Wednesday, September 17, 2014

And We're Back----Everyone is Hanging for HoH Part #1 #BB16

They are paragliding, standing on small platform in the sky.  Derrick asks Victoria if she's hanging in there and she chuckles.

The set is gorgeous, and when the camera sweeps over the scene it feels like I am watching from a plane.  The backyard is quiet, with only Cody and Derrick chatting easily and the faint sounds of planes in the air.

Just look at that aerial view.  A "cloud" or something comes up and I think they got rained on a little but it was hard to tell.  Cody was afraid that the step they are standing on would pull back in the wall.  He brings up Caleb, and Derrick thinks Caleb would have smoked this competition.

Cody: He's gonna hate me.

I guess that is the cloud in the picture below.  Can the pooping birds be far behind?

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