up rather early this morning and sat on the patio with Donny and Cody.   I don't remember what he said, but it doesn't matter anyway because he surely said the opposite as soon as he left the area.

Devin broke the HoH Room key and got locked out for a little while, so he had to use the downstairs bathroom with the rest of the commoners.  Brittany was in there and Devin commented on her tan and tried to act casual while she stood there in her bikini washing her hands.

Note Victoria perched there, too, chaperoning the situation.  Both of them told Devin that they were so tired---they were up all night.

Devin:  I'm so sorry.  If I could go back and re-pick the Have Nots, I would.

(Both Zach and Derrick volunteered, but Devin targeted Brittany and Victoria.  I'm sure it wasn't personal, though....)

Christine was sitting trying to enjoy her toast and oatmeal, when Devin plopped down at the dining table for a chat.

Christine asked him how his little chat with Brittany went last night (when he told her he liked her).

Devin:  Well...I don't know....she said thank you....she was very polite about it...I don't know...

The following two pictures demonstrate how Devin was indicating to Christine that he has it bad for Brittany.

Christine:  Oh my God!  You're just like a little boy!

Devin walked away and Christine spoke to us.

Christine:  Oh great!  Just who I wanted to spend my morning with...

BB called Devin to the DR.

Christine:  Thank you!

She counted, staring at the Memory Wall, wiggling her fingers around.  Earlier, I heard Donny say he really wanted to go in the dining area to study the wall, but he knew Devin would be watching on the Spy Screen.  Donny wished that wall was located somewhere else.

Victoria came in and was all cranked up about her face wash being almost gone.  It was brand new when she came in the house and she is angry.  I think she is blaming Paola for this.  She asked the DR about replacing it, but they told her that whatever she brought in the house had to last three months.

(You can get items replaced if you win HoH, though.)

Victoria later had a long conversation with Christine about what Brittany told her at 6:00 am.  She had no idea that Devin and Caleb didn't like her and wanted her out of the game until Brittany told her.  She is very offended because she feels that she has tried to be very nice to them, offering them some of whatever she is having and so forth.

She was especially hurt that Frankie was present during many of these Victoria-bashing sessions and never took up for her, or told her about it.

She also says she talked to Zach, telling him that if he stays in the house he has to be more respectful of her.  She doesn't expect him to change, though.  She remembers when they first came in the house he was saying she was his perfect girl, because she was Jewish and lived in South Florida

Caleb and Amber appeared.  Caleb seemed perturbed that Amber was up giggling with all of the girls until the wee hours of the morning.

Big Brother gave Amber this swimsuit for some reason---maybe a group photo or something.  Christine compliments her on it, but I can tell she was just trying to think up something pleasant to say to her.

Devin appeared with his HoH camera and the excitement was underwhelming.  Jocosta tried to stay behind the camera as she snapped a group photo of Devin, Caleb and Amber. (i.e. The Bombed Squad)

Christine kept saying "you should go outside and take pictures!" to keep them away from her.  Earlier Devin told Christine that he would be taking a lot of pictures of Brittany today.

Christine:  She'll probably be asleep..she was up all night.

Devin:  That's okay.  I'll take pictures of her sleeping.

Caleb gargled with Scope for a long, long time.  No doubt he wants his breath to be minty fresh as he follows Amber around the house today.

I really wanted a good picture of Caleb spitting out the mouthwash, but the cameras did not offer a close up.

Amber assumed the tanning position out by the pool.

Donny hung out in the pool, virtually unrecognizable with his beard in the water.

Devin came out and said he was, like, sorry that there was no one else awake to take pictures of.

Devin:  I'm like, sorry that there's no one else awake to take pictures of.

Brittany called out to Donny to come over and pose with all of the girls.

Donny:  I thought you'd never ask!

Devin assumed the position in this picture, directing Donny as he took underwater pictures of himself.

Zach Stays Awake, Prepares for Thursday's Live Show #BB16

After his pool game with Cody, Zach was bubbly and energetic  He has hope that he will stay on Thursday (and may be just a tad overconfident) and after talking with Cody he is excited about potentially getting hired by the event company Cody works for.

He went out to the hammock by himself, already practicing that moment when Julie will read the votes and tell Paola she was evicted.

Zach:  I'd like to thank my beautiful, hard working mother, my father, and my favorite person in the world...my little brother.  Without you all, I wouldn't be half the person I am today.  And to you, the 12 voters....don't let someone bully you, and threaten you into doing things in this game that aren't good for you

He stops and starts a few times, rephrasing things and starting over.

Zach:  And if you keep me in this game, know that my primary goal is to get Devin out of this game---no one else is my target.  And no offense to you, Pao Pao, but I am much more physically and mentally capable of accomplishing that mission than you are.

Brittany, from across the yard:  Zach, who are you talking to?

Nicole:  He's practicing his speech for Thursday.

Zach asked the girls if they wanted to hear it, and they did, so he walked over and launched into it.

Both girls said it was perfect.

Nicole:  You shouldn't change a word.

Zach told them that the vote will be 9-3 or 10-2, depending on Frankie's vote.

Nicole:  You think you're getting Jocasta's vote?

Zach:  Yeah.

Nicole:  I don't know about that.....she and Pao Pao are best friends.  They call each other Mama and Baby (or something like that).

Zach:  So, should I even try with her?

Brittany:   You should definitely try...she's in here playing her own game...not Pao Pao's.

Nicole is like any other young girl, self-conscious about her appearance.  She is muttering to herself, and then sat up to feel her chin and neck area before laying back down.

Nicole, to herself:  Yeah...not going to eat that stuff anymore.....I ran a mile...yah

Leaving your clothes draped over your mid-section is a dead giveaway that a girl thinks she's chunky.  Although, laying next to Brittany would be intimidating for any girl.  Brittany is very confident, which is something people really notice.

Zach listened to Cody speak about how Zach's one-on-one conversations can have implications for everyone else, so he should be careful.  And they talk about Devin being a bully.

Cody:  It's like Amanda last year.  No one wanted to go against her because she bitched and moaned, but at a certain point in the game what she had didn't matter, so she went home.

Zach:  I like everything you're saying, Bro.  You are truly wise beyond your years.

Donny came out to the couches and they discussed how Devin targeted Donny for fear that he was a CIA agent or something.   Cody says that was "BB Paranoia" and he wasn't going to give in to it.

Donny:  Well, when I was nominated, you two were the only people who told me not to worry...the only two people.  Not even my sleeping partner said anything (Derrick).

Cody:  Well, people were afraid to go against the house.

Cody asked Donny what Jocosta's position was about the game.  Donny said they talk every day, but she never really speaks her mind about the game.  Cody and Zach agreed that Jocosta and Victoria were two important people for them to speak with this week, to lay everything out.

Cody went inside, saying he was sweating, and "hot and bothered...mainly bothered".  After he left Zach told Donny they needed to rise up against Devin, they can't let this continue.

Donny says he can't get his toothbrush and deodorant, because it is in the Girls's room and he doens't want to wake them up.  (i.e. the Fire Room)

Zach & Cody: Same Outfits, Same Activity, New Day #BB16

I'm not gonna lie...things looked pretty grim for our boy Zach Rance last night on BBAD.  After Zach dropped BOMBS during the PoV ceremony yesterday, he did a few giddy, celebratory laps, and then went to bed in the Have Not room and hid under the covers.

I still had hope that Zach could stay, even though Two-Faced Frankie was working overtime to recruit votes to evict him.

But then I watched Derrick have a chat with Cody in The Hive on BBAD, and Derrick made a solid case to let Zach go.  I think he was just going over the Pros and Cons with Cody, but it seemed like both of them started to see the wisdom in avoiding battle with guys like Caleb and Devin.

Derrick:  I trust Zach....I really do.  But he's a young kid and he will probably blow up again in here.  And that's a bad reflection on you and me....we need to make choices that will get us farther in the game.

Cody vented, too, and was still angry at Zach for telling Frankie that he and Derrick didn't trust him.  And they both agreed that Zach took it too far by bringing up Devin's daughter, and the fact that he is pilled up every day.

(Even though, to me, Devin made this fair game by bringing up his daughter in EVERY DAMN MEETING and conversation, and babbling about his meds EVERY DAMN MORNING.)

Anyway...I went to sleep last night trying to look on the bright side, that we would soon have Zach's Tweets and opinions to chew on throughout the end of the season.

So I was quite pleased to tune in to the live feeds and see Cody and Zach playing pool and chattering, just like old times.  You know, last week.

Nicole was jogging in the backyard and occasionally you could see her ponytail bobbing as she ran through the frame.  Before she started jogging, she sat in the hammock with Brittany and Victoria.  Brittany was making a very strong, calm case for keeping Zach this week, and I could tell that her arguments were starting to sink in.

Brittany:  I think Zach is out of control sometimes, and he was a jerk yesterday.  He's not a friend of mine, and I don't care if he stays or goes.  But what bothers me is that all of a sudden, Devin and "them" want to keep Pao Pao....so if we keep her, she's on their side, and that's another vote against you and I when we are on the block.

Nicole:  I really don't know how I will vote yet.  But if you asked me yesterday, I was 80% sure I was keeping Pao Pao...

(For someone who has never watched BB before, Brittany is very good at her social and strategic game.)

Zach and Cody discussed the votes---Zach thinks the vote will be 10-2 to keep him, but Cody says Frankie will not vote for you, so it will be 9-3.  Zach swears up and down that Frankie will vote to keep him, but Cody doesn't agree.

Cody needs to talk to Jocosta about it today.  He thinks she is down to keep Zach, but he's not sure.

(I saw Jocosta going on and on last night on BBAD about how disrespectful Zach has been to Victoria, so I don't know about that...)

Zach:  Before Julie reads the votes, I am literally going to have a heart attack.

Cody:  Dude, I'm going to have a heart attack too!  Because even if you stay and it's 7-5, then that means that those five people are on their side, and then it will be a fight every week to stay in this house.

Cody thinks that if the vote is 9-3, then Amber is going to realize that she just lined up on the other side of the house, and she's going to freak out and scramble.

Cody:  I've got to talk to Derrick about that, though.

(Because Derrick = Papa Bear)

Cody talked to Zach about his event job that he does on the weekend.  Cody's brother got involved with this company, run by a guy named Derek (? I'm spelling it differently to differentiate from our Derrick) who has become one of Cody's best friends.

The Company runs parties for crazy-rich people in Manhattan---it sounds like they do a lot of bar mitzvahs, which certainly are Big Money in the city.  Cody had to train for a year, learning to socialize and run a party.  He "MC's" the parties now, but still hasn't been the host yet.  He wants to be older at that point, so the mega rich guys who hold the parties won't just see him as some kid.

Cody:  I used to be a little punk...but then I got involved with this and have changed so much, and learned so much.  I know I can be successful now, and can make a lot of money.  I'm like night and day now, with the way I speak to people.

Cody's team would go out with Derek to train.  Derek would pick a group of people in the bar, and tell the guys to go over and sit with them.  Cody says that human nature is to fight off an intruder, and that as mammals we have all sorts of defenses built in.

Zach:  Dude, I would go off if someone came over and sat down.

Cody:  I know.  It's happened to me, and my brother, and this guy name Marquis who is just stupid good at it.  But you learn how to bring people in and then they end up buying you a drink!

Cody says he looks forward to working on Saturday nights, even though he is missing a night out with his friends.  He can make about $300, just "dancing", and always gets a tip, too.

Zach:  I would literally move to New York for a job like that.  That is what I want to do..

Cody:  Dude, they would hire you in a heartbeat.  And you can keep a beat and dance, too, I've seen you.  It is so hard for them to find a white guy who can really dance.  You'd be surprised how many people can't find the beat.

Zach:  Dude.  After this I'm totally following you to New York.  It feels like we've been friends for years.

Cody:  Dude. I know.

They brought up how much they like Derrick.  They feel so lucky to have made the connection, that there are three of them.


Cody said he pays $800 for his student loans, and this is just a drain that goes nowhere.  If he wins Big Brother, he will pay off his loan, and his brother's loans too.

TIP:  College is really expensive---if you are in school you should major in something that will get you a job afterwards.  Whatever Cody majored in, and Zach's economics degree don't really seem to set out a career path.  So college probably was overpriced and underutilized for them, if not a total waste.

I know many people like this.  Overeducated and in debt.  For years.

When I picked a college major, I had a lot of interests.  But I picked Accounting because I knew I could easily get a high-paying job, and could use the skill set no matter what profession I pursued.  Since I graduated, I had high-paying jobs from the get go, and run my own practice now.

I'm not saying you should be a CPA, just pointing out that if you can't use your college degree to get a job, you are probably spending your money in the wrong place.