Friday, September 5, 2014

BB Reset Button: The Choice is Yours #BB16

Not our choice, their choice.  The house guests' choice.  There is only a sign that says "The Choice is Yours".

Everyone squeals and shouts and is excited.  I really can't believe Frankie chose to wear all of that on live TV.  I can't decide which is worse, the shirt and tie, the shorts, the shoes, or Frankie's head.  Let's call it a four-way tie.

Caleb is positive that the next HoH gets to make the choice.  But then again, yesterday he was sure there would be a series of balloons taped to the wall and they would each get darts to throw at the balloons.  Some would contain large cash prizes, and others would just have prizes or punishments.

A few weeks ago Caleb was certain that Production would give each one of them one of the HoH Room cameras to take home...the kind that drop down and swivel around.

So Caleb doesn't know anything, but he certainly has a vivid imagination.

I wonder if any of them noticed that the wallpaper shows the word "Game" and then the same word next to it, but flipped upside down.  It couldn't be much more obvious than that.

Frankie thinks they can have some great exercise classes in that room now.  Derrick paces.


I am finally watching BBAD and right after the HoH comp ended, all of the house guests ran into the room and discussed pushing the button.  Frankie and Cody wanted to push the button, and Caleb wanted to talk about it.  Derrick tried to be the voice of reason, telling them that they have no idea what this means, that it could be something bad.

They all put arms in and pushed the button.  Then a countdown clock appeared on the screen, and it is counting down days, hours, minutes and seconds.  They figured out it is around  7:00 pm on Wednesday night.  (That is the new live show night, starting next week due to NFL football playing on Thursday nights on CBS.)

Then Frankie left and came back in his tiny man panties, making sure all of the cameras were on him.  They are now nervous and excited.  So the scene I documented above was them coming back in the room to watch the time clock and chatter about what it might all mean.

Hours later, Derrick visited the room alone, pacing around and talking to himself while wearing Caleb's cowboy hat.

Derrick:  It can't be good, right?

Derrick:  It's definitely not good.

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