Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Cody: Now This is Torrential! - The HoH Part #1 Comp Continues #BB16

The rain starts really pouring down on them now.  Cody and Derrick laugh and talk about how this is Big Brother.

They are hanging at an angle where they really need at least one hand on that bar most of the time.  I think the "sky" tilts back and forth to make things challenging.  Cody said the bar is going to get slippery and harder to grip.

Lights flash and Cody yells about the lightening.  It's funny.  Victoria is silent, not talking at all.  I can hear her breathe sometimes when the guys are quiet.

These are Derrick's legs.  You can see there is room to stand on, but not much.  Derrick asked Cody a few minutes ago if "he said whether the foot thing would move" and Cody didn't have information about that.

I'll bet those wet extensions are heavy, especially if your scalp is sore.

The rain stops for a minute and there is quiet, as they all catch their breath.  Police sirens are heard in the background, racing closer to the house.

The rain starts again, hard, and I can hear Victoria singing in her native language.  The melody sounded to me like a song from The Sound of Music---the Lonely Goatherd Song, but I have no idea what it was.  Production let it go on for awhile and then cut the feeds.

When we come back it is raining really hard now, and the wall tilts forward and they all breath hard, holding on.

This picture is scary to me.  It is Derrick's right hand.  He is obviously having problems with it.  He keeps hanging it down and shaking it.

When the rain stops and they can stand up easier. they all try to dry off their grip, and stretch a little.

Victoria:  How long do you think we've been up here?  Ten minutes?

Cody makes her repeat it and asked Derrick if he knew how long they'd been up there.

Derrick:  Heath?  Are we allowed to get a time check?


Cody admits to Derrick that he's hurting, but his voice sounds the most energetic to me.  Derrick thinks Frankie would have crushed this comp, but Victoria points out that his hands would have turned purple by now.

The "sky" tilted forward again and you could see Derrick's posture and grip change.

Yeah, Derrick's arms are in trouble.  He put his right arm inside his shirt for a few minutes.  He still wears the Band Aid on his left middle finger from when he sliced his finger opening a champagne bottle at the engagement party.

Derrick and Cody just whispered something about "her" to each other but I'm not sure what it was.  I think Cody might have asked Derrick if he thought he could outlast Victoria on this thing, and Derrick may have shrugged.

Earlier when they were waiting for the competition to start, Victoria mentioned the HoH Part #1 comp in BB14 where Dan got Danielle to drop from the fishing bobber.  So she knows about that...interesting.

Victoria tells them her hands hurt, and they both immediately encourage her, tell her to hang on and that seems to help.

Victoria's hands are asleep and Derrick says he can't even feel his.  Cody snorts at this and Derrick says, "hey I'm old!  give me a break!"

 The wall tilts as the rain beats down and Victoria is in trouble.  She's slipping and she knows it.

She lost and she's upset.  The guys congratulate her and say good job.

Victoria:  Good job my ass!

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