Monday, September 22, 2014

Ariana Makes Big News, But For All of the Wrong Reasons #BB16

Page Six just loves to report juicy stories about bad behavior.  So today they devoted quite a bit of space to the latest drama surrounding Ariana Grande.  First of all, he's not really her "life coach", he's apparently really her choreographer.  And he may or may not be the one spilling secrets about what has been happening behind the scenes as Ariana travels around pushing her new CD.

You can read the story here on Page Six.  Ariana's tweets are a little ironic, too.  Right?

Also, I saw a blind item on the CDAN website that may or not be hinting that Ariana has some risky hobbies.  Really, the item is pretty vague, but the last sentence is what implies that this blind item might be Frankie's sister, due to all of the bad press recently about her diva attitude.

You can read the blind item here, as well as all of the comments guessing who it refers to.

Who knows, maybe this little rumor was the last straw that got the "life coach" fired?

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