Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Final Three Kill Time #BB16

Last night was the last night in the Big Brother 16 backyard.  It is getting cool at night in Los Angeles and only Victoria was bothered by it.  Both Cody and Derrick are from the Northeast, so the snap in the air feels like home to them.

Derrick wanted to get in the hot tub, but no one else was interested.  You can almost see abs on Derrick, right?  But my eyes might be messing with me, because Derrick got nominated for eviction twice as many times as he worked out this summer.

(i.e. NEVER)

Cody and Victoria sat and chatted with Derrick, as they discussed whether this would be the last time they would ever be in the backyard again.  (Production had told them that the backyard would be locked down until the Finale in a few short hours, so they know the backdoor would be locked soon.}

I hate to spoil the surprise, but they will go into the backyard right after the Finale ends for media interviews.  You know, Big Jeff and all.

I was really excited to hear that Rob Cesternino was invited to interview the house guests for Entertainment Tonight in the backyard after the finale.  Rob actually applied to be on Big Brother 3 and got pretty far in the process, so it would have been a great gig for him.  But apparently Entertainment Tonight cut the segment and no longer need Rob for the interviews.  I'm holding out hope that some other media enterprise will hire Rob to go back there, but it doesn't look good.

I was looking forward to hearing Rob's candid comments about the experience, and what happened behind the scenes with all of the house guests....  I'll be sure NOT to watch Entertainment Tonight from now on.  That should be an easy promise to keep...

There was some discussion about how nasty the water looked in the hot tub.  I don't think it has been treated with chemicals in quite some time.

Derrick must not have been too worried about it, because he dunked his head in the water.

The BB Rubber Ducky makes a cameo appearance in the hot tub.  They are all excited to see what former house guests show up at the finale.  For some reason Derrick thinks Michelle from BB10 will be there--she is from Rhode Island, too, but I think Derrick might be overestimating her relevance.

Cody played pool by himself, and then with Derrick.  Every summer the guys rule the pool table and have all of the time in the world to discuss the game.  Dan and Ian did it all summer during BB14, and if you watched the live feeds this year you know that the Bomb Squad hung out at the pool table every night.

In the early days of this summer, it was not uncommon for me to log on in the morning here on the east coast and see Cody, Zach, and/or Derrick playing pool after having been up all night.

Not once do I remember ever seeing Nicole or Christine play pool.  They just stood around and watched and brought them snacks and drinks.  How were the guys ever expected to think of them as equals in the game when they were always bystanders?

Derrick packed some more clothing, and you can clearly see some of the competition props in his bag.  Right on top is his cocktail card from the OTEV comp.  Victoria says she might look at her props for a few days and then throw them away.

(Hello...earth to Victoria...EBAY.)

That room looks so clean and uncluttered now.  Victoria told Derrick a funny story this week that I forgot to post.  Basically, for her BB intro videos, they had a full day of scheduled shoots with Production.  First she and her best friend were filmed shopping and having a cocktail.  Her friend ("Yael"?, maybe?) didn't think Victoria would actually be cast on the show, so she didn't even hug her goodbye when they parted ways.  Victoria said she'd text her later, but by then BB had taken her phone away and she was gone.

The next scene they shot involved Victoria doing a photo shoot for her photography business.  Victoria needed a really nice place to shoot, so she asked a new friend if she could use his condo for the photo shoot.  He had a multi-million dollar place in one of the high rises and gave Victoria permission to use it.

She got up there with the BB production crew and Victoria's handler needed to go to Victoria's car to get one of her outfits so she could wear something else.  Victoria's car had been valet parked by then, so it took the handler about 30 minutes to come back with the clothes.

In the meantime, Victoria worked to set up the photo shoot, and had a beautiful model there for the occasion.  Someone on the BB camera crew had leaned back against the digital stove, and didn't realize that the stove turned on when they did that.  The owner had a case of cat food in the oven, but they didn't know it.  (Typical bachelor storage spot.)

When the handler came back in the condo, she said "what is that smell?  Is something burning?"  And when they opened the stove it was filled with billowing black smoke from the packaging on the cat food.  They hurried to open the windows to let the smoke out before the fire alarm went off.  Victoria also said the cat got out and they were all freaking out trying to find it.  I'm not sure if they did find the cat because Victoria didn't mention that part.

The Punchline:  Right after they filmed the scene, Victoria was whisked away to play Big Brother, and Production took her phone.  So she never could contact the condo owner to explain what happened inside his house.  Or even to thank him.

I'm just going to tell myself that they found the cat, unharmed, because otherwise this story isn't funny at all.

Right now, Cody is the only one awake (at nearly 2:00 pm BBT on Tuesday) and he is trying to entertain himself.  First he ate a yogurt and stared at the picture wall.

Then he went upstairs and played with the chess pieces, and is now shuffling and reshuffling the deck of cards.  Production is bringing lunch from Panera Bread for them soon...the second day in a row for that restaurant but Cody had to make the call on his own, since he was the only one awake.

(They also had Chinese food and Greek food for lunch this week.)


  1. I just wanted to thank you for all your work on writing these updates for us. I love your site the most out of all the BB update sites. Not only is it the easiest to read but the content is the most interesting, at least to me. I always looked forward to reading them with my breakfast each morning!

  2. That is so nice to hear...thank you very much!


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