Sunday, August 24, 2014

Zach Really Did Pack on the Ell Bees This Summer #BB16

According to the CBS website, there was a lot more of Zach to love when he checked out of the Big Brother 16 house last Thursday.  9.7% more, to be exact.  Zach gained 15 pounds this summer.

Must have been those "Candyland Pancakes".  At some point, Zach started adding mini chocolate bars to the recipe, along with a handful of M & M's.  And of course, the nightly chocolate chip cookie baking that has occurred in the last few weeks is going to get everybody....even Donny.

Even Hayden gained two pounds, and he worked out every day.

Jocosta lost weight, though.  A whopping seven pounds, lending credibility to her claims of constant illness.

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