Monday, September 8, 2014

The Live Feeders Have Voted.... #BB16

and we have chosen a dog to join the BB cast.

I don't know about you, but I'm hoping for a puppy.  Nothing is cuter than a puppy.

Who do you think will hog the dog?  And who will be sleeping with the dog?  I can only guess who will be fighting for that extra camera time. Even if they just have that dog for one day, they all take so many naps that some sleep time is inevitable.

But on second thought, puppies get into EVERYTHING and that might be a dangerous situation.  Not just for property being ruined (see Tiger Rance) but for the danger to the dog.

PRODUCTION ALERT:  Cody was trying to poison the "mouse" that was supposedly in the house (i.e. Team America's "mouse") by putting toilet bowl cleaner on the trail of snacks they laid out as a trap.  Please see that they clean all of that up before the dog enters the house!

Fun Fact:  In BB1, the house guests got a pug for several weeks of the game.  I think it belonged to someone from production, or maybe it was a rescue.

I've always thought that would be a GREAT competition prize---the winner gets to have their pet come into the house.  But I guess that would be hard to do if the pet isn't based in Southern California.

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