Sunday, June 22, 2014

Meet Paola Shea: Pow Pow is Ready to Rumble #BB16

Whenever I read Paola's name, I think about the "Payola" scandal in radio that happened years ago.  I'm going to try and get over that in the next hour, or else I will be making a million typos with my live feed updates.  I wonder how Big Jeff will pronounce her name....

1.  Well, she pronounces it like "Pow-la", which is good to know and she immediately comes off as an energetic little spitfire, saying she's from New York City.  Paola says she is a very good DJ, and as such she knows how to read a big crowd and she is really good at that. She's not sure how this will help her in the BB house, but she hopes it will.  She is also used to being around all different types of people.

2. She says she's a fan of BB, but I wonder about that, because she got into a little tiff with Jeff after insisting she watched him on Season 12.  He told her he was on Season 11 and 13, but she was apparently referring to his appearance with Jordan in the BB12 house to host a competition.  (That was the one where Brendon threw a mini-tantrum and threw a bowling ball that almost hit Jeff in the head.)  Paolo obviously had to win the argument with Jeff, and then celebrated afterwards, so I think this gives us a good window into an important part of her personality.   She said Season 14 was her favorite season, but she also liked Season 12.

 3.  She said this is the first time in history that a female DJ has been in the Big Brother house, and Jeff doesn't correct her on that.  Is he scared to get into another battle with Paolo, or did he forget about Jenn City (BB14) too?

4.  Paola knows she has a big mouth, so she is going to try to keep a low profile in the first two weeks so she won't get voted out.  She knows she has a big personality so she is going to try as hard as she can to "stay low" for as long as possible.  She says she does get in trouble a lot and her friends are usually guys instead of girls.  Making friends with women is something she is trying to challenge herself with---she tells Jeff that women always hate each other.  But a few minutes later she says she wants to form an all girls alliance and go to the end with them because "it's never been done" but she knows that will be a challenge for her.

5.  Jeff teased her about her ego during the interview, because she made statements like "the crowd always moves towards me".  She also stated that she is a unique individual who is very talented and hilarious.

6.  Her nickname might be "Pow Pow" because Jeff asked if he could call her that and she said yes.  The name seems to fit and it does suit her.

7.  Jeff mentions Paola's appearance in Maxim Magazine and she says she's not planning on telling anyone in the BB house about that.  She plans to keep that a secret.

8.  She has no family members in the US, so all she is leaving behind are her friends and her turntables.   She is very excited about the challenges in the BB house, but is worried about the mental challenges.  She says she has the "memory of a goldfish" and has been reading books and doing puzzles and nothing is working.

9.  Paola isn't planning on getting into a showmance in the BB house.

Jeff:  What if Tiesto is in there?

Paola:  Tiesto?  He's old...he's like your age.

Jeff:  Well, who's cool now...I don't know...

Paola:  Maybe Eight Track.

Jeff:  Oh, Eight Track is old too (sarcastically).

Jeff has to spell it out for Paola so that she gets his joke, that cars used to have 8-track players before cassette tapes were invented and Paola says "wow, you are so old".

After that Jeff ends the interview, saying he's looking forward to watching her in the BB house and to "crush it in there", but then makes a joking (?) thumbs down gesture after they shake on it and they both laugh.

I actually learned what I need to know from Jeff's interview with Paola, but I will watch Rachel's interview her anyway, because that seems to be how this process works best for me...

10.  As usual, Rachel is able to bond immediately with Paola, as she has with every other house guest, as Paola grumbles that her age is listed as 27 instead of 26 in the press kit.  She says that she has been the same weight since she was 12 though, because "you know, I'm Asian, and we don't gain weight".

Rachel:  OH MY GOD!  I'm so jealous!

Turns out her nickname is indeed Pow Pow, and Rachel calls her that right away.

11.  Paola says she's there to win the money, of course, and they both grill her about whether she's a real BB fan or not.  She swears she is, and started watching it from the very beginning, to Season 10, but then she went on tour and had to miss the show sometimes.  She says that she's seen Rachel's season, though.

12.  She's an international DJ and she DJs in Canada, Jamaica and all over the United States.  She was supposed to do a Playboy party in Jamaica this summer but she's missing it for Big Brother.  She loves music and admits she wants to build her social media through the show.

13.  She is down for DJ'ing at Reality Relapse after the show is over but says her skills may be a little rusty after not using her turntable for a few months.  She says she might go crazy this summer without music and then this happens:

Ryan:  Crazier than this?

Paola:  OMG...he's a JERK!

(Yes, he is.)

14.  She tells them Jeff hates her because he thought she called him "old and fat", but then clarifies she didn't say that, she said he was "kind of fat".  Ryan says that is hysterical and Pow Pow admits this type of thing is going to get her in trouble inside the house.  Rachel tells her she needs to win competitions if she's going to go off like that in the house.

Paola:  Or I can get someone to win competitions for me.....

15.  She's super picky about men, but would like someone tall, handsome, smart, and a Southern gentleman from the South or Texas. She wants the good boys, and says she is good at manipulating men.

Rachel:  Well look at her, she's manipulating me now...

16.  Paola says she wants to make an All Girl Alliance and then there is a lot of bleeping as she criticizes what happened with the girls on BB15.  She knows she needs four women and they can't be catty with each other.  Rachel agrees that this would be legendary and Paolo says it will be called the "El Quatro Alliance".

17.  Paola knows she needs to reel in an alliance before the showmances start, and tells Rachel "no offense, but once that happens it's toast".   Ryan wants to know why she has commitment issues.

Paola:  Well, I just think I'm too awesome for most guys....

Rachel:  She's a world-traveling DJ Ryan!

Paola thinks guys just fall too easily for her and she gets bored with them.  She's a Gemini so she's a firecracker and likes to be free-spirited and alone.  She's not close to her family at all and says she will only miss music.  Rachel tells her she will only get to hear three songs every morning during wake up time and Paola tells them that "they" made her sing a Big Brother song and march around "like it was the Fourth of July" on video and she shows us how she gave them the double-finger while she was doing that.  Classy.

18. She asks Rachel how her lipstick looks---is it dry?  Rachel leans over and says it's okay, but she could do a touch up after the interview.  Ryan says he can tell she's going to be great TV after they slam each other a few times and say "Gurl Bye" to each other and so forth.  Rachel gets up to hug Paola goodbye and it's a big lovefest in there.

OK, I pulled a few pictures of Paola so let's take a look---it did appear to me that most of the sexy pictures of Paola I found online were connected to her DJ work---I guess any magazine story about hot DJs in the past few years has included our new friend Pow Pow.


 Well, I love the way Paola served Ryan his shit right back at him during that interview, but I don't think anybody who is a Big Brother Super Fan will be surprised to see her get evicted the very first week.

Pow Pow isn't going to have time to form El Quatro----her only hope is going to be to get some of the guys on her side.

Sorry Pow Pow.  But it ain't gonna happen.  And then Jeff is going to serve it right back to you on the flip side once you've been evicted.

But she is going to make for some good TV, and some even better live feed action.  She's going to be one of those house guests who sleep most of the day, due to her work schedule, so we might be lucky to see her before lunch time on the live feeds.

Can't you just see her bumping up against Devin Shepherd? Hopefully he has better sense that that but I don't think anyone in the house will blame him if he hits it and quits it---she won't be in there long enough to cause any strategic problems for him.

I'm thinking Paola = JoJo (BB14).  But she'll get what she came for....increased exposure and publicity and that's the name of that tune, Pow Pow.

Meet Cody Calafiore: Pssssst...Hey Julie.....Cody Says Hi! #BB16

Cody's CBS "Trading Card" says that he is a sales guy from Hackensack, but if you've been on the internet even once during this Big Brother pre-season, then you know that Cody also models in his underwear (more on that later, maybe).

I saw Cody's baby blues in CBS' Meet the Houseguests video, and heard him say he likes it when people like him for more than his looks ---I guess he's tired of being treated like a piece of meat.  Well Cody, I know exactly how you feel.  On his CBS "Trading Card", Cody said Jeff is his favorite house guest, so this should be fun to watch him meet his idol.

1.  Cody seems really awkward, to be honest.  He doesn't look at the camera very often, but maybe he just wants to look at Jeff.  The energy level is on the low side as he tells us he is a salesman.  He thinks his sales skills will come in handy because he's used to talking to people who might not want to talk to him.   I think this personality works for him, because if he were as brash as, say, Zach Rance, then he would come off entirely differently.

2.  Cody has an accent that I would describe as "gentle Jersey Shore", not "Joisey Shore"--- not extreme enough to be irritating, but distinctive enough so that I will definitely know who is talking when I hear him on the live feeds.  (This is very important in the first weeks of the game--there are so many people talking at once and it is important to report who-said-what accurately.)

 3.  He's played sports all of his life and got "picked up" by a professional soccer team at one point, so we know he's got ball-kicking skills.  He thinks his downfall in the game might be his competitive nature.  He's really into competing to win and is also known for smack-talking so that might cause a problem in the house if he can't control it.

Jeff says the "similarities are riveting."

4.  As strategy, Cody wants to form a partnership with one person that he doesn't need to talk to every day.  He wants to keep each other informed and off the block, and make things easier if he does have to nominate people or flip flop.

Jeff:  You want someone to lean on in there.

Cody:  Yeah, someone to lean on.

5.  Jeff points out that Cody is a good-looking guy and wonder if he will try and use that in the game.  Cody goes all "aw shucks" on Jeff and says there are other guys who might be better looking than him, motioning towards Jeff and saying "and that other guy....Shane".  Jeff is touched by this and tells Cody he wants him to win this thing and they're going to be best friends on the outside.

6.  Cody is single, but isn't sure if he will pursue a showmance this summer.  (I think Cody might be really shy.)  Cody says he really wants to win, implying he knows that a showmance isn't conducive to winning the game but he knows sometimes you can't control the way you feel about somebody.

7.  Jeff asks Cody what he is most excited about this summer, and Cody immediately says he can't wait to say "Hi Julie" when the cameras are live, because "that's his big thing and he's really excited about it". Jeff chuckles at this, and points out there is a lot of season left after that happens....isn't there anything else to look forward to?  Cody says winning his first HoH, and he wants to win the first HoH, too, so he doesn't have to scramble all week.

8.  Cody tells Jeff that if America hates him, he doesn't think he can stand it and Jeff says, c'mon don't you want to win?  Cody says that if he's doing something that America would hate him for, then he is crossing lines that are already against his nature and that's something he doesn't want to do.  (Jeff really wanted him to say the opposite, I think.)

9.  Jeff starts to wrap up the interview and asks Cody who his favorite house guest is.

Cody:  Like it's not I haven't been smiling this whole's you Jeff!

Jeff loves this answer and looks over at Cody like a son or little brother.  He tells Cody he's pulling for him this summer and Cody can barely contain his joy.  We don't see a handshake moment here but I don't think we need it...the way they are looking at each other is enough.

(I can't want to hear Cody talk about Jeff on the live feeds.....maybe he will even need to defend Jeff if someone talks smack about him.)

OK, let's now watch Cody be treated like a piece of meat by the hungry interview team of Rachel Reilly and Ryan Carillo.  Let's see if Cody can take the heat from them.

10.  Rachel wastes no time by asking Cody to pull his shirt up right away, telling us to "get ready to die" and then says Cody is "Mr. Seventeen Magazine Hottie With the Body".  Rachel and Ryan make various "ummm hmm" noises while Cody flashes us and looks a little embarrassed.  Rachel has to fan herself and Ryan tells him to be prepared to be out by the pool all summer long.  Cody pretends like he's getting up to leave, thanking them for the interview and it's funny.

11.  Cody is a Big Brother fan but his favorite season is BB14, the "Coach's Season".  He says his favorite coach is a tossup between Dan and Mike Boogie.  He didn't really get into Britney, and Janelle is "just there".  Cody says he started becoming a fan after watching BB11, and Jeff is his favorite player of all time.  Both Rachel and Ryan mock that choice, but Cody says he thinks he and Jeff are related somehow but then admits he made that up.

12.  He is hesitant to get into a showmance, and gives a weird answer to a question about sharing a bed.  Ryan mocks the fact that on his questionnaire, Cody said his three hobbies were going to the gym, running and working out (because those three are kind of the same thing) and Cody just laughs it off.

13.  This topic reminds Rachel of Cody's body, so she asks him again to lift his shirt.  He teases her by making her ask again, and then does it, running his hands over  his stomach muscles.  (wow  wow  wow)  Ryan tries to get Rachel to touch him, but Cody says Brendon may get mad.  Rachel deftly gets out of a tough situation by thanking Cody for working out and taking care of himself and asking if they were the first interview team to ask him to lift his shirt.

Cody:  No, the first.

Rachel:  We're the first?

Cody:  No, the first one today asked me to...

Rachel:  Jeff?

(ha ha ha)

Cody:  No, me and Jeff really hit it off....we were like this....(pounding a fist into his hand)

Now they make Cody admit that he told Jeff that Jeff was his favorite player and Ryan says that Jeff's ego so big it just can't get any bigger.


Cody warns them not to talk about Jeff like that....(ha ha ha)

14.  When Cody got picked up by the professional soccer team, he left school to play in Florida.  He hurt his ankle very badly and they sent him home the next morning.  He's healed now and plays soccer every Wednesday night. He's been playing soccer since he was 4.

15.  Oh, now Rachel starts throwing shade at Jeff again:

Rachel:  So are you going to play the game just like your favorite Jeff and just sit by the pool and hang around the house all summer?

Cody:  No, I'm gong to play the game like Rachel and call people out and knock heads with everybody.

Rachel puts out an apology to Jeff, just in case he sees this.

16.  Ryan wonders if Cody thinks people will be threatened by such a fit guy.  Cody points out that the skinniest guy can hold on to things the longest so they end up winning competitions.  He explains his partner strategy and jokes about letting someone use him all summer.  His partner could easily be a girl, depending on who's in there.  He thinks he will migrate towards competitive people and also the social people because he likes to talk and tell stories.  He thinks the people who are good talkers will be sought out so no one has to feel alone.

17.  Cody says this experience has been unbelievable already, saying he met two people he has seen on TV and it's just incredible.  Rachel starts needling him about not being a longtime fan but he explains that he always watched the seasons, but then in soccer he would have to go away to camp in August, so he would have to miss the second half of the Big Brother season.  He wanted to watch Season 13 again in sequester, but they "wouldn't let him" but he remembers some of it from the first time.

18.  From BB15 he liked Elissa and Howard, but he loved McCrae, and thinks he would have won the game if not for Amanda.

OK, let's go ahead and get this out of the way.  Here we go:

(Ed Note on 7-22-14:  I recently learned that the above picture is actually Cody's brother Paul.  But the picture is so damn fine that I am leaving it here, for all of us to enjoy.  Thank you for your understanding.)

We needed that last picture to kind of reset....and get a hold of ourselves before continuing.


Now this is the kind of eye candy that won't hurt your ears.  Whatever happens, we need to keep Cody in that house, America.

He can probably win, with Drew Daniel as a precedent as the All American Boy, but maybe he's a little like Hayden Moss too, if his athletic skills are strong.  I hope he's not too shy with people at first---you really need to make the rounds that first week to start building relationships with every single person before the alliances are built.

I am imagining him losing his temper in there during some sort of competition that turns into a brawl, and we don't need that.  However, bare-chested pointing and screaming at each other from about a yard away would be a-okay with me, though.  And when I imagine this, it's in slow motion.....

Poor Cody.  He is like a piece of meat, I guess.  Rachel even forgot to ask him how he was cast!  (But I guess it is obvious he was scouted through modeling....duh.)

Needless to say I will be looking for Cody on the live feeds....

Meet Hayden Voss - Big Brother is Giving Him a Ride This Time #BB16

This Hayden was intended to be the BB16 version of McCrae, I think..  He's a long-haired blondie whose job is a pedicab driver.  And of course we have the hilarious situation with his name, Hayden Voss.  If you don't know why that is funny, I can't help you there.  Will Jeff see the humor in that?

1.  Hayden is a pedicab driver in Long Beach CA, and explains to Jeff that it is a bicycle with a carriage on the back.  He gets paid to exercise and meets all kind of people in his job. I've spent quite a bit of time working in Southern California, so I'm guessing Hayden rides his pedicab in the Santa Monica area, carting drunks and tourists from bar to bar.  Just a guess.

2.  Hayden is originally from Massachusetts and played college hockey in Boston.  He says he's from California now because he lives there,  but he grew up in Marlborough and went to school in Massachusetts.  He's a very active guy and is always doing something outdoors.  He rides his bike everywhere, runs marathons, etc, and doesn't even use a car.

 3.  Jeff thinks he will get pegged as a surfer and Hayden agrees, knowing people will make some snap judgements about him.  He expects to be pegged as the goofy, funny dude but he thinks he can win a lot of competitions.  He would like to keep his competitive, athletic side hidden in the game for awhile, so that people don't automatically see him as a competition threat.

4.  He thinks he will be a player similar to Hayden Moss or Frank Eudy ---strong in competitions but with a social game as well.  Jeff says both of those guys were great players.  (No shit Jeff.)   Hayden points out that Hayden Moss won, and Frank got very far in the game, despite all of his struggles.

5.  Hayden is an easy-going guy, and although some people may look at the Big Brother experience as being on a vacation, he's not going to treat it like a vacation.  He is there to win and he knows it is going to be hard.

6.  Hayden is single and is ready to mingle with "all" of the ladies in the Big Brother house.  He says this with a devilish grin that tells me he means that.

(Hayden, please don't make the mistakes McCrae did......)

7.  When Jeff asked Hayden the question about whether he would like to be a winner who is hated, or a loser who is loved by America, Hayden immediately said that was the hardest question he's been asked all day.  (Media Day is just one interview after another for the house guests, like promoting a movie.)

8.  Hayden said he can't imagine America hating him.....that would "just kill him".  But then he said if he gets voted out of the game and America loves him, that means he wasn't playing hard enough, so he couldn't really answer the question one way or another.  Jeff said that the answer was a good one, and he will see Hayden on the flip side. 

OK.  Now lets watch a more in-depth interview with the New Hayden.

9.  Rachel tells Hayden that he reminds her of so many past house guests, in addition to the Hayden Moss connection.  She starts listing by listing two burnout stoner types in David Girton (BB15) and Brendon Bacha (BB11) --both of whom incidentally were booted from the game first in their seasons.  Ryan wants to argue with Rachel about this, saying they should let Hayden be his own person.

10.  Rachel tells Hayden he's cute, and "Heeeyyy!"  He says if anyone can fit in his pedicab, than he can take them for a ride---it doesn't matter how big they are, because his legs are strong enough to handle it.  This will help him in competitions and he says his job is all the workout that he needs.

11.  He's not a surfer, but he's living the "poor man's life" in Long Beach, in a tiny apartment with a bike and no car.  He was riding his pedicab at the Grand Prix in Long Beach and some people flagged him over for a ride.  It was two dudes and they said they wanted a ride, but they wanted to talk to him, too, so he was a little sketched out by that.  They talked to him about Big Brother and asked him if he was interested, and Hayden said if they were serious, he was serious.

The Grand Prix was a three-day event and Hayden met them on Sunday.  They guys said they actually saw Hayden on Friday and tried to flag him down but he was too far away.  They didn't think they would ever see him again, so Hayden thinks it is crazy that they were able to meet him on Sunday and start the casting process.  Rachel thinks the stars aligned for him and it was meant to be.

12.  Hayden had heard of the show before, but wasn't a fan before meeting the BB casting guys.  Hayden has watched six seasons of BB in the past two months, and says he's addicted now.  He's been doing his research.

Hayden:  I'm a hustler so when I thought there was a possibility, I tried to learn everything I can.

13.  Hayden sees BB as a "three-legged stool" because you need mental, physical, and social skills to win.  He thinks he's got all three covered. 

14.  Hayden has a You Tube Channel called "Teenage Child" and was kind of reluctant to discuss it.  He said it was sketch comedy basically for his own entertainment and some people think it's stupid.

15.  Hayden needs to keep his mind open before entering in the house.  He has to keep his strategy loose so he can adapt to the circumstances of the season.  He doesn't want to "go in too hot" by trying to be overly chummy with everyone, but he wants to make friends with everyone.  He wants to win the first HoH if possible to get off to a good start and avoid the "surfer curse".

16.  Hayden's head is in the game and he is going to be very careful about getting involved romantically in the BB house.  He pointedly says he's seen it work both way for BB players, so he plans to be careful.   He confirms again that he is indeed single and ready to mingle, though.

I couldn't find Hayden's comedy videos, but I did find one of him "singing" along with a song.  I know this is kind of WTF, but I actually like it.  The words are beautiful, but the delivery is....well, just watch it.


If Hayden is from Massachusetts, where in the hell is his hot Boston accent?  As someone who has a "thing" with that type of accent, I feel cheated.

How can you not like Hayden?  How can you not be pulling for him in there?

Yes, he is a Big Brother newbie, but he doesn't seem to be someone who just sits around and watches TV.  He started the casting process months ago, so he's had some time to watch the show.  Six seasons is a lot to watch for anybody.

I can honestly see him making fast friends with any of the guys in that house.  He seems so adaptable and open to new experiences.  And being easy-going counts for a lot in a house jammed up with people like that.  Hayden won't be one to freak out in the house and blow up on anyone.

I'll just say it:  I'm a Hayden Voss fan.  There is no way he is leaving the house as one of the early boots---I can't wait to see him in action.

Meet Jocasta Odom - Will She Lay Her Hands on Somebody in the #BB16 House?

I'm not gonna lie....I am dreading this one.  Although I live in the Atlanta Metro area and know I should pull for a Georgia home girl, I will be brutally honest and say Jocosta's occupation is a real turn off for me.  I will give her a chance, however, and see what I can learn about her that might change my opinion.  For starters, Rachel is her favorite player, per her CBS "Trading Card", so maybe Jocosta is ready to play hard this summer.  That's something, right?

(I do NOT want to start a big argument about religion....I am the type that just doesn't want to discuss it at all.....)

1.  Jocasta proudly tells Jeff she is a minister, but didn't specify what type of church she ministers to, or how big it is, etc.  She does mention "laying hands on Jeff", though, which may be an indication of some sort.  (My family went to the Episcopal Church when I was young, but I don't remember anybody touching anybody, unless it was my mother tapping my brother on the head to wake him up.)

2. Jocasta tells Jeff that her biggest strength is her outgoing personality and she has "people skills like no other".   She can "pretty much conform" to any situation but still show her own identity, her fun side, and her "social game is where it's at".  Jocasta speaks with authority and confidence, pointing at Jeff to prove her points.

3.  Jocasta adds that she is a competitive person as well, saying she is the one at the baby showers who is "grabbing for the clothes pin" and reaching over the other girls to win.  (If you don't know, most baby showers require the participants to play little games for prizes, although I have been to a few co-ed baby showers where all you have to do is eat and drink.)

4.  Jeff asks if she grabs the bouquet like that at weddings and Jocosta says she's married and off the market and no longer needs to grab the bouquet.  She gives one big snap up for that, along with a neck roll.  When Jocasta speaks she is very animated and waves her arms around, frequently reaching into what I would consider Jeff's personal space.

5.  She will miss her family when she is in the Big Brother house, as well as her "church family".  Jeff asked her if she has a downfall going into the house and she said "no".

Jeff:  Zero?  No downfall at all?

Jocasta: No.

(whah whah whah....)

6.  If she wins the money she is going to "absolutely invest".  Whatever that means.
7.  Jeff asked her the question about her preference as to being a winner hated by America, or a loser America loves.  She immediately said she is doing this for her family, and pretty much said America would be SOL.  (I like that part of her answer.)

Jocasta:  And if God be with me, then who is against me?

(I have a feeling she has recently met a few new roommates who are against her......just a guess.)

Now let's turn the program over to Rachel and Ryan from Reality Relapse to see what they can get out of Jocasta.

8.  The interview gets off to a super-fun start with both Rachel and Jocasta squealing with delight at each other.  Ryan reminds us that Jocasta told Production that Rachel was her favorite BB player and tells us that Jocasta nearly had a nervous breakdown when she walked in and saw Rachel on the couch.  Jocasta says Rachel was "just a beast" in the house and was loyal to the women who weren't loyal to her.  She also mentions that Rachel got "her man" and does a little Rachel impersonation as she says it.

9.  She loves to wear the butterfly-style bowties because butterflies represent transformation and she has transformed her own life and gives us a Bible verse from Romans associated with this.  She said that she used to be down and dark and she left the church at 17 "based on what happened then" but then she had some sort of epiphany years later and Jesus put her back to where she was before that happened at 17.  She's a positive person now and a motivational speaker and "the best life coach ever".  Jocasta said she was a "hot mess" at 17.  (Who wasn't?)

Everybody does an "Amen" on that.

10.  Right now she is "under the pastor" at Northside Baptist Church and she loves it.  She also has a ministry of about 75-100 women that she works with.  She told the folks back home that she is at a "women's conference" right now and Rachel mentions a woman named Joyce who holds conferences and she and Jocasta have a little squealy moment about that.

11.  She doesn't expect to read the Bible in the house all summer---she will study it daily as she always does and try to have balance in the house and in the game.  She knows people watching will say "I can't believe a pastor is doing that" but is not going to compromise her life by doing something like cheating on her husband.

Jocasta:  I already lied and said I was going to a conference, so..........

12.  Jocasta repents for her sins daily and then mentions Jesus dying on the cross for her.  She won't lose herself in that house but will glorify Christ while she is in the BB house.

13.  She has been married for 7 years and has two sons aged 2 and 4.  She will miss them but says God will watch them, along with her husband, mother and sister.  Her family had a rough year and her winning this game could help them all get through it.  God has showed her this is the way for her.

14.  She won't come in the game with "guns blazin'" "like Brian" (BB10).  She thinks she wants to win the first HoH because she can talk her way through having to make nominations and can cut some deals too.  Rachel points out that both she and Hayden won the first HoH and then went on to win the game, so it is possible.

15.  Rachel tells Jocasta that she likes her personality, and will be watching her in the house.  The two of them share another round of squeals as Jocastra says "Rachel you are my friend in my head right now!"

I think this is Jocasta's church's Facebook page.  No comments about her being on the show yet....and no mention in the Atlanta newspaper yet, even though they had a blurb about Big Brother starting this week.  I'll keep an eye out for any local gatherings for BB watching in Jocasta's honor.


Jocasta is a cute little lady and is very animated when she speaks.  I expect her to bond with Brittany and Devin over the fact that they have children and miss them.  She sounds like she has an interesting backstory if she is willing to speak about it in the house.  I'm sure she will also do some cooking in the house too, and of course some cleaning up after the young slobs in the house.

I also expect her to let them know about it, too.  The fact that she told Jeff she has no downside is worrisome, because she should be self-aware enough to know that her biggest strength is also going to be her biggest weakness.  Her outgoing exuberance is going to rub some people in the house the wrong way, and this is going to cause friction.  I expect Jocasta to be bossy.

Often people with a position of high authority outside of reality TV expect people within reality TV to recognize them for that, and are often sorely disappointed.  (Remember David who manages the Miami Marlins and how he was voted off first on Survivor for his words and actions?)  If Jocasta goes in that house preaching and judging people than her days are going to be numbered.  I think her odds are better if she uses her motivational skills to reach out to house guests who might be on the fringes to quietly bolster them and be their sounding board.

I don't think Jocasta will be afraid of conflict, to say the least, so the Big Brother fans can also look forward to watching that....

Meet Donny Thompson - Picking Up Trash For the Likes of Kelly Pickler #BB16

OK OK.  Every television show produced in the last two years features a guy with a beard, and Donny is our guy this summer.  He is a school groundskeeper in North Carolina---automatically that brings to mind the show True Detective on HBO, which skeeves me out a little about Donny.  (If you watched the show, you'll know what I mean.)  According to Donny's CBS "Trading Card", Donny's favorite Big Brother player is Spencer.

No surprise there...because Spencer has a beard.  And Donny has a beard, too.  We get it.   And the only other BB player Donny could have named with a beard was Adam Poch...but at least Donny didn't name Adam as his favorite.  Both bearded men left the game in the #3 spot, but at least Spencer didn't mug for the camera during the finale and make a total asshat out of himself by saying he'd see us on Big Brother All Stars.

But I digress. Let's get back to this year's Bearded House Guest.

I first got a load of Donny on the "Meet the Houseguests" video on the CBS website.  CBS wanted to drive the point home that Donny is a flag-waving redneck, just to be sure we know that.   They also wanted to make sure we know that rednecks are uneducated, because the clip they show of Donny in this video is him struggling to spit out the words that he likes "girls with foreign English accents".

At first I thought Donny was pulling a funny, by saying his line in such a redneck-sounding voice.  But alas I think that is his real voice.

***sigh***  It is hard being a Southerner sometimes.

1. OK.  To his credit, Donny looks directly into the camera when he is speaking to us, and his actual speaking voice is not as bad as it was in the CBS Meet the House guests clip.  (***whew***)  At 42, Donny is the oldest house guest by far this year.  Donny tells Jeff he works for the public school system at home in North Carolina.

2.  Jeff asks Donny about his beard and he says he grew it out in only 8 months, and it is longer than it looks.  Jeff is impressed with Donny's beard-growing skills, apparently. 

Donny:  I took my first shower out here with the water and it was like BOING!

Jeff asked if he could touch it, and Donny said sure.

3.  Donny tells us that he's never really been a beard person, but that it's really "grown on him" and he gives Jeff an elbow to make sure Jeff gets the joke.  Jeff got it.

4.  Now that Donny and Jeff are old friends, Donny asks him how he gets his teeth "so purty and white".   Jeff says he just brushes them, but Donny says he brushes his, too, but they don't look like that.

5.  Jeff asks Donny what he would do with the money, and Donny gives him a pretty straight answer.

Donny:  I'm gonna put it in the bank with the rest of it.

Jeff wanted to know if Donny had a lot of money in there and he said no, not a lot, but he's a "stingy person" and hasn't thought too much about winning yet.

6.  Donny thinks his biggest downfall in the game might be trying too hard....he's not a very good liar and says he won't be able to look people in the eye while he's lying, he'll be nervous, etc.  He thinks people might just see him looking all over and think he's weird.

Jeff:  So is that your strategy?  Being weird?

Donny:  No!  Going into this game and being outgoing and can't trust anybody in this game, but maybe you trust somebody a little bit if they make you laugh.

Jeff:  I trust you, just sitting here talking to you.  Are you working me?

Donny:  I've been working everybody since I got off the plane!

7.  Donny knows that in many seasons, the old guy is voted off first, since that doesn't make too many waves.  He doesn't know if there are going to be any other old guys in the house, but he's assuming he's the only one.  He knows this is a potential downfall for him and he needs to get through the first few weeks to have any chance in the game.
 8.  Jeff asked Donny the question about being the winner everyone hates, or the loser everyone loves.  Donny says he doesn't want people to hate him, so he would rather go home the lovable loser.  Jeff told him he thinks America is going to love him, and he wants him to go in there and go for the money.

This was the only Jeff video I've seen yet where there is no handshake at the end.  Maybe there was a handshake, and we just didn't see it.  Maybe there was already enough touching displayed earlier in the video for CBS' tastes.

OK.  Let's see if Rachel and Ryan can get Donny to dish some dirt.

9.  Rachel doesn't disappoint, and starts off the interview by asking Donny how his airplane ride to California was...she knew that Donny had never flown before.

Ryan, being a shit:  What?  How is it that you've never flown before?

Donny:  Well, I'm from North Carolina, and I didn't need to go nowhere.

Take that, Ryan.  Rachel chimes in that she's from North Carolina, too, and there are beaches and mountains and Ryan should stop hating on the entire state.  

10.  Rachel says she's from the Charlotte-Concord area and Ryan says he works in Concord.  Then Rachel hollers that he must have been "Kelly Pickler's janitor in high school!" but Donny says "No, I was Kelly Pickler's janitor in Stanley County, but now I'm a groundskeeper in Concord".  Rachel pushes for the details and Donny names the school district he works for.

Rachel:  I went to school there!  And my sister!

Ryan is a bitch and asks Rachel if she is making all of this up.  Rachel says "NO!" and points out that Donny knows exactly what she is talking about.

Rachel:  So that's three good Concordians on Big Brother.

11.  Donny says Bunky (BB2) and Jordan (BB11, BB13) are from nearby towns in North Carolina, too.  Ryan makes yet more snotty comments and Rachel argues that Big Brother has two winners and one Fan Favorite from North Carolina so this conversation is a valid one.

12.  Donny was anxious on the plane, and says that before boarding they announced they were having maintenance issues so that made him nervous.  Once they boarded and taxied out on the runway, they still had issues, so they had to return to the gate for more maintenance.  He ended up missing his connecting flight in Atlanta, but says it's all good.

(Bonus Frequent-Flier Joke for You:  If you are going to Hell, you have to change flights in Atlanta.)

The lady sitting next to Donny held his hand and was praying with her eyes closed during takeoff, but Donny looked out of the window and loved every minute of it.  He says he's addicted to flying now.

13.  Donny has watched every Big Brother season since the very beginning, so Rachel pushes him on why Spencer is his favorite, if he's seen every season.  Donny says he has many favorites, but he likes the way Spencer kept his mouth shut in the house and kept a low profile, even though he was on the block ten times.

Donny:  If he had won the game, I would have been happy for him.

14.  Donny says his strategy is mainly based on his social game.  He wants to make people laugh and be friendly.  He says he is "old as dirt" and doesn't think he can win many competitions.  He says since he's watched all of the seasons he knows most of the competitors are young.

Donny:  With the beard, I look 47, but without the beard, I can look 37, so maybe they'll let me shave it in there this summer.

Donny remembers that Rachel said she would never shave her head, and he points out that Elissa said that too in one of her preseason interviews.

****then this happened****

Donny, pointing at Ryan:  Who are you again?

Me:  ha ha ha

Rachel:  HA HA HA.

15.   Donny has lived alone for 21 years, and likes it quiet and dark at night.  He says he might be okay in the BB house, because it's not like he has to get up and go to work the next day, so he doesn't need a good night sleep.

Rachel pointed out that he's really going to be working in there every day, and he shouldn't forget that the cameras are always watching.

16.  Donny likes Sour Patch Kids candy (yum) and says he's watched every episode of the Real Housewives.   If Donny's not working or doing "little Sodoku puzzles", he's watching reality TV so Rachel says he should watch their show Reality Relapse.


Ryan Carillo is always hyper-sensitive about being gay during every interview, and has already called several house guests out about something they said, making it all about himself. But this interview with Donny clearly showed that no one discriminates against other people in a rude and intrusive manner like Ryan himself does.  He had a bug up his ass during this entire interview with Donny....first about North Carolina and then with the snotty Lady Gaga comment ("Do you even know who Lady Gaga is?") and saying Donny was "just full of surprises" when he said he watches the shows on Bravo.  Ryan obviously thinks everyone from North Carolina is an ignorant dumbass cut off from the outside world.

As a "journalist", this is just plainly inappropriate.  And as a human being, he is an obnoxious piece of shit.  He is lucky that he gets to sit beside Rachel, because otherwise he can just take a seat in a corner somewhere and shut up.

Newsflash:  Ryan Carillo is a dick with a chip on his shoulder who is superior to NO ONE.

(Oh yeah, the TV show that Ryan appeared on was "Expedition Impossible".  No, I've never heard of it either, but I have heard Ryan introduce himself as a "Reality Star".  Reality Star "Wannabe" is probably more appropriate.)



Well, I have to say I like Donny Thompson now.  I am thrilled that he is a Super Fan who has watched every season.

But can Donny win?  If he can get through this game, than Donny will surely earn that big paycheck.  He has several huge obstacles to overcome in there---first of all he is the oldest house guest, and in the appearance department he will stick out like a sore thumb.  He is correct about the oldest house guest being an obvious choice to be voted out first.

And living in that house with all of those people won't be a picnic, either, especially for someone who has lived alone for over 20 years.  If Donny has a temper, than the conditions will be ripe for him to blow at some point.

If Donny can make it through those first few dangerous weeks, then I think he can easily make the Jury.  I hate to make judgements, but I can see him being a smoker.  Being a smoker can help your game in that house because you automatically get a good deal of sit-down time with the other smokers.  And if you brought extra cigarettes for the Drunken Bummers, then you may have earned a few extra weeks for sharing your smokes.

(But I said the same thing about Spencer last year, and I was dead wrong.  I never saw Spencer smoke  a cigarette at all last summer.)