Friday, June 27, 2014

PoV Aftermath...Some Exhale, Some Hyperventilate #BB16

Britanny was already relaxed today, even before the PoV.  She and Victoria won the Battle of the Block so they are both safe this week no matter what happens today.

And Caleb would never nominate Amber.  Hell no.   I think Caleb has plans for Amber.

But Pao Poa?  Since Donny will come off the block, she'll still be up there with whoever goes up next to her.  I think the other person (probably Joey) is the target, but it still can't be a good feeling.  She seems to be pretty cool about it, actually.

Frankie had some sort of issue with the surface of the new memory wall.  I think he said there was a glare, and since they spent so much money on the new wall, he doesn't understand why they didn't check that.

(Isn't Victoria's hair all you can see in that picture?)

We are going to look back on the decor of the BB16 house years from now, and it will seem even uglier than we thought it was.  And I don't often bitch and moan about Production.  They're working hard over there, all the time.

Caleb is so Hanttz-y, with his redneck drawl, issuing direction and instruction.  Zach has really learned how to suck up to the right people, after that hot mess we saw on the Thursday night CBS show, when he ripped into Frankie.

Derrick is making some sort of slop dish that is sweet, with brown sugar on it.  He was in storage a few minutes looking for vanilla extract.  I like the way he thinks out loud like that, when he's alone.  He's not speaking directly to us, but he knows we are there.

(Derrick is a live feeder...he already bought the feeds this year before he knew he made the cast.)

Devin just talks and talks and talks and talks.  Earlier, he was going on and on about how he is going to win HoH this week.  He said he is doing mad cardio when he can to get ready for it.  Then he described EVERY thing he has eaten today, making a big production about how healthy he is.  He didn't just name the food...he named the count, too.  For example:

Devin:  I had two carrots.....three Triscuits with cheese...

What guy talks like this?  He's like a damn girl obsessing about food. I can say that, because I'm a damn girl too..

Now Devin is literally telling Donny what each minute of his day is like at home.

Devin:  ...then I get in my car, and I'm home in ten minutes, and then I call my mom, and then.....

The clouds look like some sort of toxic smoke behind the living room, right?  Is that what we're using the new HDTV for?  Smoke?

Joey is having a very hard time with the slop is wreaking havoc on her digestive system.

Except that is not how Joey described it.  No, Joey gave a very graphic description of her issues, right there in the kitchen, and I had to change cameras so as not to throw up my own dinner.

Meanwhile, Zach and Frankie meet again in the HoH to talk about, like, how awesome their alliance is.  And how no one will suspect it and they will both win.

Zach:  We're like Dan and Memphis....we can just go to Final Two and not even talk about it....

(What?  I think everybody will know that...I have seen them have a private meeting twice in the last few hours.)

And is Frankie thinking, Bitch!  I'm not your Memphis!

Zach:  And if a girl's alliance does start to pop up, you're right on top of that information...just keep doing what you're doing....

Zach goes to leave and Frankie asks for a hug.

(Is that really necessary?)

Zach left.

Frankie:  Miss you!

Victoria's Insecurities Come Out #BB16

She called Frankie in the Lounge to share with him...she's been having a break down and it takes her a few moments to come out with it.

She says she used to have long hair, but "it all fell out" in the shower and now she has hair extensions.  She wasn't going to come on the show because of this, and is worried everyone will "talk about how ugly she is".

It is shoulder length now, she says, but when it first fell out it was "this short" (several inches?).

Frankie is very supportive and says that he's a gay guy, and he didn't even know she had extensions, so they must look good.  He gives her a hug and tells her she is gorgeous, and that his sister had a problem one time with her hair breaking off.

Frankie:  It's will grow back.

Victoria wears clip-ons now and shows him how short her hair is.

Victoria:  I look disgusting....I can't stand to look at it.


Two things:

1.  People who conduct themselves like Victoria did during casting are obviously masking some deeper issues.  She kept saying how great she was, and even said in the DR that she was the hottest girl in the house.  If you know people in your life who act in an extreme manner like Victoria did, there is ALWAYS a deeper issue there.

2.  I knew her hair was fake.  The different lengths of hair were clearly visible in her video with Rachel Reilly and Ryan Carillo (included at this link).  I even made a comment in one of my posts earlier today about Victoria's hair, saying we'd find out soon enough if it was real or not.  So many women have hair extensions now...Victoria is really self-absorbed to think she is the only one, and that anyone would even care about it.  And if she was so worried about it, she could have gotten the extensions that are sewn into her hair.  You can feel the seam with your hand, but they look great.


Due to popular demand, I have updated this post with a variety of additional pictures of Victoria's real hair.  You can enjoy this new information here.


The following pictures were taken of the house guests as they waited for the PoV to start.  I thought I would post them instead of deleting them.

Amber fixed Pao Pao's hair and said she learned these skills when she went to beauty school.  Or whatever she did.

The First PoV Competition of the Summer is Over #BB16

And Donny Thompson won.  People are milling around the kitchen, grabbing food and you can feel the tension.  Somebody else is going up on the block, and people are nervous.

Devin is in the bathroom congratulating Donny, and is laying it on really thick, saying he's so happy for Donny and happy for their group as well.  (Devin was leading the charge to vote Donny out, actually...)

Devin:  I'm just glad your not up there, and Amber's not up there since your're both in our group.

Now that Donny is staying for at least another week, he's worried about running out of deodarant.  Devin tells him there is a cabinet in storage where he can find some.  Donny has pimples, too, which seem to be going around the house.  It was apparently a pretty messy competition but Donny says he didn't get that dirty.

Nicole and Hayden go into the Have Not room to whisper about the situation.  I guess it is only cold in there at night, since no one appears to be shivering now.  Nicole is worried about being put on the block and says it sucks that she didn't even get to play for the PoV.

Hayden tells her he thinks Joey might be the target, and not to do anything crazy since they think they are both safe.  Nicole thinks she could bring Christine in on their group if they need her because they stayed up until 6:00 am, talking.

The Have Not room is not very nice to look at this year, but I guess it is a nasty experience if you have to sleep in there at night.  (I thought the Airplane last year was cool-looking, and the Padded Room of BB13 was a great backdrop for pictures.)  I think those coils on the wall are supposed to look like refrigerator coils....not too sure about that look...

In the kitchen Amber is telling Frankie that her sister would love him, and that she is going to take him to Nashville to see the sights.  Frankie can't wait for that.

Miscellaneous Action From This Afternoon #BB16

Jocasta's mood picked up as time went on this morning.  She told Joey she would "break out the hairspray" later this season.  From the shower, Paola said she "always wanted to start a ministry".  (WTF?)  Jocasta encourages her to "do it, girl".

For someone on the block, Pao Pao is pretty chirpy this morning, making little sounds and pumping herself up.

Zach came in to brush his teeth and Pao Pao told the group that "they" asked her not to speak on the microphone when she's DJ'ing because she "sounds like a little girl".  She tells them she is all dressed up when she spins, with her hair done and stilettos on.

The new memory wall is confusing to me, but I'm sure I'll figure it out.

Hayden discussed his "half naked selfies" that he takes, and says his account wasn't locked before he left.  He says his last selfie he posted was a picture of him with his left hand, as his "relationship status".

Brittany was in no big rush to get ready today...she's not playing in the PoV and she already won the Battle of the Block yesterday, so she's safe this week.

Joey can't believe Brittany has a 12 year old daughter.  Brittany said that Joey is probably her daughter's favorite house guest because of the blue hair.

Frankie met with Victoria in the Lounge and told her he is proud of her, and that she should continue toninig down her attitude in there.  They discuss who is getting on who's nerves (Devin getting on everyone's last nerve...) and the Have Nots who are starting to go crazy.  He tells her to just keep it up because "Miami is in the house!".

She is obsessing about playing in the PoV today---her chip got pulled.  She thinks she might take money in the comp since she doesn't need immunity and stresses about it, worried that she might make people mad about the money.

Devin came over and dished out something in a bowl.  How are they going to keep that counter-area clean with all of that faux moss?  I can see the look they were going for, but that green "moss" is going to be chock full of bacteria and probably ants in no time.

Joey is  Have Not, too, and apparently it's getting to her, like everybody else.  She did something the other night that everyone is talking about, not in a good way.  Was it her streaking last night in a thong on the live feeds?  Or something else?

Caleb tried on Derrick's fuzzy ear muffs (for the Have Not room) and pretended to scratch on a turntable.  He is musically-inclined, because I heard him tell a story about "playing music" and carrying his guitar around.

Devin came over and said he can't wait to go hunting with Caleb, and then golfing with Zach.  He demonstrated his swing, saying it was horrible, but Zach said it wasn't too bad.

Zach:  But you're too big to play golf....

Devin:  No...Charles Barkley is a good golfer!

Zach, laughing:  No, he's not a good golfer!

Devin is a non-stop talker, which might be the reason why people are annoyed with him. (?)  He just told a long story about being in physical rehab for an injury and being introduced to a famous baseball player (Frank Thomas, aka The Big Hurt).

They are all sitting around waiting on the PoV to start.  Here are some of the players, based on what I've heard them say:

Donny (on the block)
Pao Pow (on the block)

I think Jocasta is hosting the PoV.

Frankie Says All the Girls Hate Amber #BB16

Frankie is discussing this weeks' vote with Caleb and Devin, and they don't think Amber will vote out Donny.  Frankie says that Donny is one of her only friends in here.

Devin: Really?

Frankie:  Yeah, all of the girls hate her.

Devin:  Why?

Frankie:  Because she's the most beautiful woman on the planet...girls are jealous!

Devin:  That's not even part of my world...glad you got that though.

Caleb is reminiscent of Willie Hantz as he issues orders and they listen.  He says to just let Amber vote to keep Donny---they have plenty of votes to evict him and he's worried that she will tip Donny off.

Is that a tattoo of a lipstick kiss on Devin's left arm in the picture below?  Or did one of those bitches kiss him this morning?

Devin broke his hand a few years ago---the right one--and it still hurts him sometimes.  Caleb broke his finger too and went over to show Devin.

Devin and Caleb left the room and Zach was waiting right outside, saying he needed to use the HoH bathroom.  He and Frankie went into the bathroom and started talking about their secret alliance.

Frankie:  I calmed him down....I did it....

Zach:  You're The Diffuser...that's a good name for you.

Frankie likes that name and says he's "just a beast" and needs to be managed.  They mention Christine and Nicole having some sort of secret agreement and Zach says it's not so secret.

Frankie:  Hopefully Christine knows that Nicole is a fucking idiot.

They think they are set for a few weeks and hug it out. The bigger alliance they are in is called the Bomb Squad (great name) and Zach says if that works out, then they are in the Final Eight already, and then the two of them will go from there.

They are angry that _______  (either Caleb or Devin) just decided to add Christine and Amber to the Bomb Squad without even checking with everyone else.

Frankie:  If I was watching this season at home, I would fucking hate him!

Zach: an alliance of eight even legal?

Now they talk about how Cody is "kind of a mess" and Zach can't believe how much he talks in there.  Zach likes him, but he's a mess right now.  If Zach wins HoH, he would put up Victoria and Joey.

Frankie:  Joey is a huge target, for sure.  And Brittany is a huge target, too, but I'm not fucking putting her up!  I mean, I already did, but....

They laugh about that.  Zach says he would have liked their alliance to be the two of them and Derrick, along with someone else that I didn't catch.

(There are so many people in the house right now....there is conversation and action everywhere!)