Sunday, September 14, 2014

Wil Heuser Presents: The Saga Episode 11 - Wil Gets Sloppy Drunk. Again. #BB16

This is the second episode of the saga this season where Wil gets hammered and describes what happened on Big Brother.  To be honest, for the first one, I had never seen or heard of "Drunk History", but now that I know that is a thing, I have a better understanding of Wil's thing.

If that makes sense.

While I like to party, I do not recommend drinking to the levels that Wil is claiming to drink in this video.  Do you think Wil is really that drunk?

Once again Wil is very critical of Julie Chen's stylist.  I tend to think maybe she has no stylist this season.  Maybe she has a personal shopper at Macy's.

(I have to laugh, because I have heard Frankie say several times that Julie Chen's fashion has been "on point" this year.  That must be the kiss of death, coming from someone who dresses like a Bratz doll.)

Also...Wil may have had a little buzz on when he posted this video on You Tube.  There is an extra minute of dead air at the end of the video, but you'll deal with it when you get there.

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