Friday, September 5, 2014

The Doorbell Rang, and Then Jeff Came In #BB16

So if you don't know, the live feeds have been down for about an hour.  I assumed it was time for Frankie's HoH nominations.  But then Jeff Schroeder tweeted out this picture, thanking CBS and saying that Jordan said yes.

It was a little champagne engagement party, right there in the backyard.  In the picture above, that is Jordan's brother Peyton on the far left, holding Jordan's dog Maggie.  Jordan's cute mother is to Peyton's right, wearing the turquoise top.  I think that is Jeff's brother Scott just to the left of Jordan's face, with his wife.  And then their two kids are on the right, near Derrick.

(If you follow Jeff and/or Jordan on Twitter, you would know all of this, too.)

I'm not sure where the family came in yet...maybe this was a surprise for Jordan, too.  Maybe she just thought they were coming in to host some sort of competition.  But then, that would mean that she didn't even think twice when Julie Chen mentioned their "special announcement" on the Thursday live show.

When Jeff was in the house he told them that the house was a bigger mess and was "way worse" than it ever was when he lived there.  They also went back to the bedrooms and there was some issue with one of the rooms.  I think Jeff said it stunk or something and they told Jeff Cody sleeps alone in there.

When the doorbell rang Cody thought a big celebrity was going to come in, like a big star.  Victoria agrees, and thinks someone was coming in to host a competition.

Caleb says if it was Christine coming back in, he was going to punch her in the nose.

Caleb:  When I heard the doorbell and saw Jeff, I was like, okay.  But then when I saw Jordan, I was like Whoooo.  That accent just gets me....I love the Southern girls.

Caleb and Frankie were arguing about Keith Urban, or some shit, and this happened.  Why in God's name is Frankie wearing those horrid shorts again?

After the doorbell rang, it took a few minutes for the second door to open.  They could hear someone flipping with all of the locks and switches.

Derrick:  We just went to Jeff and Jordan's engagement.

Frankie:  That video is going to be up on You Tube within an hour.  I guarantee it.

(Oh my God I just HATE him.)

Derrick:  Joker's and Hamsterwatch...they're gonna be flipping...

Cody:  Why?

Frankie:  Because Jeff just tweeted that he got engaged to Jordan in the Big Brother was five years full circle....I was sobbing...

Cody:  I was like, why am I getting so emotional?  But they met here and fell in love...and finding a love like that is so special...but I kept it together, because I don't mess around.

Caleb:  I didn't think they expected the cake and champagne and everything though...Jeff was like, "what"?

Derrick:  Jeff was in on everything, I bet.  He had an earpiece in...he was in on the whole caper.  And I'll bet CBS dropped a dime on that ring and helped out with it.  Like on The Bachelor...they always get those Neil Lane rings that are huge, like that.

Victoria:  That ring was sick.

Cody:  But he gets a salary...I'll bet they told him he was on his own with that.  He gets paid a fair amount, I'll bet.

Caleb:  Hey.  They each won a half million.  Didn't they?

Derrick:  No. Jeff didn't.  But he made the Jury though...both times.

Caleb:  So he was out.  But look at the huge role he plays in the game now.

Now Derrick talks about Shelley turning on Jeff during the live show.

Frankie:  Who's Shelley?

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