Saturday, September 20, 2014

Another 90 Days, Another 141,640 Twitter Followers for Zach #BB16

Way, way back on June 20th, I watched Zach Rance's Big Brother 16 intro videos, and snapped a picture of Zach's Twitter account for my FeedWatcher Forecast.

I don't know how well you can see the picture I took that day, but at the time Zach Rance had issued 3 tweets, and had 360 followers.  One of those followers was me, after watching Zach's captivating preseason interviews and realizing we had a live one on the cast this year.

I just visited Zach's twitter profile again, on September 20th, and found the following:

Zach now has 142,000 followers on Twitter, and has tweeted a whopping 4 times.  (The one tweet this summer was made on his behalf, to ask us all to vote for him to be America's Favorite Player.)

If you ask me, Zach was the true Social Media Mogul in the house this summer, publicizing his Twitter and Instagram handles on two live shows, even spelling out "Ranceypants" rather slowly for the audience members who might have been impaired while watching, or just too stupid to know how to use Google.

Do you think Zach will start tweeting after he re-enters life on Thursday?  After all of this, I think it would be hilarious if he never tweeted again.  But I think he will, of course, and I hope he gets turnt up and lets us all hear exactly what he has to say.

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