Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Will Ariana's Busy Schedule Allow Her to Attend the #BB16 Finale?

Because she is the musical performer for the Saturday Night Live opener this Saturday.

Since she is also an actress, I would be surprised if they don't use her in a skit or two....and the rehearsals really start cranking up at the end of the week as they prepare for the live broadcast.  Of course, with Ariana being a diva and calling all the shots, I expect she will be anywhere she wants to be on Wednesday night.

SNL would be stupid not to do a Big Brother skit, right?  Frankie is just too easy to be made a fool of...and Ariana could play Victoria.  Julie Chen would be fun for them to poke fun at, also.

I guess we know where Frankie will be on Saturday....waiting in the wings....crouching in Ariana's little shadow...


  1. Bobby Moynihan is a Zach Rance fan so fingers crossed for a Big Brother skit!

  2. Oh that would be great! TMZ caught Ariana at LAX today denying that the nudie pictures were real, and I assumed she was on her way to NY. That doesn't mean she won't fly back on Wednesday, though.

    And the pictures sure looked like Ariana to me....But what do I know.

  3. Hello Feed Watcher, I've been reading your updates for three years now and I just wanted to say thanks! You do a great job and I check your page numerous times a day to get your take on the House.


  4. Thank you so much for that. I do it all for the fellow Super Fans. Sometimes we love it, sometimes we hate it, and sometimes we love to hate it.

    But we always want to know....


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