Thursday, September 18, 2014

Which Losers Gained the Most? #BB16

I feel like CBS kind of dropped the ball this summer with the whole "Fitness Tracker" situation.  Not only did they not get the program sponsored by FitBit, but they really only used it to determine who the Have Nots were for one week in the game.

But on the CBS website, they have been reporting the weight of each house guest when they came into the game, and when they left.

And that is something I find interesting.

I've always thought that men tend to lose weight in the Big Brother house, probably due to the severe shortage of beer in there, along with the lack of alcohol-related high calorie foods like chicken wings, french fries, etc.  And women seem to do a lot of emotional eating in the Big Brother house and end up leaving the house a few pounds heavier.  You know, like Janelle in BB6 with the ice cream, and Jordan in BB11 with the cookie dough, and even Diane from BB5 with all of that hummus.

(In BB4 Jun Song entered the house looking fabulous in a pleated cheerleader-type skirt, and as the game wore on she just kept snacking....and snacking....and snacking...)

Joey came in the BB16 house at 139, and left the house at the same weight.  But Paola went in the house at 97 pounds, and left at 91 pounds, even after eating all of that bacon.  That is 6% of her body weight that she lost...and that is significant.

Amber and Jocosta both lost weight, too.  But Brittany gained some weight, which was discussed quite a bit in the house after she left.  She may have been a Have Not for several weeks of her stay in the house, but she still managed to gain 10 pounds in there, an 8% increase in body weight.

Let's look a a few of the more recent evictees, and how their weight fared in the house.

Donny, Nicole, and Christine all lost weight in the house.  I think all three of them were stressed out in there, and Nicole and Donny certainly did hard time in the Have Not room.  Donny did walk around every morning and do a few minutes on the elliptical trainer, but the girls only got sporadic exercise this summer.

So let's get to the fun part.  The juicy part, shall we?

I'm already on record discussing Zach's weight gain over the summer.  He clocked out fifteen pounds heavier than he arrived, nearly a 10% increase in body weight.  But Zach is tall, so that weight is a little easier to hide than it would be for a shorty like Nicole.

But what about Frankie, who was constantly making critical comments about Zach's weight gain?  Comments such as "I was attracted to Zach, but that was about 15 pounds ago".

Well, there's a reason why all of Frankie's shorts were so tight.  Honestly he could barely walk in those tired denim shorts in the last week of the game.  He had to waddle like a penguin because he could hardly move. Even his comfortable "house clothes" were tight.

Frankie gained a whopping 29 pounds...a 21% increase in body weight!
Maybe it was the constant consumption of mayonnaise Frankie was perpetually stirring into his G.D. fish salads....or the nightly cookie baking.....or the sloppy open-mouthed salty snack munching.

Or maybe it's because Frankie is well into his 30's, and his metabolism just can't take all of that eating anymore.

I think most of us would hate to have our ages and weights broadcast on a TV show.  But hey, this is Frankie J. Grande we're talking international social media mogul.

Or as the CBS announcer describes him, Ariana's brother.

I know Frankie thinks he is headed to Celebrity Apprentice next, but maybe Celebrity Fit Club on VH1 would be a better place for him. It would be easy to be a big fish in that small pond.

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