Friday, September 5, 2014

Derrick Reads His HoH Letter, and Deflects Questions About The Picture #BB16

OK.  So I reported what happened when Derrick got his HoH basket and some framed picture that he quietly freaked out over.  (You can see that here.)

Right after that Derrick went into the DR with his picture and left the group on the couch.  It's a small group now...the Final Five.

There was a picture of Austin Mahone on the Pop Tarts box that Derrick got, and Frankie made several pronouncements about Austin, saying that Austin was always so well-dressed and was the best-dressed as far as Frankie is concerned.

(But look at how Frankie dresses......)

Caleb dismissed Austin Mahone as a Justin Bieber wanna be, and was upset that he was obviously copying Justin's hair and style.

Frankie:  Justin doesn't even wear his hair like that anymore...and he's moved on.  And Austin is just the guy to step into his shoes.  Now that Justin Bieber is doing drugs and fucking prostitutes, Austin is the new thing...he's squeaky clean and he's it.

Cody says Austin's songs are really catchy, but Caleb is grimacing at Frankie.  His cheeks are turning red.

Frankie:  I love how Caleb gets all worked up when he knows absolutely nothing about what he's talking about.

Frankie:  I don't like Austin Mahone even as much as one-seventy-fifth of how much I like Justin Bieber, but I'm glad he exists.  And he's very talented.  And very nice, too.

Maybe Caleb is realizing that Frankie isn't going to hook him up "in the studio" with Justin Bieber, after all.  And maybe he's wishing that he had put Frankie's booty-short-clad butt on the block last week.

(Why couldn't they get the Austin Mahone Pop Tarts before this week?)

Suddenly Derrick appears from the DR and comes in with a little burst of energy.

Frankie:  You getting a new picture?

Derrick:  Yeah!


When we return Derrick pulls out his letter and says he's going to read it first, because "last time he was stuttering".

(Obviously he's worried that the letter will also expose Derrick's job.  After the picture his fucking wife obviously sent him.)

Cody:  Who's it from?

Derrick, stammering:  It's's actually from my father, Tim.

Derrick scans it and we can hear him reading it aloud under his breath.  Only a few seconds go by before Caleb blurts out "are you going to read it?"

(Remember how scary Caleb can be?)

Derrick:  I am.  I'm just reading it first so I don't screw up....but I'm good.  I'll just go with it.

Derrick begins to read.  It's actually a very nice letter, with his dad saying that as his son grows, a distance develops with his independence, but watching him on TV has made his dad realize what an incredible human being he is and how proud his father is in every sense of the word.  He's not sure there is a good way to describe how he feels as a father about watching what kind of person Derrick has become, but he says Derrick will see himself as his own daughter grows.

His dad goes on to say that there is no difference between a mother's love for her child and a father's..they just express it differently.

The P.S. on the letter is that Derrick asked his dad to look out for his wife and daughter, and they "want for nothing" so Derrick should just relax and enjoy the rest of his summer.  His dad says he seems to be surrounded by "a group of wonderful people".

Victoria:  Awwww...

Derrick:  So that's it.

There was a small amount of clapping as Derrick told everyone that of course they were to help themselves to anything in his HoH basket.  I see two boxes of Little Debbie Zebra Cakes, which Derrick has been dreaming of all summer.

Victoria:  Why'd you give them back your picture?

Derrick: just wasn't a good wasn't a good picture at all...

Victoria: Oh.

Derrick:  It wasn't a solid picture.

Victoria:  Oh.

(Look at Cody's face as Derrick says this.....did he see a picture of Derrick in his police uniform holding his baby?  And is he going to do anything about it?)

Caleb:  It was all like, blurry and jacked up?

Derrick:  Yeah.

Victoria:  Oh, so the quality wasn't good.

The talk turns to the items in Derrick's HoH basket.  Cody is going to eat the sushi, I think, and also says he likes the "Quaker Cheddar Things" that Derrick got.

(I think Derrick should give Cody whatever he wants from the damn basket, and be glad that someone else didn't see that picture....)

Frankie goes right back to his discussion of Austin vs. Justin, and Cody wants to discuss how Usher found Justin Bieber on You Tube.

(Well, if Derrick got a deep scare while he was undercover with say, a murderous bunch of drug dealers, I think a response like this would get him in trouble. He was kind of like a deer in the headlights.)

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