Sunday, June 29, 2014

Lap Around the Camera Feeds.. #BB16

You know, I didn't try to take a bad picture of Jocosta, but it happened anyway.

It's hard to eat pizza on camera, I guess.

Amber is gorgeous, of course, but I don't understand the need for the head wrap.

Pao Poa is being a lot more agreeable in the house than I thought she would be.  I don't think she's had one blow up in there...I certainly never would have guessed Brittany would create more drama than Pao Pao.

Zach is keeping his naughty side under wraps, too.  I hope we see him in action in the DR, though, where that kind of behavior belongs....I've no doubt CBS will feature his unlikely alliance with Frankie, though.

Caleb talked about how girls these days don't want guys who are nice to them...they are attracted to the guys who treat them badly.  He likes to treat girls with respect, the same way he treats his mother.  He's getting to the age where he thinks about wanting to be thought of as marriage potential, he says. Nicole said she thought he was too cocky the first days in the house, and Donny said being HoH also put him in a position where he was separated from everyone else.

Hayden spilled a lot of coffee and warns everybody.  Big Brother has put a cake mix and frosting in the storage room and the girls plan to make Nicole a surprise birthday cake when she is napping.  Monday is Nicole's birthday, apparently.

In the old days, Big Brother used to provide birthday treats for the house guests.  During BB6, they even had K-Mart as a sponsor and there were a lot of great jokes online about April opening her K-Mart gifts and holding up the clothes.  And during BB7 Big Brother delivered sushi for Mike Boogie's birthday---remember when Erika put whipped cream on her legs and he ate it off?

Joey put on a happy face and chattered with Brittany as she prepared to go in the backyard.

Newsflash: Devin Has a Two-Year-Old Daughter! #BB16

After the PoV ceremony, Cody and Christine sat in the backyard and talked with Donny about Joey, saying she tried to make a big move but it didn't work.  Christine says she just doesn't know how to play this game.

Cody was stroking the top of Christine's head during this conversation.  Cody is very touchy, apparently.

Frankie was preparing to nap in the HoH room and Zach came up and listened to Frankie recount the whole saga about Devin and Brittany, and the bed sheets and lotion.

Frankie: .....and he went in there and said, is this your lotion? and handed it to her, and she took that as him bitching at her for leaving her lotion on the counter!

Frankie:  And then she threw me under the bus!

Zach:  NO!

I guess the blue pillow are supposed to be robin's eggs, right?  Although a robin's eggs are a perfect Tiffany's blue color and these are a little dark.

Now we we see Devin go in the Have Not room and approach Joey to offer his support.  He is telling her he will do what he can to get votes for her to stay.

When Devin talks, he talks A LOT and a lot of words come out.  As part of this discussion he told Joey that he likes her as a person, but more than a person...

Devin:  I apologize to that his name?....but I was about to tell you something that night, but then you said you had a boyfriend and I was like, awwwww...

He doesn't want anyone to know that he is on her side.

Cody comes in in the middle of that sentence and Devin swore him to secrecy and Cody apologized and left quickly.

Pao Pao came in to comfort her.

Joey:  I would ask you to make me some bacon and rice, but I'm a Have Not.

Devin:  Did you get your bacon and rice yet today?

Pao Pao:  No, not yet.

Devin:  Well, you better go do it, and get it now, because I kind of feel like having bacon today, too.

(Devin is eating way more than his share of everything and this is causing some chatter...)

Now Devin goes into the whole Brittany "bed sheets and lotion" saga AGAIN and asks Joey to try and help him smooth things over with Brittany, since they are best friends in the house.

Devin: And you can tell her that from the first minute in here, I wanted someone with kids to win this thing, because winning $500,000 can change her kids life...they can go to college...(starts to tear up and sniffle)...

(OMG this guy...)

Devin:  I want to give you a hug, but I"m all sweaty.

He ended up giving her a hug anyway. He also went on and on and on about thinking he was going to be nominated today--apparently that is why he went outside to do sprints.

They left the room and Devin said he needed to go to the DR to "get his meds".

Yeah, I'll bet...

PoV Ceremony Aftermath #BB16

Yep, that's Joey in the bed, sniffling after being nominated.

Brittany is whispering with Pao Pao in the Hive, wondering if she should vote for Joey to leave so she doesn't make more waves in the house.  She thinks she is going to be targeted next week.

Paola tells her that isn't true, that Devin has many other targets.

Amber uses her feet at home to close the refrigerator and the oven, etc.  Not too crazy about the hair accessory she keeps wearing every day...

Oh dear.

Caleb admires himself and declares himself awesome looking.

Wow look at how filthy the window is!  Devin and Amber are whispering and I think I heard him say that no one knows they are working together.

OMG now he starts repeating the drama about the little tiff with Brittany over the lotion and the bed sheets.

Devin:  And she told me that it wasn't just about the lotion and the bed sheets, that there was a deeper issue there...and here I am, 26 years old, talking about this on my daughter's burthday.....


I fucking KNEW that Devin was going to go on and on and on about his goddamn daughter 24-7 in the house!  I knew it but I tried to be somewhat polite on his "Meet the Houseguest" recap.  Believe me, I had some stronger wording in there originally but I took it out since the season hadn't even started yet.

And on top of the "Daughter Daughter Daughter" obsession, he is a whiney crybaby who mumbles all the time!

It just goes to show that looks are not everything.....I couldn't put up with Devin's shit for one day....can you imagine being on a date with him at O'Charley's or something and listening to him go on and on about his daughter?


And isn't it a tell when a woman touches her hair or face when talking to a man?  Any body language experts out there?

Zach came out of the bathroom and washed his hands, staying out of the conversation.

Joey Gets Ready for her Close Up #BB16

Because you know she's being nominated, right?  Even Joey knows that, so it must be Headline News.

Check out Pao Pao strutting through the room with a skirt and high heels.  She probably thinks the PoV ceremony is live on CBS or something.

Nicole looks cute today.

No one talks to Joey as she prepares...and wouldn't you think a makeup artist would be in high demand around there, with seven other girls wanting to look pretty?  Joey must have really ruffled some feathers in the last week or so.

I wonder if the bubble tiles are actual tiles or wallpaper?  I would love that look in my shower.

I am going to keep an eye out to see if Brittany is as unpopular in the house as Frankie says she is....

Derrick is a very thorough tooth-brusher.

And Victoria is so needy.  She went through her drawers with Amber, looking for something to wear.   She whined over and over that "she has nothing to wear".  Amber tried to be helpful, saying "what do you feel comfortable wearing?" and making suggestions but Victoria just kept bitching about it.

We've all had friends like that, right?

And now we have FISH, so the PoV Ceremony is on..  Check out the Hi Def fish.