Sunday, September 7, 2014

Big Brother End-of-Season TV Schedule #BB16

The beginning of football season has really shuffled things around.  It's interesting that one of the remaining Big Brother episodes will air on a Friday night.  CBS recently moved The Amazing Race to Fridays from Sunday on what looks like a permanent basis, likely due to the massive competition for viewers on Sunday nights.

Some people think Friday night is where TV shows go to die, but it is actually a good night for family TV, and since the TAR ratings have been steadily falling, this may be a safe place for the show.  Reality programming is relatively cheap compared to scripted shows or movies, so CBS creating a "reality night" might not be a bad idea.

I'm not suggesting CBS should move Big Brother to Fridays permanently, but they are clearly experimenting with their schedule.

Sun, Sept 7, 8PM ET/PT – Nominations episode; Jeff and Jordan engagement

Tue, Sept 9, 8PM ET/PT – Power of Veto episode

Wed, Sept 10, 8PM ET/PT – Live show - Rewind revealed - HoH comp kick-off

Sun, Sept 14, 8PM ET/PT – HoH Comp completion, nominations, Jury visit to the house for the Luxury competition. (might be 8:30 pm due to football)

Tue, Sept 16, 8PM ET/PT – "Special" Eviction Episode (likely a closed set with taped eviction happening earlier); also PoV competition 

Wed, Sept 17, 8PM ET/PT – Live Eviction show, with live PoV Ceremony, down to Final Three

Fri, Sept 19, 8PM ET/PT Sun, Sept 21 –  Part #1 of Final HoH Competition, Final Three memories of the evicted house guests, Jury segment

Wed, Sept 24, 9:30PM ET/PT – Season finale – 90 minutes  (following the premiere of Survivor Blood vs. Water); Part #2 of Final HoH Competition on tape, live final HoH competition and eviction


  1. I don't think the F4 will be revealed on 9/10 since they pushed the rewind button. Do you think they will do another double eviction on 9/17?

  2. The events that happen may vary based on the Reset Button (or Rewind..whatever) but the broadcast dates and times should be accurate.

    1. Im sorry Feed Watcher...but on Sun 9/21, there is NO BB tv show, CBS is having a Premiere on that day...the Sun 9/14 will be the Last Sun show...

      and Yes, the F4 will be revealed on 9/10... they will have a Fast Forward that day with a Live Eviction...☺...

  3. I don't have a show listed on Sept 21st.


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