Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Zach's Poetic Speech For Thursday Night #BB16 #ZachAttack

Zach does very well on the fly when Julie Chen calls him out on the live show.  But you may not know that for all of Zach's other speeches and presentations featured on both the live shows and taped ceremonies like the PoV and nomination ceremonies, he practices. (Even the Froot Loop Dingus speech.)

He practices his words, and also his delivery.  There are hand motions and facial expressions.  Zach is so good at it that it doesn't seem rehearsed....it comes off very naturally when he finally delivers.

Last night he practiced his poetic speech again, just before 3:30 am BBT, while his bros Cody and Derrick played pool around him.  I wonder if they feel a little guilty about this whole thing.  I'm sure they do..

And they are nervous, too, because they know there is about 30 seconds after Julie announces the vote when Zach can blow up their game.  And Cody is worried about Zach borrowing his boots for Thursday night...he wants those boots back.

I don't think Zach will go out nasty like that, though.  If the vote is unanimous he will be even more shocked, since he thinks he has the votes to stay, but I think he will also realize that he is on live TV, and is about to walk into a studio audience full of fans who either love him, or love to hate him.

Zach's poem starts slow, but then builds momentum until the cuteness compounds every half second.  I know some of you are math nerds, so that is a lot of cute for just a short poem.

Zach:  Roses are red, and violets are blue.  Everyone here is great.  I love each and every one of you.

Zach:  You've all touched my heart, and for that I'm so grateful. Maybe I'll even change my ways, and not be so hateful.

Zach:  The Jury's in our sights...we're on the right track..

Zach:  ..viewers at home, please hashtag Zach Attach.

Zach:  House guests I'm begging you..please give me another chance...

Zach:  If you want to follow me on Instagram or Twitter...my name is Rancy Pants..

Zach: Your decision tonight is crucial..the wrong choice may cost ya..

(Derrick:  I hate this fucking speech already.)

Zach:  So when you WALK into that Diary Room, vote for Jocosta.

Cody is openly irritated at having to hear the speech over and over, but likes the part where Zach raises his voice when he says "when you walk into that Diary Room".  Frankie likes the part where he pimps out his social media accounts.  (Of course Frankie would like that.)

Zach sometimes starts out "Roses are red, violets are brew" when he practices.  If he makes that mistake on the live show, he says he'll just say please vote for me to stay and sit down.

Yes, we will all miss Zach in the Big Brother game, but we will always have his images and words right here.  And also in the Big Brother bathroom.

You may know that inside the bathroom closet downstairs, a number of house guests over the years have either written or carved their names into the door.  Dan's name is there, and Frank's.  McCrae also wrote something on there, too.

Zach said he imprinted his name so hard, it would take a lot of spackle to erase it.  It used to just say "Zach", but now it says "Zach Attack".

Frankie:  I didn't know you spelled it that way...I thought there was a "K".

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