Wednesday, September 10, 2014

BB Police: Step Out of the House, Please. #BB16

Shit just got real for Sergeant Derrick. Caleb basically told him he and Victoria would be going on the block.  Caleb was worried about nominating Frankie, and then Frankie winning PoV and coming after Caleb.

Derrick did a spiel about how Frankie is already coming after Caleb, due to Caleb's track record in competitions and his good relationships with jury members.  But Caleb told Cody that Derrick just needed to suck it up and sit in the chair when the time comes.

Also Derrick and Victoria are still going to play out their act of Victoria hating Derrick now and vowing never to vote for him to win Big Brother.

Did it occur to Victoria that wasn't in her best interest now, after the Rewind?  I know Derrick is thinking about it, and what will surely happen if it comes out that the two of them were putting on a show to help Derrick get to the end.

If Derrick wants to win, he needs to win this PoV.  Unless Frankie wins, I don't think Derrick is the target, but now is the time for Derrick to face real adversity in the game.  Direct adversity.

Frankie is still rehashing what happened in the live show, and who said what when.  They all like that they got to see themselves on TV tonight, during the Rewind.

And Caleb just goes on and on, talking about each twist and turn in the competition.  Caleb is the type of winner who doesn't gloat, but who gets so chatty about everything, so excited about the recent turn of events.

If Caleb wants to be a proper Reality Star, I think he needs to play up his sinister side...just staring at people when he is in power to make them feel uncomfortable.  That is when people really start making mistakes with the chatter...when they feel uncomfortable.  Someone just might say something interesting....

Frankie pontificates about the footage "they will use" from the competition and we get FISH.

Shut up, Fool.

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