Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The End is Almost Here.... #BB16

And it is more bittersweet than usual for me.  I really liked this season, and felt more engaged in the action than I have in years.  I really liked having a cast full of fresh faces, and I can say I honestly liked watching most of the cast members this year.

I actually picked Derrick to win from the very beginning, when I watched his preseason interviews.  But there were more than a handful of other players that I would have been happy to see in the Final Three.  I think they gave us a good show this year.  I know there are plenty of Big Brother "fans" who have been griping about how boring these house guests are, but I ask you to consider the alternative.

Do you want house guests who are just putting on a show for us?  Or people who really want to win this game?  Because one rarely leads to the other.

Every year I try not to  bitch and moan about particular cast members, so that people can visit the website and read my updates regardless of their favorite house guest.  And I know how hard it must be to put yourself out there like they do, and it can be excruciating for their families.  But Frankie really broke that rule for me this season.  I think at least 99.9% of the fans can all agree that he was one of the most hated Big Brother contestants of all time, so I really let him have it the back half of this season because I felt we all agreed.  I think it was fun for all of the fans to bond over our communal hatred, and Frankie certainly gave the viewers a lot of ammunition to despise him on a daily basis.

Right now the house is silent, except from some steady breathing as the Final Three sleep, and some occasional banging sounds from behind the wall.  The backyard is usually set up for Finale night with an assortment of huge props from the competitions this season, with room for the media to set up for interviews after the live show is over.

Yesterday Production ordered in lunch from Panera Bread for the second day in a row.  Cody was the one who chose the restaurant, but he may or may not have been prodded to make that selection.  Because I noticed that Panera recently became a pretty visible sponsor of Big Brother After Dark, on TVGN.

(And TVGN is changing their name to "POP" beginning in 2015.  The Final Three even did some little promos to let us know that, so we don't freak out.  About that, anyway.)

When they unpacked their lunch, Derrick and Cody immediately started crunching their kettle chips, which sounded just like you'd think they would sound...salty and snappy between their teeth.

Victoria looked at her sandwich and started giggling, so they told her she really needs to get out of there before she loses it entirely.  She handed Derrick her pickle spear and laughed about that, too.

(Personally, I hate it when that damned pickle spear leaks pickle juice on the bread of my sandwich.  It is always the first thing to hit the trash can when I have take out deli food.)

Cody:  What would you do if they came over the speaker and told us we had another week in this house, and had to do over one of the HoH competitions?

Victoria:  I'd love that....  (because it would give her another chance).

During the live Finale tonight, one of the Final Three will be evicted and will immediately walk out onstage and sit with the Jury.  The Jury will also each get to ask the Final Two a question as a part of the final Jury deliberations.

(Last year they ran out of time for questions before someone....maybe to ask their question.)

So to prepare for this event, yesterday the DR had to ask the Final Three what they would do if they had to go out and become part of the Jury...who would they want to address they question to?  I could tell from the stilted discussion between Derrick and Cody that they were both perturbed by that question.  The DR voice told them both not to get paranoid....the question wasn't meant to imply any specific outcome....they just needed to know for planning purposes.

And after much ado this week, I think Derrick has Victoria clearly expecting to be evicted tonight, and is still confident about getting her vote to win.  So I'm thinking Derrick will indeed try to win the Final HoH competition tonight, and not face the risk, albeit very small, that Cody would take Victoria to the Final Two.

I don't think Cody would do that, but it is a possibility that would be devastating for Derrick after all of his hard work and planning this summer.

Derrick made it look easy most of the time, but if it was that easy everyone would have tried to do it.

Cody got soup and salad, but he spent a good five minutes removing things from the salad and scraping off bits and pieces that he didn't want to eat.  Like the tomato, etc.

(Cody is not a healthy eater....he said again yesterday that every day at home he eats a pepperoni and cheese sandwich, which probably has a sodium and fat index right off the charts.)

Last night on BBAD, before and after every commercial break, they showed footage of the Final Three answering Twitter questions from fans.  It was taped earlier in the week, but it was fun because all three of them got to hear all of the questions, and also the responses.

I didn't finish watching the show yet, but none of the questions were game related.  Cody kept getting questions about dating, so he must know he will have a line of ladies waiting for him when he gets out of the house.  And the ladies might not even be waiting...they might be pushing and shoving each other over to get a piece of Cody Calzone.

A few examples of questions I remember:

*  Derrick:  Why did you shave off your facial hair?  It looked so hot on you!

Derrick said it was scratchy and hard to maintain in the house, but he might grow it back later.  (What, he didn't have the time to maintain it in there?)

*  Cody:  Would you ask Nicole for a date if Hayden doesn't mind?

Cody hemmed and hawed but said he thinks Nicole would be a blast to hang out with, so he would ask her out but only if it is okay with Hayden.

* Victoria:  What are your favorite and least favorite things about being in the house?

I forgot her favorite thing, but she did say her least favorite was sharing the bathroom with all of the guys because it was "kind of gross".

*  Cody: Would you ever date a fan?

Cody started giggling at this and finally said that if it "felt right", he would date a fan.

*  Victoria:  What are you going to shop for first when you get out of the house?

Victoria said a "backless maxi dress" because those dresses are a must living in South Florida.

*  Derrick:  What is your signature dance move?

This was the best question I saw....because who in the world could ever imagine Derrick dancing.  He stood up and said his "stripper days" were far behind him, but then he stood up and from the side bent down and touched the floor and then kind of wiggled back up.  Maybe he got that move from Zach...


  1. Thanks for your updates. They are the highlight of my summer. I love finding out the personal anecdotes for house guests you post.

  2. So nice....comments like that make it all worthwhile...

  3. I would also like to thank you for your blog! I read a few live feed update blogs but yours is my favorite because it is well written and you hone in on the little details and interesting moments that are rarely or minimally covered on other sites. I wish I had found it earlier, but I came across you about half way through this season. I appreciate all the hard work you've done this summer! I really hope you continue to do this next season!


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