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Zach's Last Supper #BB16

On Wednesday night, the entire house participated in a dinner cooked by Frankie.  It was Zach's last supper in the Big Brother house, and Frankie was cooking fish, of course.  And talking and talking and talking about how he cooks fish, of course.

As usual, Frankie kept his eye on the clock, and as the clock struck 9:00 pm BBT, he started with the annoying voices, putting on a big show for the TVGN audience.

Zach asks if anybody goes to the Outback, and of course, they all have.  Zach loves the Wedge Salad, but Caleb says he always gets the coconut shrimp.

Frankie is cooking halibut and says he's going to start looking for it on restaurant menus, so he can see how it is prepared professionally.  Christine says halibut is always on the menu at Joe's Crab Shack.  Derrick agrees with that, and seems to like the place.

Zach plans to wear Nicole's sweatshirt on his way into the Jury House.  She left it behind accidentally---they found it on the side of a bed in the Fire Room.

Zach:  She'll be so mad to see me wearing it!

Derrick:  Tell her you haven't showered and slept in it for five days!

Christine thinks she will be glad to see it though, and may be happy that Zach repped her school like that.  Zach agrees.

(Maybe Zach can just peel it off and hand it to her on her way back into the house tonight...)

Donny has really been making an effort to talk to people in the house, rather than sitting sullenly waiting to be spoken to. He's also changed his sleeping schedule a bit, staying up until midnight most evenings, and taking afternoon naps while the other house guests are napping.

I think the Zingbot slapped some sense into his head about his social game.  Donny may enjoy blaming Derrick for what is going on in the house, but Derrick started adapting and socializing on the very first day, putting him where he is now.

Also, when Donny made his sales pitch to Christine yesterday, he appeared to be pushing for Frankie to be in the Final Two, which would leave the America's Favorite prize to someone else in the Jury.  Donny seems to think he has a shot at this money.   I don't want to see Frankie in the Final Two, but I can understand where Donny is coming from.

Christine is a Have Not, so she just sat at the table and socialized.  She impressed everyone by saying she runs three miles every day before work.  Once she disclosed that she runs on a treadmill, there was some scorn, but holy cow Arizona is hot.  No way can she run outside.

(I visited Scottsdale one year in June, and the temperatures were nearly 120 degrees every day.  There were people playing golf at 5:00 am so they could spend time outdoors.  I wore rubber flipflops to the mall one day and the bottom of them started to melt after walking across the parking lot.)

(No thanks.)

As usual, Frankie's TVGN show was desperate.  While he goes on and on with his voices and characters, the cameras flash to the other house guests' faces as they appear to ignore him, and also ignore what they might really want to say to him.

The dinner conversation was very quiet and awkward, so Frankie went on and on about cooking fish, and what Italian people eat.  Then he said his mom is allergic to shellfish and Christine overdid it, acting like Frankie just said his mother is an ax murderer.

Frankie also told a rambling story about what happens when he orders lobster in a restaurant with his mother.  Apparently she gets up and moves her seat, so that Frankie's sloppy eating habits don't spray her with shellfish debris, causing her to go into anabolic shock.  Frankie can't just tell this story, though, he has to get up and act it out, moving over next to Derrick who kept his head down eating the whole time, trying to make it go away.

(Meanwhile, I don't think admitting that he frequently orders the lobster in a restaurant is the right thing to do...since every other house guest has talked openly about their money problems.)

Victoria ate some sort of slop concoction.  She's been a real trooper with the slop, since she's been on a slop diet for over half of her game at this point.  She almost had a breakdown the other day...she told the other house guests that she almost started crying because she wanted to eat something else.  Christine immediately told her she was a strong girl and could get through it, which was nice.

Victoria also told Donny yesterday that all of the soft foods feel disgusting to her...she can't wait to eat something crunchy with a non-slop texture.

(They should try to make onion rings, using the slop as the breading, right?)

Victoria drinks a lot of coffee at home, and likes it black.  She has cut down on her consumption quite a bit in the house, because the BB coffee doesn't taste good to her.  Christine, a former manager at Starbucks, told her to keep it up when she gets home, for health reasons, but Victoria says she will go right back to her old coffee-drinking habits when she gets home.

(In Miami, they drink "Cuban Crack" every afternoon around three---super strong shots of coffee that are very sweet...a delicious tradition and addiction.)

Just in case anyone is wondering, Frankie is defrosting a huge piece of halibut right now to cook tomorrow.

The actual eating part of dinner took about seven minutes, and then people got up and started moving around.  They put a package of frozen cookies in the oven, and there was much discussion over the recommended cooking times.  Donny and Derrick both like the cookies that are firm enough to pick up and eat after they have cooled, but Frankie always undercooks them, making them fall apart like raw cookie dough.

Derrick has lost about 20 pounds in the house this summer, but says he will put it right back on when he goes home.

(He got that beautiful suit from the NFL BoB he hosted....he should check to see if the tailor can let out the seams a little for him, since it was such a close fit.)

Derrick has bad acid reflux, and has problems eating garlic or other spicy foods.  Frankie has a bottle of Zantac in his room and Derrick plans to have one tonight.  Derrick says the 150 mg Zantac pills are the best, and Frankie says back when he was drinking he had to take pills all of the time for his heartburn.

Frankie:  I'd say, I'll have the Penne Ala Vodka, hold the penne and the ala.

Zach says only chocolate and Poptarts give him heartburn.

Zach says tomorrow is the first day of fall, and they all realize that they missed summer entirely.  There was some discussion of when the seasons change, and Donny says his brother teaches "Michael Jordan Slam Dunks" to his students, like this.

Michael - March (spring)
Jordan - June (summer)
Slam - September (fall)
Dunks - December (winter)

Christine likes winter because she likes the night time better than day time (probably due to the Arizona heat) but Zach says that sucks for playing golf.

Zach was called to the DR and came back without the sweatshirt on.....what does that mean, I wonder?  Are they fumigating it, so he doesn't contaminate The Chenbot when he hugs her?

Zach says the winters are a joke in Florida, and it is so humid that even with the cold temperatures you can still go to the beach every day.

(True.  I've gone to the beach on New Year's Day twice.)

Derrick says he doesn't have a company car, and drives a Maxima so he has problems when it snows at home.  The temperatures can be 18 degrees below zero for days at a time, with the wind chill.  Donny drives a Dooley at work and has a plow on the front for winter time.   If something happens to it, it's a Company vehicle, so he doesn't have to worry about that.

The talk winds down, and Donny starts with the noises he makes to deal with silence.  You know, the whistling and "do do do" sounds.  (Which used to drive Brittany CRAZY.)

Derrick and Donny sit and stare at the memory wall.  Derrick knows damn well that Donny was talking smack about Derrick's game today with Christine, but neither of them address it directly.  Derrick took the cookies out of the oven and tells Donny that once they've cooled, they're going to "be money".

After a few minutes of cooling, Derrick used a spatula to remove the cookies under Donny's close supervision and they both crowed over how perfectly they were cooked this time.  They came off the pan cleanly, without breaking apart, and Donny pointed out the center was still gooey.

Zach came over and got one, saying they were perfect this time.  I could hear the little crunch as he laid waste to one large cookie.

Yum.  Alas, no camera closeups of the delicious cookies.

Victoria quietly went about mixing up some sort of slop potion for herself, measuring protein powder and not even looking at the cookies.  Maybe the scent of the fresh cookies cancels out what must be a nasty stench from cooking fish every night, and having fish bones and such in the trash can.

(I was waiting for Kathy Griffin to talk about how the house smelled, but maybe they don't want to mention that on the CBS show.  Everybody who visits the house always says it smells really bad in there.)

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