Thursday, October 2, 2014

Open Your Piggy Banks Fans, As #BB16 Collectibles Begin to Hit Ebay

So far it doesn't look like the house guests have started listing items for sale --- just people who got their hands on signed merchandise, probably from the post-finale backyard festivities.

Here are some BB16 rubber duckies signed by Frankie and Cody.  So far the bids for Cody's rubber ducky are over three times higher than Frankie's rubber ducky. Maybe those Frankie bidders are going to start bidding big dollars at the very last minute.

Yes, I'm being sarcastic.

An added feature of these rubber duckies is that they appear to be hermetically sealed, for freshness.

Here we have a Froot Loops box supposedly signed by Zach.  These are the type of items you need to be really careful disrespect to the Ebay seller, but how do we really know Zach signed this box?  The listing doesn't include any details about how they got it...just sayin'..

The birdhouse signed by the entire cast is an interesting item....I can see why that would be a fun knick knack to have on your shelf at home.

 The Donny items are drawing some large bids....I would imagine Donny items will be much rarer, since we don't expect Donny to go nuts cashing in on his Big Brother experience.  But you should be careful with these items, too, because anyone can take a widely-available picture and forge Donny's signature.  Along with a "No Skittles" line, too.

I'm not trying to discourage bidding...I'm just recommending exercising caution with your hard-earned money. It's not like Donny will be getting the money.  Nor those poor children in Africa that Frankie talked about all summer.

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