Sunday, June 8, 2014

Big Brother UK Goes on a Power Trip... #BBUK

If you've never watched Big Brother UK, you might want to start watching now.  The "civilian" season is nothing like the BBUK Celebrity season, in case you're worried about that.  The theme this year is "Power Trip", and I can't believe that hasn't been used before, since the phrase is so provocative and juicy.

And Big Brother is a Big Effing Deal in the United Kingdom......the new season launched last Thursday night with a two-hour premiere episode, and there was another two-hour episode the following night that introduced another bunch of  house guests who entered the house on live TV.

These first episodes are just non-stop action and I am already hooked.   After watching the first part of the Launch Night I already have a favorite to win..... The casting is FANTASTIC and I love Emma Willis, the host.  Also, the house is SICK.  And what else do you have to do while you are waiting for BB US to crank up later this month?

The episodes of BBUK are easy to find on You Tube, and it seems like Production has no problem with the rest of the world watching it that way.

Here is the first Launch Night episode to get you started..... 

After each live show, there will be an episode of "BOTS" (Bit on the side) that features a slew of former BB UK house guests who chatter on about the show in front of a live audience.  They also show previously-unseen footage of the house guests as they gossip and judge them and often show us some of the backstage action, behind the cameras.  It's a lot of fun. 

FYI I tried watching the episodes on the Channel Five website, using Hola, but had much better luck using You Tube.  This is the disclaimer that Channel Five presented, however, which unlike last year's US BB15 disclaimer requires an actual box to be checked without going any further.

With a disclaimer like that, you know it's going to be good.  I'm certainly on the lookout for the "flashing images".....

***CAUTION***   If you've never watched BB UK before, be prepared to be shocked by what the Brits allow on their TV screens.  They don't even blink at the Eff Word, and let's just say I've seen a lot of skin on BB UK over the years, along with a number of "Adult Situations".  I think the BB UK prime time TV show is raunchier than the US live feeds, actually.....