Friday, September 5, 2014

What is Production Trying to Do? Blow Derrick's Cover? #BB16

Or, what is Derrick's wife trying to do?

Just after midnight, Derrick got a call to go to the storage room and everyone knew it was for his HoH basket.  In a Double Eviction, the HoH who wins during the live show is only the HoH for a few hours, until the next HoH competition is played out.

(And I regret to inform you that Frankie won that HoH competition.)

You could hear Derrick laughing and joking as he made his way to the storage room, saying that he didn't think he would cry, and he's done pretty good so far holding it together.

Derrick looked at the counter display in silence, and then Cody came in right behind him.  You could hear Caleb in the living room, asking Cody to bring the letter, picture and basket to the living room.

Derrick picked up the basket and tried to leave the room,  Cody saw a framed picture on the counter and grabbed it, staring.

Cody:  Who is this, your brother?

Derrick put the basket back down on the counter.

Derrick:  Nah....nah...

Cody:  Why would I ask if that is your brother? that's your daughter, but with who?

Derrick is obviously flustered and leaves the room.

Derrick: Hold on, wait one second...

Derrick walks out of the room and comes right back in.  The HoH basket is still on the counter.

Cody:  Uh...what...

Derrick:  Damn...I almost want's really not the best picture to show...

He goes over to Cody and then we get ***FISH***.

When we return a moment later, Derrick is talking.

Derrick:  I'll explain the whole thing later.

Cody hoists up the basket to carry it out, saying "Coffee cakes?  I am going to crush that sushi".

Frankie grabs something from the basket and says "Austin Mahone?  Oh I love him!".

Isn't Austin Mahone a teen idol?  What the hell?  Derrick is missing---did he go to the Diary Room?

Frankie:  Do you like Austin?

Cody:  Oh, I was featured on the Hot Guy Panel with him.

Frankie, screeching:  What?

Cody:  That Seventeen Magazine thing I did..he was in there.

Frankie:  What the fuck are you talking about?  What Seventeen Magazine thing?

Cody thought everyone already knew.  Caleb confirms that Cody said that way back when Amber was in the house.  Frankie seems upset about not knowing this and wants Cody to explain it to him "like he was a small child".

Frankie:  You were booked for this?  Was it a one time thing?

Cody:  It was for the whole year.  I answered questions and stuff every month.

Victoria:  Oh wow.


Frankie is drilling Cody about how he got booked for this gig.

Cody:  They asked me...I told them (ie Production) about it.

Frankie:  But how did you get booked for it?

Cody:  The photo editor at Seventeen told me to put in for it..

Frankie:  And how do you know the photo editor at Seventeen Magazine?

Cody:  My brother...

Oh, it turns out Austin Mahone was on a box of Pop Tarts or some other snack that Derrick got in his HoH basket.

(This disclosure of Cody's might help Derrick out of this jam, since it is obviously putting Cody in the hot seat.  Pun intended.)

(And I guess the picture was either of Derrick in his police uniform holding the baby, or one of his co-workers in uniform?)

You can read about what happened next here.

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