Thursday, September 11, 2014

More Touching, Both Appropriate and Inappropriate. #BB16

I took a few pictures on Tuesday that I haven't posted yet. Might as well dump them here while nothing is going on in the house.

The first series features Frankie the Predator as he drapes himself all over Cody in the HoH room.  Why doesn't anyone just tell Frankie to stop?  I've heard both Caleb and Cody say Frankie's constant touching bothers them....I guess they can't take the risk of isolating him at this point in the game.

And here is Frankie invading Izzy the Dog's personal space, but Izzy really liked it.  He was eating up that ear-scratching with a spoon.

That is the HoH camera in this picture.

Victoria got all dressed up for the HoH picture session that featured Izzy.  Finally a new face in those weekly pictures...

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