Monday, September 8, 2014

Frankie's Family Gets Someone Else to Write his HoH Letter #BB16

 Is Frankie's family just tried of writing HoH letters?  Are they too busy?  Did they know that this week's HoH reign would become null and void due to the BB Rewind?  Or is there something more to it?  Because this week one of Frankie's friends wrote the HoH letter.

The HoH letter is from his friend Lauren.  And Lauren really, really wants us to know her last name, too, since she mentions it a total of three times, making it sort of a "brand name" for her.  If her full name wasn't something she blatantly wanted us to know, I wouldn't identify her.

Here is who she is:

So, Lauren is Team Frankie.  I knew someone was Team Frankie....I just wondered who it was.  I wonder if Frankie brags to Lauren about his hundreds of thousands of followers.

(Not for nothing, but Zach's friends got thousands of Twitter followers this summer, and Christine's husband is about to crack the 20K follower mark.)

Here is Lauren's letter, in it's entirety.


Frankie, my love

I am so ecstatic watching you. Tough times never last, but tough people do, so keep strong as you are. And keep it light, because nothing is ever too serious.

I hope you realize what a life-changing role you have in this world and to everyone around you. Everything I touch, I break . . . red wine glasses, hearts, my body! Everything and everyone you touch, you change.

You are a true, honest person with a fierce force not to be reckoned with. Just know that your spirit and your journey through life will open everyone’s eyes and minds to become a better person and push themselves to be as inspiring as you.

It just isn't the same without you, but you know I'm Striggy shufflin' around with the same ridiculous energy we emit.

Isn't it fun eating, sleeping & breathing with a whole new random group of people? It must be challenging but it makes me smile. You are irreplaceable.

Keep shining bright, babe, and I will see you when you are back, so I can give you the biggest Strigs hug ever! I love you so much and miss your face & insanity EVERY NIGHT!!!!!!

Love & light,

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