Sunday, September 14, 2014

Princess Victoria's Jewels. #BB16

So by now you know that the Jury stormed the Big Brother house last Friday and made a little mess.

Well, kind of a big mess.  Jocosta was reportedly the worst, being extra-malicious with her choice to pour sauce all over the beds, and throw raw chicken all over the floor.  Well see that situation on tonight's CBS show.

Zach was the star, of course, and mainly danced on the coffee table and threw some Froot Loops around after encouragement by Nicole.  But he apparently stepped on Victoria's necklace and broke it.  She was very angry about this, and wanted it replaced immediately.  Derrick tried to fix it, but it was hopeless.

(You can see Zach dance on the table here.  And Victoria bitch about her necklace here.)

Victoria wanted us all to know that the necklace wasn't some "Forever 21 piece of shit".

Caleb:  But did it cost $5,000?

(Because that is how much she won in the Luxury comp.)

Victoria:  No, it was from Aldo.

Caleb says he loves Aldo, too, and that he will have on an Aldo watch at the after party, with the "large face".  I did some digging, and here is a very close match to Victoria's necklace.  And no, it's not a $5,000 necklace.  Victoria told Caleb that the necklace cost $80, so she clearly bought it full price.  And bought two of them, at $40.  Maybe she's quoting some other  currency there.

On Friday night, Victoria got called to the DR and they gave her a replacement necklace.

Victoria:  Derrick look!  They bought me a new one!  And it had packaging and everything...I had to take it out in there and put it in my make up bag.

The necklace is very sparkly in her hand.

Derrick tells her to speak quietly, so the guys won't hear them talking.

Victoria:  That was so sweet!  Thank you Big Brother!  I hope it came out of Zach's money..

FYI, Caleb is very worried about the logistics of going to the Wrap Party after the finale.  He wants to be sure that Production takes him to his hotel room to check in right after the show so he can get his luggage and dress for the party.

Derrick said he didn't think it would work like that, as they would each have a "handler" who would already be sure their luggage is in the hotel room, and would accompany them to be sure they were safe and "not in a ditch somewhere".   And they won't have time to go to the hotel...things will be hectic.  They will leave the show and head straight for the party.

Frankie says this is "absolutely correct" so we can all feel confident about this.  You know, because Frankie knows show biz and all....

Clearly Caleb is worried about looking good for Amber at the Wrap Party.   I haven't seen the bunny slippers in a long time....I'm guessing Caleb was forced to give them to the DR so they could return them to Amber.


  1. You got me wondering about those bunny slippers too! I think I saw Caleb wearing them during Sunday's CBS broadcast in the scene where Cody and Caleb were playing with the vacuum cleaner.

  2. The slippers were looking pretty ratty the last time I saw them. I think there was a rip on the sole of one of them, so maybe Caleb has taken them out of rotation.

    Good eye Daniel! Thanks.


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