Friday, September 5, 2014

Derrick's Wife Put a Note in His HoH Basket, Too. #BB16

Derrick didn't find it until an hour or so after he got the basket.  You know, what with the picture of him in his police uniform and all.  (I mean, allegedly...)

He ran into the living room to share it about about 1:15 am BBT.

It is on a pink piece of construction paper, and features her hand print, which is similar to what his wife put in his first HoH basket, with prints of Tenley's hand and foot.

The paper lists "Five Reasons Why I Love You", and Derrick reads them.

I can't recite it word for word, but the list included his "eyes and smile", the "way he respectfully listens to people and offers helpful advice", and the fact that he "makes the best pancakes in the world".

Frankie:  You two are so cute's perfect.

Cody:  It makes me want to fucking puke.

Derrick:  I do make good pancakes.

Frankie takes it and comments on how big Derrick's wife's hand is.

Derrick:  She's a beast!  No...she's probably around 5'2".

(He later says she is 5'4", but he probably shouldn't have said "beast".)

Frankie likes #4, which is the one about listening to other people, so he reads it aloud, with inflection.

Frankie:  I'll bet I know what the sixth reason is.....its your...BIG heart.

Derrick laughs.

Frankie:  Your big, long heart...

Frankie then wonders aloud what "they" show of him on TV.

Frankie:  I am just absolutely vulgar....I have such a dirty mouth...

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