Thursday, September 11, 2014

Pandemonium in the #BB16 House! The Jurors Are Back and They're Turnt Up! #BB16

There was a short FISH and when the cameras returned the house guests were in a room with gray padded  cell walls watching a monitor.

Derrick:  We're on live...this is all happening live.

And we see the Jurors running around the house like crazy.  Zach picks up right where he left off, dancing on the coffee table with his best moves.  It looks like stacks of clothes have been dumped on the floor, too.

Everyone is shouting and Nicole runs over and gives Zach a box of Froot Loops, which he promptly starts spilling all over the living room, dancing around in a circle.

Now Zach has Spanky the Monkey and I see Donny run by like a flash. Someone is shouting about how they need to wash the towels.

Zach grabs that tacky vest of Frankie's and puts it on while Jocosta runs by at a speed we've never seen from her before.  Christine is there, wearing a "Team Christine' T-shirt.

There's Hayden...I think he was the one shouting about the towels.

Now we get FISH, and then the Jeff highlights.  I'm pretty sure it is the house guests vs. the Jurors at this point....what a GREAT idea from Production.

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