Thursday, September 11, 2014

Easy on That Hair, Victoria... #BB16

She is using a brush and is being rough, trying to get the tangles out after her shower.

She should be gentle....wet hair is very sensitive to stretching and snapping.

And as you can see, it is has been growing and is at a length where I think she should consider giving her head a break from all of those heavy clip-on extensions.

I've said it before...I think a swingy, shiny shoulder-length bob (i.e. a "Lob") would compliment her facial features and petite stature.

Nominations should be coming up soon.  Based on the overnight live feeds, it looks like Derrick may have talked Caleb out of nominating him, and putting up Frankie directly against Victoria.

Let's not get to excited about that, however, until it happens.  Because we all thought Caleb would backdoor Frankie last week when he had an EXCELLENT chance to get rid of him.

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