Monday, June 23, 2014

Meet Victoria Rafaeli: Pretty Is As Pretty Does #BB16

Victoria's CBS "Trading Card" is interesting, but I'm not sure we take the listed information as fact.  If it were true, I am expecting someone who is more Israeli then American, if that makes sense.  But I don't think you can appear on Big Brother US unless you are an American citizen due to the game show rules (or whatever).  So I'm confused.  Maybe Big Jeff can figure this out.

1.  Right from the start of this interview, I'm still confused.  Victoria tells us she is from Miami and she is a photographer.  And she sounds like she's lived in Miami for a long, long time, if not forever.  She's got kind of that Valley Girl whine that I have heard before from the Miami girls, talking in kind of a sing-song way.

2.  Victoria also seems to not be very thrilled to meet Jeff.  She has a way of answering each question with answers that turn up at the end, like another question.  She doesn't seem to understand even the simplest question, asking for clarification in, if I'm being honest, in a rather snotty way.  For example Jeff asked what she will be leaving behind when she goes in the Big Brother house and she made a big production out of it.  I will translate and tell you that she is leaving her parents and her photography business, along with all of her camera equipment.  And she wants to make something very clear:

Victoria:  I have my own business.....I's MY business. I own it.

She says her parents are going to "handle all of the workers and stuff like that" while she's gone.

3.  She thinks her best game attribute will be that she looks "super-naive and super-sweet", adding that people will just think she is a petite little girl who can't do anything.  But she works out, she tells us.   Jeff tells her she's a good-looking girl and asks her if she plans to use that with any of "the fellas in the house".

Victoria:  The guys!  Not the girls!

( a fella a girl?)

(And take a look at the next picture...any body language experts out there?  I'm sure Media Day is a long tiring day, but damn.)

4.  The other women in the house are going to be mean, she says.  She has good friends that she says are genuine but it's hard to find someone who isn't jealous of her.  Jeff asks her if she is catty and she says no, it is always the other girls...not her.   She likes to be surrounded by beautiful people, so the other girls must be jealous.  She tends to be friends with guys more easily than women due to this situation.

5.  It's not that Victoria likes being the center of attention, it just happens....her aura draws people in and she finds herself in the middle of everything.  She tells Jeff her strategy is to "manipulate everyone with her smile".   Jeff tries to feed her a more positive way of phrasing that, but she's not having it.

6.  Jeff asked her the same question he always asks, about whether she wants to lose and be loved by America or to win and be hated.  This turned into a whole drama with Victoria basically saying "why would I want to be hated, Dumbass?" and saying if she was mean, "all of her money will go bye-bye".

Jeff:  It was just a don't need to get all worked up about it.

Jeff repeated the question again and she answered that she would rather be loved and lose.

(Well, I've no doubt Victoria is going to lose this summer, but being loved might be a wide stretch.)


7.  Jeff ends the interview and tells Victoria to "try and tone it down in there."

I honestly don't know if I can take any more of Victoria at the moment, but I will go ahead and see what Rachel can do with this mess.  The first thing I notice is the interview is only 5 minutes long, where most of the others have been 9 minutes or more.  Hmmmm.  Interesting.

8.  Rachel gets it started with both she and Victoria saying "Heeeey!" to each other and she says Victoria is beautiful.  Victoria was born in Brooklyn but moved to Israel when she was only one, and moved to Miami when she was nine. (So the CBS "Trading Card" info was indeed a bunch of bullshit...someone who's never seen Big Brother is just that, and has nothing to do with the international versions.)

9.  Victoria rejected a marriage proposal from a guy that she implies had a lot of money.  She said they discussed marriage but she told him she was too young.  He went ahead and spent money on a ring and made some sort of public proposal with her friends there.  (The tape was cut and spliced in the middle of the story, for legal reasons I'm guessing, which may be why this interview is relatively short.)  The story ended with the guy crying when she said no and he moved away to New York.

10.  Victoria plans to manipulate people in the house with her looks.  She would consider having a showmance with someone who can help her in the house, but in real life he would have to be Jewish with the same background as her.  She thinks a showmance is hurtful in the game, though, because it makes you a target.

11.  If she wins, she wants to invest the money in real estate.  She doesn't want to win the first HoH because she doesn't want to get blood on her hands.  She repeats the same stuff about girls being catty and jealous of her.  She is a lot more animated in this interview and says she can't believe she's sitting across from Rachel right now and seems a little starstruck.  (Maybe she's nicer to Rachel because she won, and Jeff lost?)

12.  Victoria watched BB seasons 11 through 15 at her house in Florida and just "brainwashed" herself while she watched it.  It was implied that she started watching after the audition process started.   She kept watching the episodes in sequester though because she had nothing else to do.

13.  She is all about the money and can't wait to get in there and get it.


I really don't know what to think about all of this.  Victoria is obviously esthetically beautiful, but she seems like a really ugly person to me.  Just being honest.  I don't like her whiny voice and I am willing to bet that she won't lift a finger to do any housework or cleaning this summer.  And you know that is going to set off some drama with the people who do.

And attitude like Victoria's can make for some great drama on Big Brother, though, particularly since she is at least the third female player to say that she doesn't get along with other women.  (Paola and Nicole both said that...., too.)

So having that All Girl Alliance may be a little easier said than done....

I think it will be a miracle if Victoria makes the Jury.  I think she is going to prove so difficult to live with that the other house guests will want to evict her based on that alone.  Being in that house and becoming the outcast early on can be an excruciating experience, so for her sake I hope she can indeed tone it down during that crucial "Get to Know You" stage of the game.