Friday, June 6, 2014

Do You Know a Secret About #BB16?

Are you just dying to tell?  Maybe throw a few hints out there?

Or are you grasping at random comments made on Twitter, or repeating what you heard someone say or tweet?

This is the time of year that rumors and wild guesses spread like wildfire and swirl everyone into a frenzy.  People even start getting pissy about casting or the twists or the the number of house guests, based on what someone's friend's cousin's brother-in-law who works at CBS said.  Some of the rumors can end up being true, but many others are pure bullshit, like playing the Telephone Game.

This is the time of year when the former house guests start to plant seeds of speculation on Twitter.  They joke about their alliances, or being in sequester, or whatever will get people talking.  Some of these tweeters may actually end up being on the show (Remember Janelle's trip to Greece?)

But NONE of them are tweeting anything TRUE about #BB16.  CBS would really YANK their CHAINs if that happened.  There may be rogue tweeter who mouths off something they shouldn't be say (****cough cough  Evel Dick cough cough****) but the former house guests generally know better than to poke CBS in their BIG EYE like that.

So let's keep that in mind over the next few weeks as the tweets start flying.  I have to tell myself that, too, because I love all of the preseason gossip and speculation.  It's so juicy sometimes.

As usual, there have already been rumbles for a while that we are due for another All Stars season, and all over the internet people are starting to scrutinize all incoming and outgoing social media for the former house guests, trying to detect trends.

Haven't all of the All Stars already been on the show multiple times already?  Doesn't that theme seem tired and saggy?

It does seem more likely that they would use former players another way, rather than the overused All Star imprint.  Maybe they will take a tip from Survivor Blood vs. Water and cast former house guests to play alongside a family member or loved one?

I heard Miss Cleo (twitter star) floated a rumor out there about the former house guests playing in pairs, but I couldn't find any solid evidence to report here.  But I did see this on the CBS Exclusive Live Feed section of their website:

Hayden was a  contestant on Survivor Blood vs. Water......a coincidence that he is being interviewed now, with this rumor out there, or not?

No offense to Hayden, but if CBS wanted to publish an interview with a former winner as Exclusive Content, wouldn't they choose someone a bit more chatty?  Like Dan or Rachel or Ian or Andy.....why Hayden?

FYI Hayden and Kat broke up not too long ago, but that's all I have to say about that.  I don't think Hayden would come back on Big Brother at this point, but I know he does have a hot sister who is a rodeo rider.

I've seen people tweeting rumors that Dani Donato will be paired up with Dominic that would be interesting.  I also wouldn't mind seeing some sort of pseudo-celebrities cast for this type of season.  You know, like the former professional athletes that have been turning up on Survivor, along with former child stars like Lisa Whelchel.

That might be fun to watch, depending on the person, of course.

I just want people who will play the DAMN GAME, and not be afraid of doing some DASTARDLY DEEDS.

I watched the Live Feed Exclusive Content videos of Jeff "interviewing" Alison Grodner and Rich Meehan, but they didn't give away any casting or twist secrets, or even joke about it.

FYI  They are sitting in the control room in this picture--where the crew sits and watches them on all of those TV screens.  Creepy.

What was great about one of these interviews is how Rich was slamming on Jeff in a totally deadpan manner.  Jeff laughed as he learned that Rich didn't want to cast him on BB11 because he "looked just like anyone else".  Alison is the one who stepped in during the casting process and went to bat for Jeff to get him on the show.  Jeff said he tried to present the image of a "savvy player" but had to admit he knew very little about the game.

During the BB11 casting process, it also sounds like Jeff was trying to present an image of having an Economics degree but couldn't answer any of their questions about economics.  Finally they got him to admit he had "nothing going on" and was "living in his parents' basement".  Rich also took a shot (or threw a stone) by mentioning Jeff was selling Yellow Page ads, or something like that.   Alison said that it was much better for Jeff to just be who he was during the casting process, and that Jeff ended up being exactly who she thought he was on the show.

Jeff:   And look where I am now, thanks to that!


Also, in the Live Feed Exclusive area, CBS is running the entire season of BB7 for your viewing pleasure.  You remember which season that was, right?  Big Brother All Stars.  

Let the rumors begin.  If you don't have anything nice to say, then come over here and sit by me.

#BB16 PreSeason --- Jeff Catches Up with Ashley

CBS is posting exclusive preseason content on their website for people use take advantage of the Live Feed Early Bird Discounts.  And Big Jeff is all over the place, as you might guess.  He also has a new shirt that I'm not particularly fond of, but whatever.

He stopped in to visit with BB14's Ashley Iocco, who is apparently living the dream in Santa Monica.  Some tidbits from the chat

*  Ashley loves Los Angeles.
*  Ashley is making flower headbands now and is selling them somehow.

 *  Ashley is still running her mobile tanning business, and after prompting from Jeff she spelled out the name of it for us.  After more (rather creepy) prompting from Jeff, Ashley said that if you are just a visitor to LA, you can still get a mobile tanning visit with her via the Bronzique website.  So, does that mean any Random in a motel room can get a visit from Ashley?  (See, I told you it was creepy.)

*  Ashley is over Ian but imagines him beating the girls off with a stick now that he's a reality star.  I'm sure part of that sentence is correct, but maybe not the whole thing.
*  Ashley has a new boyfriend now and they live together.  Jeff did not ask her who it is......but we know it's not Ian Terry.  Or Frank Eudy....

Well yadda yadda yadda...Jeff strips down and Ashley gives him a spray tan.

Big Jeff is ripped, huh?  Damn.