Friday, September 5, 2014

Production Camera Slip. And More! #BB16

Now, if you are a regular reader of this website, you know that I typically don't Bitch and Moan about Production.  I don't whine about the feeds being boring, or about the game being rigged, or about how I want a refund on my live feed money.

(That one always makes me laugh...some live feeders are such cheap bastards, and if they have so much time to watch a bunch of crazy strangers on their computer all day, maybe they should be seeking gainful employment.)

But if they fucked with Derrick's game by putting a picture of him in his police uniform in his HoH basket, that is a new low for this fucking show.  He has played such a careful game, such a meticulous game, that if this ruins it for him, it will officially ruin it for me.  And Derrick has been polite with Production, and respectful to the process.  (Unlike Frankenstein, who is treating everyone like they were part of his staff.)


OK.  So we can hear Cody, Derrick and Frankie in the kitchen talking excitedly about snacks and what they want to eat, and we see this in the storage room.

Some guy comes out of the rear door with a walkie talkie.  I was half-expecting him to be carrying Derick's police uniform on a wire hanger, or maybe a blow-up poster of Derrick in his squad car.

But no.  This Production fucktard is just retrieving a small red package from the counter.

Since he appeared on camera, maybe Production has to pay him as a performer now.  That would serve them right.

(That is one of the reasons why we can't hear Production talking to them on the loud speaker, actually.)


  1. Nice catch! I love it when you post stuff like this that a lot of people miss. I have the live feeds and I had no idea this happened. I am pretty sure the red package is actually Christine's swimsuit. I recall yesterday Cody and Victoria talking about her swimsuit that Victoria failed to pack in christine's suitcase because it was still hanging in the shower. Cody told Victoria to go get it and put it in the storage room.

  2. Ahhh. Thank you.

    Those are Derrick's Ritz crackers on the counter, by the way. He saw them later and held them up and thanked Production. Apparently he has been asking for Ritz crackers all summer and was denied. Like Ritz Crackers are some big fucking treat.

    I guess he didn't notice the box in the initial commotion. You know, what with the cover-blowing picture...


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