Thursday, August 14, 2014

Zach's Hair Team For Men #BB16

As usual, Derrick has the barber clippers out on live show Thursday, and is starting with Zach.   A few minutes ago, Zach was at the dining table telling Derrick about some medical issue he was having.

Zach:  It's getting really bad, dude.  I need to see a doctor.

Derrick:  You can go in "there" and ask for a doctor.

Zach:  Is that going to come out of my stipend?

Derrick:  No..I think that's why they wanted all of our medical it would be like we went to the doctor at home.


Zach:  ...... I just wanted to bang my head against the wall...

(What?  What?)

Zach:  Nothing feels as good as just getting your hair cut.  Thank god you're in this house.  We'd all be fucked if you weren' one to cut our hair.

Derrick:  Believe me...I know the feeling. I'm getting it about now.

Zach showed Derrick where he wanted "the line" to be.  Derrick is using a #4, if that means anything to you.  Derrick asked Zach a few times if this is where he really wanted the line to be, and Zach said yes.

Zach held his hair to the side to make it easier on Derrick.  During this haircut, Victoria came in the room and sat, pouting in the corner.

Derrick:  Hey. What's up?


Derrick:  What's on your mind?


Zach:  She's just watching the show.

Apparently Caleb is going to cut the top of Zach's hair after Derrick is finished.  A whole "Hair Team", if you will.  They consulted on the length of the planned cut.

When Victoria left the room, Derrick said Nicole must be telling Victoria a bunch of shit today.

Zach:  About what?

Derrick:  Who knows....anything.

Zach showed Derrick where the line should be on the other side.  He wanted it in the same spot and was very easy going about the whole thing, saying he's sure Derrick is doing a great job and  the line is only visible for a few days, anyway.

Caleb came back in and whispered that Victoria was in there talking to Donny and Nicole.

Zach tells Caleb he wants a sort of fauxhawk on top.

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