Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Perez Hilton is Not a Frankie Grande Fan #BB16

I knew there was something I liked about Perez Hilton.

By the way, by calling Frankie "Ariana Grande's Brother" he is publicly slamming him, in addition to showing his picture way off the side while Ariana works a red carpet.

Perez was a Zach fan during the Big Brother season, and actually tweeted out support for Zach to win America's Favorite Player at least once.  You can read the article on Perez' website, along with all of the delightful comments here.

I like the idea of Zach and Donny on The Amazing Race.....that never occurred to me but it sounds like good TV to me....

The fact that Frankie and Zach both mentioned being on TAR in their post-Finale interviews kind of indicates that won't be happening.  In the past the BB contestants who were asked to cross over were also warned to keep their mouths shut.  Tightly.

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  1. Coincidentally, Perez Hilton appeared on The Talk the day after the BB finale. Derrick was there, of course, but so was Frankie. It makes me wonder if, in addition to all the reasons to dislike him from his performance in the show, perhaps Frankie did something more personally offensive to Perez Hilton that day. That must have been an awkward green room either way.

    Speaking of awkward, Frankie was confronted by Sara Gilbert about his comment on the difference between lesbians and gay guys. His response was clearly rehearsed, and Sara had nothing to say after that. Also, Derrick made some proud comments about profiling people, which made one of the African-American co-hosts say something like "Don't look at me when you say that". Derrick probably didn't have time to be fully debriefed on everything that happened in Ferguson while he was in the house. I can't imagine the culture shock of catching up on everything that happened in the past 3 months.


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