Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Sneak Peek at the Jury Deliberations #BB16

These pictures were "leaked" on the CBS website and give us a sneak peek into the Big Brother Finale footage of Jury deliberations which were filmed in the last fews days on the CBS backlot.  The set is meant to look like the Jury House, but it is actually located on the studio lot.  The Jurors left the Jury House last week and moved into hotels in the LA area in preparation for the Finale.

(That's the way it is every year.  The last two evictees just go to a hotel room by themselves, which has got to be a big letdown for someone like Caleb, who had grand dreams of a swanky beach house, with infinity pools and a big yard to exercise in.  And also for someone like Frankie, who expects a Ritz Carlton-level experience but is probably staying at the airport Hilton.)

Anyway, here are Donny, Jocosta, Zach and Caleb. Caleb looks like he has a lot to say here.

I'll bet he does.

And here is the wide group shot. I'm told that is Dr. Will in the center of the picture, but I can't really see from this distance.   I guess that's exciting.  I would like to see someone like Mike Boogie step in and do the little jury pep talk sometime...he really respects the game and has a lot of good insights every time I hear him talk about Big Brother, which isn't often enough.

Actually, I've only heard Mike Boogie recently on Rob Cesternino's podcast.  And it was a great episode taped earlier this summer---here is the link if you missed it from way back in July.

Christine sure looks separated from the group, doesn't she?  Way over on the left side?

And wearing a dress, too.  Wow.

Frankie and Hayden didn't try to put on any airs or graces, though, did they?  Hayden is 21, and doesn't have a lot of showy clothes, so that's his excuse.  But Frankie just wants to push that Bratz Doll wardrobe with the oily legs.  He's just too old for that look. 

And what is with the striped bowtie clipped on his vest? Was that really necessary?

And who is he scowling at?  His mouth is closed, though, so we should be thankful for that.  No hackey character voices appear to be spewing forth, nor any flying chunks of fish salad.

So that's a plus.

And another shot of Silent Frankie.  I just noticed that all of the jurors seem to be paired off----Jocosta and Donny....Zach and Caleb......Nicole and Donny, leaving Christine and Frankie.....

Since Frankie is sequestered in a hotel along with the other jurors, he's had no chance to capitalize on the Zankie charade.  And maybe he's even having to drink coffee from that cheapo little coffee maker that the Hilton has bolted to the wall in the bathroom, rather than the Starbucks he prefers to demand in order to refresh himself in the manner to which he is accustomed.

Just a guess.  Not trying to be negative.

(Ha ha ha.)

Since Caleb was the last evicted, I think this is the shot of him joining the Jury and being greeted by Nicole.  Look at Frankie's smug nose over on the left. Or is that a pissed off nose?

Frankie doesn't want his nemesis Cody anywhere near the Final Two.  Yet another vote for Derrick.


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