Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Andy Dresses Up For the Occasion.... #BB16 #BBKickoff

Look at that devilish picture of Big Jeff....not sure what Kevin Frazier has to do with all of this, but I guess we'll find out.

They are seated in front of the Big Brother house, where the live shows are held.  The studio is empty and Andy is doing a great job chatting with Jeff about his strategy last year, and what the people inside must be thinking right now.  He said they all knew the broadcast schedule last year and knew when the episodes were airing.

Andy says he has seen pictures of the new decor in the house and it feels really strange to see how different it is...he is just dying to run to the door and open it.  He hopes there is a new dirty rat bastard in the house this year for him to root for.

Andy was really annoyed when the new house guests told Jeff they would rather be loved and lose the game, then win and be hated (me too).  Andy said he could tell last year by the DR questions that he was being portrayed as a backstabber but thought no one in the house figured it out.

I've been trying to take a picture of Andy that doesn't have droopy eyes or a weird grimace.  This is the best I could do...sorry Andy.  He is doing a GREAT job explaining his game last year and making the case for how hard it was to get what he wanted every week without ever being targeted.  He told Jeff he "knew he could wipe the floor" with Gina Marie during the Jury speeches due to his speech training.

Jeff doesn't know yet how the two HoH scenario is going to work out, and is just as interested as we are to see how the four nominations and the Battle of the Block is going to play out.

I'm hoping Jeff will go into the control room soon to let us look around...they do that on BBUK and it is fun to see.  Andy is rooting for Frankie, Zach, Christine and Donny.  He can't wait to watch and neither can we.

TMZ Celebrates the #BB16 Premiere With New Coverage of Racism

TMZ knows Big Brother-related scandals really drive up their website hits, so I'm not surprised to see them covering the "Caleb is Racist" story.  They spoke with the Reynolds family, who claims Caleb isn't racist anymore...and even has a video featuring a black guy who is friends with Caleb.

Same crap, different year.  You can read the TMZ article and watch the video here.

Big Jeff Chats With Former #BB Winner Ian Terry

If you already have your Big Brother 16 live feed subscription squared away for the summer, then you may have watched Jeff Schroeder's  interviews with some of the former winners from seasons past.   If you don't have the live feeds, don't want to get the live feeds, or don't have the time to watch them, then you are in luck because I will be hitting some highlights from a few of the video interviews here on the website.

First Up, Ian Terry, Winner of BB14

*  Ian has finished school---I assume he finished his Masters in Chemical Engineering from Tulane University.
*  Ian has just moved to Houston where he is going to teach high school Physics this fall.
*  Ian used part of his BB prize money to pay off all of his student loans, and just splurged on a new BMW.
*  Ian confessed that the glasses he wore on BB14 were just for show---he claims to have 20/20 vision and doesn't really need them to see.
*  Ian feels like he has another Big Brother season in him at this point, but doesn't want to disclose his strategy.  Jeff pried out of him that he would look to align with strong players like Frank, Rachel, and Hayden.
*  If anyone can win Big Brother twice, Ian's pick is Hayden Moss.
*  Jeff drives an Avalon "from the 90's."
*  Ian thinks having Devin in the house is a huge gift for players like Cody and Caleb---there will always be a bigger threat to evict as long as he is in the house.
*  Ian says Zach having an Economics degree shows he's no slouch and must be smart.

*  Ian says after watching Donny's video, we can "book his seat in the Final Six" because he doesn't pose a threat and seems to be in good physical condition.
*  Ian heard Nicole said some good things about him, so he's pulling for her, too.
*  Ian's picks to win BB16 based on his preseason knowledge are as follows, in order:  Cody, Zach, Donny & Nicole.
*  Jeff picks Derrick or Frankie to win, and Ian says Derrick should be able to read people well since he is a cop.
*  Ian hasn't been on a hammock since he left the BB house.  He says he liked sitting in it because he could see every thing from that angle and that the ground under the hammock was ruined from all of the rocking (not to mention our hearing).

*  If Ian ever goes back in the house, he pledges to only rock for one hour per day.
*  Ian is still friendly with Mike Boogie and Frank Eudy, but speaks with Mike Boogie more frequently than Frank.
*  Jeff shops at Marshall's.
*  Ian feels he matured a lot in the house, and hopes to have a few grey hairs before he goes back in the house.
*  Ian really missed following sports like his hometown Pittsburgh Pirates when he went in the house.
*  Fans don't "quack" at  Ian anymore, but they did when the season first ended.

Ian seems really happy and has obviously grown up since BB14.  He didn't even know how to drive back then, and now he is cruising around in a new Beemer!  I'm a little surprised he didn't go Corporate with his Engineering degree, but I remember him saying he had a really great Science teacher growing up that influenced his interests.  So maybe teaching is his way of giving back a little.

Surely his classes will be popular! 

And the teaching schedule might make it easy for him to spend another summer some day in the BB house!


One of my best friends and Partners-in-Crime taught high school chemistry right after graduating from college.  She didn't look much older then her students!  I visited her classroom a few times and helped make decorations for the Senior Prom and it was a trip to see my friend have such a position of authority with the kids and to hear them call her Miss ______.  

I also used to go to Happy Hour with a group of the young teachers from her school and no one could party like those teachers... and they had great stories to tell, too.

Best of luck to Ian in all of his endeavors.  Good teachers are sorely needed in America and I know Ian will be a great one.

Sneak Peek of First HoH Competition and the First Eight Houseguests to Enter the #BB16 House

It looks like the first eight house guests to enter on the first Premiere Night will be:

Amber, Nicole, Joey,  Paolo, Cody, Frankie, Devin &  Donny

Julie takes them "to the beach", where they must fly their kite while standing on a rotating beam.  If they drop their rope, then their sandcastle gets crushed.

Meet Frankie Grande: Captain of #TeamAmerica #BB16

When I first saw Frankie Grande pop-up in the pictures of the new Big Brother 16 house guests.  I was excited because he seemed like he would be a vivacious, flamboyant house guest that would keep us laughing on the live feeds.  Then I heard about his famous sister....and saw that she had over 15 million Twitter followers, and I was immediately annoyed with Production.

If Production is going to give the fans a more "interactive experience" this year, and bestow additional powers on the viewing public as far as the game goes, than you can't throw players like Frankie Grande in the mix and not expect the Super Fans to be pissed off.  It's just not fair, but I wanted to soldier on like a good FeedWatcher and give Frankie the benefit of the doubt.

Then I watched CBS' "Meet the House Guests" video and Frankie made three appearances on the short video, and these appearances can be summarized as follows:

1st     He said, "Hi I'm Frankie and my sister is Ariana Grande."
2nd    He said, "If someone in the house has better hair than me, I'll be pissed".
3rd    He said, "Big Brother 16 is going to be trending this summer, I'll promise you that!"

I think he means, Ariana promised that to CBS.  And let's face it, CBS needs to bring in the viewers, so maybe Ariana can make that happen for us.

***Fun Fact***  On the Celebrity Big Brother UK edition, Frankie could probably qualify as a "Celebrity" for casting purposes.  For example, Latoya Jackson was a contestant a few years ago.  No need to do the work yourself, when a famous sibling can do it for you!

Before we go any further, I must admit the only thing I knew about Ariana Grande before this were the tabloid stories about her that came out last year.  I know there was some sort of emancipation struggle, and I think there was some sort of sex tape, or hint of a sex tape, but that is all I knew. I thought she was one of the tween actors who worked with Selena Gomez or Zac Efron (or whoever).  I just looked her up on Wikipedia and learned she is a singer.  I didn't see any mention of her brother Frankie on Wikipedia, not even in the "Personal" section.  She does appear to have produced a number of hit songs, so go get that money Ariana.

 1.  Frankie tells Jeff he is a You Tube personality and an actor.  I must admit I don't know anything about his You Tube channel and am never familiar with the You Tube "stars" when I see them on The Amazing Race, etc etc etc.  So he might be quite successful at this, but I am not someone who would recognize him for it.

2.  Jeff brings up Frankie's famous sister and this brings Ariana's name up for the first time.  Frankie says she is his best friend and makes the little heart shape with his hands to demonstrate this.  Frankie plans to keep his sister's identity a secret in the house, because if anyone thinks he has a famous family, then they might think he is rich and not need to win.

(I think the America's Team "twist" will out Frankie, if nothing else does.  If he tells them his last name and he wins all of the America's Team votes (which he will, let's face it) then surely some of the kids in the house will put two and two together, right?  Although it would be a riot if Donny Thompson is the one to figure it out.)

 3.  Jeff asked if Frankie was a Big Brother fan and I'm really not clear about Frankie's answer.  He indicated that he recognized Jeff and was excited to see him, but that doesn't necessarily mean he watches Big Brother with any sort of regularity.  It did not come off as a sincere response from Frankie, but seemed staged and overexaggerated.

 4.  Frankie's friends and family have warned him about how his big personality will impact him in the Big Brother house.  He is going to try to keep it down as much as he can, and slowly reveal himself to the others, "like layers on an onion".

5.  He thinks his biggest downfall could be if he is recognized in the house.  He would like it if this obstacle would never come it, but he is going to have to take it one step at a time.  Otherwise he thinks his flamboyant personality will make him a target.

(You just know Production wants him to win an HoH so the house guests will see his family pictures...right?)

6.  He will miss his family this summer---he says he still talks to his mother, sister, and grandmother every day.  Frankie doesn't think he could win the game and be hated by America, so he has to say he would rather lose the game and be loved, as it is the most likely of the two outcomes.

(He could win the game and be hated by the Super Fans, though. Unfortunately that is indeed a possibility at this point.)

7.  Jeff always tells the house guests that he will see them on the flip side, because one way or another he will be interviewing them when they leave the game, but with Frankie Jeff says this differently, which concerns me.

Jeff:  Frankie, I'll see you on the flip September.

OK.  I already know Rachel Reilly and Ryan Carillo are going to love Frankie, but I'll watch the video anyway.

8.  Frankie is a Broadway actor, he says, and was in the NY production of Momma Mia.

9.  If Frankie is recognized for who he is, he is going to have to "pull a Rachel" and make HoH and kick ass in competitions to stay in the game.  But his strategy is to be everybody's friend who they want to "kiki with" and then once the Jury starts he will kick ass in the competitions and openly play to win.

10.  Frankie applied to be on Survivor twice and never got a response back.  Then he went to a Survivor finale party in New York and there were a bunch of Big Brother people there.  He names such stellar Big Brother players like Adam Poch and Liza Stanton, a virtual cavalcade of stars.  These people urged him to try Big Brother instead and he applied just once, and was selected.  He is looking forward to the competitions and holds up one leg to show that that he is a dancer and is fit.

11.  Britney Haynes is his favorite house guest because of her Diary Room sessions (which mainly mocked Rachel).  Rachel agreed Britney's DR sessions were really funny and they were also her favorite part of the BB12 CBS show.

12.  Ryan brought up Frankie's "famous sister" and said she just performed at The White Party (a gay event in Palm Springs, I think).  Frankie was there and Ryan says he has been the General Manager of The White Party for the last five years.

(Ryan:  But more about ME ME ME ME ME ME ME...) 

13.  Frankie says he couldn't tell Ariana about it until he was cast.  He described an event that we will surely see on his introductory tape on the first CBS episode---he called her from New York to tell her that "her big brother was going to be on Big Brother", waking her up.  She apparently mumbled "you love that show!".

(If the cameras are in Ariana's bedroom as she "wakes up" to this phone call, then sadly we will not be able to believe this heartwarming tale.)

14.  Ariana warned him not to come into the game too hot, or else everyone will hate him and then she said if anyone hates Frankie, she will be really angry.  Rachel tells Frankie that it was very difficult to watch Elissa on the show last year for the same reason.  She urges Frankie to play his own game and he agrees he doesn't plan to mention her name in the house at all.

15.  Ryan pointed out Ariana's followers could help him "if there is an MVP" and Frankie says he wants the "Diamond Power of POV" and goes on and on about that.

16.  Frankie doesn't expect to have another gay guy in the house so the possibilities of a showmance are remote.  Ryan points out that "straight guys get drunk, too" and Frankie says maybe a little action under the HoH blanket, but he's not planning on it.

17.  Frankie wants to use the "natural stereotype" of gays and their girls as his alliance.  But he would also like to infiltrate the jocks in the house, picking one of them for a secret alliance.  He says it has to be the right person, though, and it is important to adapt to the situation once he is in there.  They can't wait to find out what the twist is.

(It's you Frankie!)

18.  Frankie says 90% of his clothes have been confiscated because they were sparkly and Rachel says the new HDTV must be freaking Production out.


Once again, Production has cast a gay character who is kind of a cartoon of a gay character.  There are plenty of gay men out there who draw no particular attention to that fact but maybe they won't make good TV.  Under all of the sparkles and hair dye Frankie is a real person with real problems and hopefully he will get a chance to be real with people and not feel like he has to put on a big show.

I do like Frankie, but I don't like the circumstances with his casting.  The fact that viewers will have a role in the outcome of the game give Frankie an unfair advantage over the others.  So even if he wins he won't get the credit for it.  There will always be an asterisk after the "W" explaining that situation with his sister.

And no way is that going to be a secret in the house.  These type of secret "twists" are usually blown up before the feeds even go live (i.e. BB5's Cowboy-Nakomis Twist, the Elissa-Rachel Twist, etc.)

If I were in that house and figured out who Frankie is related to, I would get friendly with him FAST and appear supportive in all aspects.  You never want to be on the wrong side of the fans, particularly since Ariana's fans will be running this thing.

So, there is an interesting twist to this whole thing already, because Frankie appears to have a "special" friendship with Nick Uhas.  Remember Nick, from last year?  Gina Marie's obsession?  Well, you may find this video very interesting.  Everyone watching it is obviously reading into Nick's personal life, etc, but I am posting it here because I noticed something interesting near the end of the video.

Is Frankie doing sign language?  Is he proficient?  Can anyone tell?  Because you know that Christine Brecht does sign language.... 

I didn't think it was possible to be more annoyed with Nick Uhas, but it is....