Thursday, September 11, 2014

Derrick Pulls an All Nighter #BB16

Derrick sits and stares at the memory wall.  Everyone else has gone to bed, but Derrick is still at it.

I'm pretty sure police officers are trained to recognize facial traits, so that they can describe a suspicious person based on a few quick glances.   The police sketch artists I've seen on TV always build their drawings on a few key details, like eye and nose shape, or a chin.  And Derrick said on a recent show that he had a photographic memory.

Frankie only won the PoV last week over Derrick by about 20 seconds, so it was close.

Derrick steps back to look at the pictures from a distance, probably trying to recreate the backyard set up for the competition.

Upstairs Caleb has the Spy Screen trained on the living room.

Not sure if Caleb is awake, but you'll notice that he did not let Frankie stay in the HoH room with him last night.

From what I understand, Frankie tried....

Caleb's CD is Brett Eldridge.

What is that orange thing Derrick is holding?  He's so thin I'll bet his police uniform will be baggy when he gets home.  On Finale Night, Julie will probably reveal to the group that there is still one person in the house with a pretty big secret.  (After the vote, of course, but before they reveal the winner of BB16.)

Maybe Julie can just put up a picture of Derrick in his uniform, or show a video of him in his squad car, or commanding a meeting of officers.

Last night Caleb told Derrick it would be him and Victoria on the block, because it was Derrick's turn.  Derrick knows he needs to win the PoV.  The next best thing for him would be if Cody won PoV and saved Derrick, which would seal Frankie's fate.

But Derrick and Frankie would be the favorites to win the comp, based on last week's results.  Derrick is well-aware that America doesn't like Frankie, so he knows we're all hoping the Rewind bites Frankie in the butt.

Derrick has been my pick to win since the very beginning of the season, from the cast preseason interviews.  I've never been bored by Derrick in the game...he's focused on winning and I'm glad they have shown his strategy more in his recent DR sessions.

For fans who say Derrick is boring, I invite you to compare him to Frankie, who is always trying to put on a show.

Derrick is here to win, not to make a spectacle of himself.

Derrick finally got in bed to rest.

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