Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Caleb Blogs - Finally He Has a Chance to Talk About Himself #BB16

CBS has finally posted Caleb's HoH blog, which was written on Monday afternon in the HoH Suite.  Maybe the lawyers had to review it for potential issues or secret Zodiak-type codes.  They certainly weren't reviewing it for proper grammar and punctuation.

Anyway the blog is about what you would expect---a blustery paragraph full of overly-confident cliches and Caleb-isms.

According to Caleb, there are only a few "competitors" in the BB house this year, but he is the one to beat. When Caleb is released from captivity in a few weeks, probably before Jury, I recommend he review the following list of BB winners for the past two seasons, and revisit his definition of "competitor".

BB15 - Andy Herren
BB14 - Ian Terry

Caleb is good TV,but if he wants to win, I think he's on the wrong show.

His HoH Blog is printed below, in all of it's glory, in it's entirety.


HoH Suite Spot: Caleb

Posted on Jul 2, 2014 03:10pm

So, i will start off by giving thanks to GOD for giving me this opportunity to be here in the big brother house. It is awesome being here and getting to know the other 15 house guest day by day. although we are only almost 2 weeks in, I'm still trying to figure everyone out and who i can trust. Most importantly at the end of the day i can only trust myself at 110%. I am honored to be the First HOH of Big Brother 16, I fought hard and won with battle scares to prove my fight inside. too bad i can't compete this week bc having this HOH room is great, But next week this cowboy will get to enter in the next rodeo so i am really excited to compete again for the next HOH competition. I should have no problem winning this season of big brother, There are a few other competitors in the house, but overall i am the one to beat, i am a different animal, i am victorious, and most of all i am a child of god and in phillipians 4:13 it says "i can do all things through christ which strengthens me" I believe i am the toughest and best competitor in this house and from what i hear i am the one to beat. Also feels great to be head of the alliance called "the bomb squad" we are truckin right along and feeling great about my team of soldiers i have recruited. I am missing my family a ton, missing my church family, but this is for sure the chance of a life time and so thankful to be here. I just have to play my game and leave my heart and emotions at the door. I am blessed and reassured that god has big plans for me when i leave the big brother house. keep rooting on this cowboy, for this rodeo is just another 8 second ride. Well thanks to all that is watching and blogging. keep your eyes open and always expect the unexpected. To all my fans, i love you and thanks you for your support. once again, thanks to my father above that made all this possible and saving my soul. Without him this would have never been possible. God deserves and gets all the Glory.

Derrick Gives Counsel #BB16

The indoor lockdown has started, and the house guests will be stuck in the house until the Live Show.

Derrick has been in bed all day, so Amber goes in there to talk to him about how she's feeling.  She is really worried about being targeted now, after the whole fiasco with Caleb.

Amber:  I just don't feel like anyone should be targeted for something personal, unless they did something really wrong..

Derrick:  You just said it right there--that is exactly how I feel.  I'm not going to fault someone for being honest and telling someone the truth, instead of pretending something that isn't true.

Amber feels tension in the house now, and is obviously worried about it.  Derrick asked her if she can reach out in a round-about way, through Devin.  Amber isn't sure that she's cool with Devin, either.

Their conversation is interrupted by Victoria, who comes in and just makes herself comfortable.  Derrick called her his "little sister" and mentioned her getting him up in the middle of the night.  (You can see that here...)

Victoria is looking for assurance that Joey is leaving, and they briefly discuss how Joey did too little, and then way too much to keep herself in the game.  Victoria is obviously very needy and has latched onto Derrick like a barnacle.

For example, see the picture below.  She knows this is Donny's spot and asks Derrick how Donny is to sleep with.  Derrick says Donny is a very still sleeper and it is a pleasure to share the bed with him.

(Sorry Victoria....get your ass back to your own bed please.)

Victoria keeps saying she's tired, and might take a nap.

Derrick:  Well, go on and do your thing. (implying she should go back to her own bed).

Then Amber came back in and there was less tension with her in the room.  Who would think a gorgeous model would cut the tension?

Amber doesn't really flirt when she talks to the guys.  The single guys are the ones who flirt with her and she just kind of laughs it off.  I guess that goes with the model territory---she's got be careful putting vibes out there, particularly with what has happened in the last week with Caleb and Devin.

Amber told Victoria that Derrick eased her mind with what he said to her, and she thinks she can sleep tonight without worrying about it.

Derrick's wounds are healing and he is happy about it.  Remember on Episode #2 when Derrick used the strategy of hugging the "log" instead of grasping the handles?  Well, his arms got all tore up---all skinned and scabbed and they are finally healing.  That is one reason why he has tried to stay out of the sun---he doesn't want to scar too badly.

I'll say it again:  Victoria needs to step off Derrick and scurry back to her corner.

The Afternoon, in PIctures #BB16

Victoria didn't stay outside for very long.  She's not a tanner, apparently.

Frankie can't just lay there quietly.  He is always humming or singing or asking people questions that may or may not be sincere.  It's exhausting.

Cody is really dragging on the slop diet.  Devin gave him some new information about how to prepare it that seems to blow Cody's mind.  Devin had to repeat it for him, slower.  Basically he said to sift the slop so that only the rolled oats remain, then to mix it with the chocolate protein powder.

Cody said that sounded really good, and he might need to make some of that later, so he could get through the day.

Devin started sifting the slop to make some of it for himself, even though he's not a Have Not.  It would have been nice for him to make some for Cody, too, right?  I don't think it even occurred to Devin to offer, which is kind of telling.

Devin stirred up the slop powder with some milk and chocolate powder, and then added peanut butter.

Christine seems to have a few medical issues that are making life challenging in the house.  She has allergy problems and has been waiting for the DR to give her medication for it.  She's been having trouble breathing and is very congested.  She also has some dietary restrictions, with a list of foods she can't eat, including gluten and dairy (I think).

Amber sashayed through the room and everyone said 'Good Morning'.  She laughed and said she was outside early this morning alredy.

Frankie comforted Cody, maybe a little too much.  Cody likes to hug.  He's a hugger.

Also, if you don't know, Frankie always says that tuna salad is his favorite food in the world.  They are out of canned tuna in the house, but they had a package of yellowtail tuna so he broiled it and planned to put together a high-end tuna salad for the house guests.  According to the package, the two pounds of tuna in the package cost $77.00, so that's some expensive tuna salad.

Joey laid outside with Caleb, who says he can't take too much sun and doesn't seem to enjoy just laying there.

Brittany sensed an opportunity there, so she pulled her lounge chair over there and got into the conversation.  Caleb seemed cranky at first but then he joined the conversation, which was just about basic topics---nothing about the game or Amber.

Joey went inside and Brittany kept talking to Caleb.  She told him about the first time she rode on a horse and they talked about how nice it would be for the entire cast to get together after the show ends to party and let loose.

Caleb:  Yep.  Maybe then nobody would be lying or using each other, and everybody could be straight up.

Brittany told him she's learned that she needs to control her emotions in the house, and use the DR to vent instead of being too candid with others.  She seemed to be trying to give him advice, and Caleb should be grateful she's reaching out, trying to be kind.

After a few minutes Caleb said he was going inside---I think because Amber came outside and was sitting on the couch.

Joey told Brittany that she's prepared to go home tomorrow.  She wants to be positive about it, but also not to be a mess if it happens.  She says her boyfriend Andrew has asked her to marry him so many times, but she has been afraid of commitment.

Joey:  I've learned in here that I think I'm ready....I can't wait to get married now!

Brittany:  Oh, you're making me tear up over here!

She talked to Joey about being the author of your own book, and moving forward to create new chapters without going back.  It was a good conversation.  Brittany is only 3 years older than Joey, but it seems like decades based on Brittany's life experience.

Oh no.  Cody was blatantly flirting with Amber, teasing her about her love life.  She said it's been about a year since she's dated anybody, and Cody pretended to tap his watch and told her the clock is ticking.

Very flirty, as you can see.

You can just sense the storm clouds on the horizon, can't you?   How is Caleb going to control himself when he can't barricade himself in the HoH when Amber is around?

Devin: Why Are My Feet Numb? #BB16

Devin came outside to run around and started obsessing over his feet, which feel numb when he is running, I guess.

He yelled across the backyard with Nicole for medical advice.  They discussed fillibrators (sp?) and the need for them.  Nicole tried to answer his questions thoughtfully, saying it might be a matter of experience--she is not that familiar with the equipment.

After Devin went back inside Nicole muttered that she thinks numb feet means you have diabetes.

No one can stay still out there.  They all get up, lay down, get up, move around, lay down....

Nicole went inside to get some water and offered to get some for Frankie, too.  He wanted ice but when she went inside there wasn't any ice.

Frankie:  That ice maker isn't working...

Brittany explained that the machine was "out of water" and she filled it back up about 40 minutes ago.  Frankie didn't realize that they needed to do that, but says it all makes sense now.

(How ghetto are the appliances in that house?  Would it kill them to run a water line so that 16 people can have some ice?)

Cody said last night was the worst night for him in the Have Not room yet.  He just couldn't get to sleep.  Brittany asked him about the first thing he plans to eat when BB allows the Have Nots to eat.

Cody, immediately:  Pizza.  I can't stop thinking about pizza.

Nicole said she might have a turkey burger.  Cody thought about that, and said they smell funny.  Brittany thought he said she smelled funny, and there were a few rounds of the conversation where he explained that it might be the method of cooking, or just the house.  I'm still not clear if she understood what he was saying.  Maybe she thinks she smells now.  But of course Cody would NEVER say that to her.  Not sweet Cody.

Anyone would agree that Cody is the total package.

Let's Catch Some Morning Rays #BB16

Since Amber is sunning herself in public, and speaking freely, I can only assume Caleb is still in his HoH Suite.

Hayden hopes that was the last night they will have to stay in the Have Not room.  I know the Have Nots get to eat at midnight,but I'm not sure if it is tonight or tomorrow night.

Growing up Amber used to watch airplanes fly overhead and then look at the flight books to try and figure out where they were going.  Life in a small town, folks.

Brittany asked Amber if she flies a lot alone, and Amber says she does and she loves it.  She meets so many people and they all take pictures of each other.

Brittany said the microwave blew up this morning and sparks were flying when she tried to heat up her coffee.  I've heard Jocosta say that the door on the microwave is burning hot and she learned the hard way not to touch it.

(Production needs to fix that...that sounds dangerous.)

Hayden has some little routine that he does in a strange voice reciting poetry or something.  They got him to do it last night---I tried to watch but I'm just not into it.  They talk about it now---some poem he made up about Brittany being a good mom with nice boobs.

Let's don't forget that Donny is in the house, too.  He went over to the elliptical machine to get a good sweat going.  On BBAD a few days ago, I did seem him running back and forth across the yard with Jocosta, so at least he's establishing routines although I haven't seen any poptarts yet.

Frankie came out and they discussed the pending lockdown---they expect to be locked down inside later today until Thursday's live show.  Nicole decided to go inside and put her bathing suit on to make the most of it.

Frankie:'ll have plenty of time to do things inside later...

Frankie also discussed a large crater on his face which he says is a result of Joey extracting a blemish a few days ago.  I did watch that (on BBAD, I think?) and Frankie seemed to be appreciative at the time.  If he doesn't wash his hands after he uses that germ-covered toilet (which I also saw on the feeds) than I don't think he can blame Joey for the crater.  Joey thoroughly washed her hands before touching his face (and after, too) and made that clear to Frankie at the time.

Nicole came back outside and started to get comfortable in the chair next to Frankie, but then BB reminded her to put on her microphone.  She forgot and left it inside and marched back in there to get it, grumbling.

Sometimes Frankie just talks to hear himself talk.  I think he feels like he needs to entertain us, but he doesn't.

Nicole came back out and Frankie asked her about her family.  She said her dad is a boss who does some sort of road construction.  He's only taken four days off from work in his life---his wedding, the birth of Nicole and her brother, and the day Nicole got her BB key.

Nicole's mother was a stay-at-home mom until Nicole went to high school.  She started getting bored so she got a job working in a tiny retail store in their town.