Sunday, September 14, 2014

Dinner and Dancing #BB16

Last night the house guests gathered to make a big dinner.  Frankie said, "if they won't throw us a Final Five party we'll do it ourselves!"

Cody made a salad, with assistance from Victoria cutting up carrots.  Derrick pounded chicken breasts and he and Cody made chicken parmesan, but with mashed potatoes instead of pasta.  Caleb wishes they had French dressing, and Cody does, too.  Victoria and Frankie had never heard of it before, but are open to trying it now, after Caleb's rave reviews.

They think they will be having another family dinner on Tuesday, but if things go as I think they will, Frankie will be evicted no later than the end of Monday.

Look at the way Frankie handles his fork, holding it out like a shovel.  Where did he learn that behavior?  Probably the same place he learned the smacking and the slurping.

Caleb nominated Frankie and Victoria for eviction this week, you know.  Frankie was annoyed with Caleb for not telling him beforehand.  He feels wronged, but has been assured by both Derrick and Cody that they will vote for him to stay.

(No, they are not planning to vote for him to stay.  Of course.)

Cody won the PoV, too, so Frankie has no powers at the moment.  That we know about, anyway.

Both Cody and Caleb sat down to eat without waiting for the others.  Cody ate a bowl of salad and Caleb just wolfed down one of the pieces of chicken parmesan.  He is avoiding carbs right now, from what I've heard him say.  He wants to start shredding to look good at the Finale.

(But I've also seen him house some cookies and other snacks, very quickly, usually standing up, as if the calories don't count that way.  We all know that move, Caleb.)

Derrick can't tolerate many spicy foods, and even Cody's red sauce is too spicy for him.  He tasted it and wanted to eat more, but knows it would make him sick.  So he just had plain chicken with the mashed potatoes.

(Can you imagine a life without Siracha or tabasco sauce?  I can't....)

Once in awhile someone would say something about the Final Five, but there was a lot of silence as everyone chewed and sat, waiting to see what would happen next.

Victoria is very reflective on how much her life has changed in the last year.  She has brought it up quite a few times.  They all expect the next eviction to happen live on Wednesday, and that it will be a Double Eviction episode.

But that is not true.  The next eviction will occur sometime by the end of day Monday, as I said earlier, with the eviction airing on the taped Tuesday night show.  So it will be a "fake" live eviction in that it will not be broadcast live on CBS.

They will have a live audience, but it could be studio worker "plants", but they could also admit a "real" live audience for the taping.  There is precedent for both in recent Big Brother history.

Derrick will stay thin if he eats in this manner.  He takes a few bites and then puts down his utensils and adds to the conversation.  Some would call this mindful eating.

And Derrick, I'll point out, is not from a famous showbiz family, but he does know how to properly handle a knife and fork in a "grand" manner.

After dinner they all laid around and complained about how full they were. Derrick compared to a Thanksgiving type of full, and Caleb pulled up his shirt and stuck his stomach out to prove his point.  (No pictures of that.  Sorry.)

For some reason Cody got down on the floor to practice what looks like some break dancing moves.  He says he took a few classes, but has a hard time with this series of moves.  Basically it involves a lot of rolling around with your legs in the air.

This floor covering always freaks me out in pictures, even though I clearly know where Cody is right now.

He wanted Victoria to come over and help him with his legs.

No, I don't understand that, either.

I don't understand what she is doing, but she is clearly doing something.

Frankie must see the camera coverage so he comes over to get his share.  He lays down and tells us how much his groin hurts.

Victoria:  Is that your groin?

Victoria tells the guys that during the "Seed Saw" challenge she hurt herself too, because she had her legs open so wide.  She shows them.

That's wide.

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