Thursday, September 18, 2014

Live Show Aftermath #BB16

Right after the live show ended, the Final Three immediately started getting dressed out for the upcoming HoH competition.  They knew it would be a physical competition, so they started lacing up shoes, and getting ready for it.

I expected Victoria to be a hot mess after the live show, when Cody made his speech to Caleb about The Hitmen  alliance with Derrick, particularly when they cracked upon that bottle of champagne.

But they didn't even finish their first glass, because they knew that the competition was coming up.

(Derrick knew about Cody's speech beforehand...he was not blindsided by The Hitmen disclosures, despite what you may hear on some fact-plagued podcasts.)

Derrick and Cody were so excited about being so close to their goal, but tried to keep it under wraps a little in front of Victoria.  And Cody was fretting over evicting Caleb...he kept bringing up Caleb's name and saying Caleb would hate him for sending him home.

Derrick was really impressed that the Producer Rich Meehan was on the set last night and spoke to them on the intercom.  We didn't get to hear that, of course, but he must have said some nice things to them because Derrick kept bringing it up....talking about Rich "chilling and kicking back, watching".

They gathered in the living room to wait, and then they started munching through a bag of snacks as Cody started telling Victoria all the things she didn't know about each week of the game.  He told her about the alliances other people made that didn't work, and how people tried to turn on them but got caught.

Derrick joined in a little bit, and Victoria seemed to enjoy all of this.   Cody told her that Donny and Hayden wanted a Final Three deal with him.  Derrick told Victoria that Zach always tried to talk shit about her but he tried to shut it down and knew it would hurt her.

Derrick thinks Frankie will be really nasty to Caleb when he joins the Jury, mocking his idea that he was king of the house this summer.  Both he and Cody hate the thought of that, probably imagining the horror of having to go through that themselves.

(In actuality, neither Frankie nor Caleb will ever go to the Jury House.  For Finale week everyone gets moved to a hotel and the Jury segments are taped on the CBS lot.  There is a picture floating around now of that set, with the little fireplace area and everything.  Anyway the two of them won't really get the pleasure and relaxation of the Jury House experience.  They will just sit and stew sitting alone most of the time, still with no phone or internet hookup.)

Victoria was mocking the name of their alliance, but ended up saying she kind of liked it.

Derrick:  Just be glad a contract never came up with your name on it!

Victoria shared something with them, too, telling them that Brittany told her a long time ago that if she stuck with Derrick and Cody, then she would be the last girl in the house.  Cody was happy to hear that.

Derrick:  I think Brittany had a crush on you...

Cody:  But she doesn't now...

Derrick:  Oh no..not now.  But she did then.

Derrick did some stretching.  Everyone on the internet keeps talking about Derrick's bald spot.  I guess you can see a "balding spot" here, but really so what?  As Derrick himself would say, he's a grown ass man.

And grown ass men lose their hair.  Most of them, anyway, in some manner. I find Derrick extremely physically appealing, but Derrick doesn't get by on his looks in real life.  He is as smart and capable on the job as he has been in the BB house this summer.

But if Cody were to start getting a big bald spot on the back of his head, now that would be a crisis.  And bad haircuts like this one only prove that point, unfortunately.

When they popped the champagne at the end of the live show, the cork went flying up and Derrick wanted to get it. (For a souvenir I guess, because you certainly can't shove those champagne corks back in the bottle.)

Big Brother told Derrick to Stop That! so he started to get down.  Then he spotted the cork up on a landing spot and asked if he could go up there and get it.

Derrick:  I promise not to hurt myself.

BB:  ***crickets***

As soon as Derrick got up on the counter again to retrieve the cork, BB told him to get down, but it was too late and they all knew it.

Derrick wanted the cork and he got the cork.  And then he jumped down on the ground with a flourish.

Last year we got to see the first part of the HoH competition on line, so I waited around for awhile on the live feeds and ended up getting to watch it.

You can see my coverage of that here, and here.

After the competition,  And Cody drank the rest of the bottle of champagne an hour so later, after he won the first part of the HoH competition.  The bubbles were long gone by then, but Cody tried to shake the bottle up first.

But champagne doesn't work that way, of course.  But he drank it flat.  I'm sure it still tasted like victory.

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