Thursday, September 25, 2014

Did Frankie's Account Get Hacked Again? #BB16

Or is this really the image that Frankie wants to present to his "millions of followers on social media"?

I just checked in to see if Frankie is tweeting yet, and was a little surprised by the picture selected for his icon.

That's probably not the best image to present if you want to leverage your fifteen minutes in the spotlight.

FYI - There was a short video leaked last night that someone took of a conference room backstage after the Finale.  Christine and her husband Tim were huddled together having a talk, and Hayden sat nearby with Nicole and her look-alike mother.  At the end of the room Frankie had already changed clothes and I think he was with his mother, Zach, and Zach's mother.   Frankie's mother appeared to be telling him "no social media" and I think she was trying to warn him that he may be in for a shock....

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