Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Hurry Up...Get Up...and Then Shut Up For the Season #BB16

This morning the live feed video crawl told us all to be sure not to miss the Final Three signing off of the live feeds for the season.  I don't remember ever seeing an alert about this in past seasons, so I made sure to tune in to see what would happen.

As it turned out, not much.

They got woken up by music, and from the sounds of Cody "singing" this morning, I think the song was Just Like Paradise, with the lyrics "This must be just like living in paradise, and I don't wanna go home."  (By David Lee

When the feeds came back, the air was filled with the sound of vigorous tooth-brushing.

And Victoria was primping, of course.

Cody said he was going to pack up his toothbrush and put it in his suitcase.  He also said he was going to make the last pot of coffee in the Big Brother house, and then pretended to cry and sob.  He did that for so long that I thought he might really be crying.  It certainly was annoying to hear in my wireless headphones, but he finally stopped after asking Derrick if that is what a baby crying sounds like.

(I think it sounded worse, but that's just me.)

Derrick started carefully removing his most prized possessions in the house---the little notes that his wife sent in his HoH baskets with his daughter's hand and foot prints, and her own hand prints.  Derrick was being very careful to mind the tape on the edges.

Derrick and Cody visited The Hive one last time.  The cameras weren't on Cody, but I think he was practicing making the Hit Men hand gesture as Victoria was voted out tonight.  If you don't have the live feeds, then you probably don't know how cranked up Cody can get in the house, just bursting with energy and being very loud.

It's not always fun to listen to, but Cody is clearly more comfortable than he was at the beginning of the season.  He started out being so quiet and seemed shy and unsure of himself.  And now he's like the annoying little brother that you just want to slam the door on.

Victoria ended up having to make the pot of coffee.  I guess Cody was just too busy being Cody to take care of that crucial task.

More evidence of Cody's energy...he jumped on Derrick in a surprise gesture.

Cody:  Bet you didn't see THAT coming.

Derrick:  No, I really didn't.

The feeds flickered on and off to FISH, and then when they returned the Final Three were sitting on the couch, and were talking to the live feeders before saying goodbye to us.

Cody made a statement about not knowing how important the live feeds were to the fans, but said after talking to Derrick about it all summer, he can't wait to be part of it all next year.  Cody also said some of his favorite moments in the house involved getting to know Zach and all of his fun mannerisms.

Cody:  Once he told us all about getting "Turnt Up", we all went nuts and had so much fun. I love that kid and it was so fun getting to know him.

Victoria said her favorite thing was seeing their families on screen during the live show and both Cody and Derrick agreed.

Derrick thanked the live feeders for all of the love and support, and apologized if they were a little boring at times.  Derrick encouraged all of us to try out for the show, and to just do it because it is a great experience.

Derrick:  And it was a pleasure playing with the two of you, even though I'm going to smoke Cody later...

Derrick also said he loved the competitions, and remembered reading something Ragan Fox (BB12) wrote online about knowing that each competition was designed especially for them, and how he should enjoy each one.

Cody mentions how magical the competition sets were, and gave us a hint about the theme of the HoH Part #2 competition that we will see tonight on the Finale (a gold Egyptian palace).

And all of a sudden, they were done, and all stood up and walked with purpose in the direction of the kitchen.  (I'm sure Victoria is ready for her cup of coffee...)

Once they got to the kitchen, Derrick looked up at us and said there was only a minute left of the live feeds, and then a few seconds later he was gone.

And the live feeds are over for the season.

The outcome of the season may or not be very predictable tonight, but we still have plenty of surprises to look forward to.

*  Seeing the reception the Jurors get as they enter the studio. (i.e.will Frankie get boo'ed?)
*  Watching the reveal of Team America, and learning the total dollars they won.
*  Finding out who won America's Favorite Houseguest  (please...please....please...)
*  Potentially seeing Christine reunite with her long-suffering husband Tim (of course that will happen, but we may or may not get to see it on camera---he got sober this summer and is going to surprise her with that news.)
*  Seeing Derrick reunite with his daughter Tenley, potentially after winning the biggest cash prize ever awarded on Big Brother.

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