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Worries About Zombies Keep Them Up All Night #BB16

Last night, a series of announcements were made in the house that announced a Zombie Apocalypse sweeping the United States.   Also, they apparently saw scary faces in some of the glass windows.

I tuned into the live feeds just before 1:00 am BBT, and the house guests were gathered around, chatting about what the messages said, and what time they were issued.  As I watched, the feeds were interrupted by FISH every few minutes, and when they returned the house guests had just heard yet another Zombie announcement.

So I guess Production didn't want us to hear the announcements.  Boo.

The messages sounded like fake news reports, from what I could tell, with a BB connection.  For example, they said live feeders were admitted into "St. Gheesling Hospital", and there were various mentions of bunny slippers, pink hair dye, and maybe Amber's sweater.  They mentioned "patient zero" and gave out an address in LA, too, where the Zombie takeover apparently started before spreading to the East Coast.  Chilltown was mentioned, as well as Jenn City as being infested with the pesky Zombies.

Donny got up and spent time in the living room for a few minutes, but it was obvious he was extremely pissed off by the whole thing.  Donny likes to go to bed at 10:00 pm every night, no matter what.  He sat sullenly on the couch as the group laughed and made jokes.  It seems to me Donny needs to win HoH next week more than anybody, even Frankie, so I'm not sure what this shitty attitude is all about.

(If you don't have the live feeds, then you have NO IDEA how BORING Donny is in the house.  He spends much of the day alone in the backyard while everyone else sleeps.  I understand having a routine when you are AT HOME IN YOUR NORMAL LIFE, but you'd think he would shift things if he WANTED TO WIN THIS GAME.)

The announcements mentioned that the Zombies were spreading across the country, naming a list of cities including Nicole's hometown Ubly Michigan.  Then there was some sort of announcement about how it was the last chance for them to have a showmance in the Big Brother house.  When the live feeds returned, Cody had turned to Nicole to lean in for a kiss.

Everyone was laughing and Zach observed that Cody went halfway, but Nicole didn't meet him there.

Cody:  I think I went farther than least I tried.

The cameras know we wanted to see what Christine thought about all of this.  I"m sure Christine is PISSED, because everyone thought this would be an endurance competition, but tonight's Zombie Stunt makes that look a little unlikely.

Unless the announcements really relate to the PoV, which could be the case.  Maybe a Zingbot PoV?  Who knows.  Only Grod knows, so to speak.

Zach really picked on Victoria tonight, but not in a mean way..  Victoria went in the kitchen to make some coffee for the long night and Zach called out to her to bring him some, calling her "Babe".  She ignored him.

Zach:  Babe? .....Baby? .... Boo thang?

Nicole said she'd really like to see how Zach acts with a girlfriend.  Cody says he thinks it's an act, that Zach is really a softie and would be great to the right girl.  Meanwhile Zach kept calling Victoria "Babe".

Victoria returned with Zach's coffee and they all laughed that she brought it to him.

Zach:  See?  I told you.

Victoria:  If you don't call me by my real name, I'm going to dump this on your head.

Cody:  No she won't...

She didn't.

Cody:  I called your bluff.

Nicole loves how Victoria always tells Zach he needs to apologize, and then he usually does it.

Nicole:  Everyone probably hates us because they want a showmance.

Cody:  Oh, I guarantee it. I get asked about in "there" at least six times a day.

Cody starts giving Nicole the "Christine Treatment".  If Nicole is really pissed at Christine for backdooring her, I think she should snuggle right up to Cody Calzone and take all of his attention for the next 24 hours.

Yep. That's what I would do.  But Nicole is far nicer than I am.

I think the crew really likes Nicole.  I'm sure they will miss her in the house.  She is always entertaining and she follows the rules, which I'm sure they appreciate.  They never had to yell at her for not wearing her two costumes properly.

(Yes, I'm looking at you Frank Eudy.  Frank had issues about carrying his pom poms and wearing his Spiritard.  In his defense, it didn't fit him, but whatever.)

Zach twirls his hat.  If it's a memory competition, I like his chances.

Unfortunately Frankie has a chance to win, too.

Christine let her REAL feelings slip out for one second.

Christine:  Tomorrow (ie. during HoH lockdown), I'm laying in the HoH bed, because it's MY BED.....maybe two other people can, too...or maybe seven....what am I talking about...I'm delirious...

(Or maybe she just heard herself say that and tried to turn it around.  You know, during the preseason interviews, Christine said that her biggest flaw in the game would be that she's too nice.  I'm not throwing shade here, but I don't agree with that at all.  I think she is prepared to step in to the Villain role here, obviously.)

(And was that comment about not wanting to share the HoH bed directed towards Frankie, who has been hogging the HoH room all week?  Or Cody, who is currently caressing Nicole, like it's their last night on earth. After all, the Zombies are coming.)

Caleb announced his memory isn't worth crap, and that his memory bank was maxed out after the first Zombie announcement.   They brought up the OTEV comp, and nether Caleb nor Cody had any idea what "OTEV" meant.

Cody:  Honestly, I didn't think about it.  I just thought it was his name.

Nicole:  I can't believe you guys are sending me home and leaving these jamokes in the house.

(Derrick introduced the word "jamoke" to the group, and now all of them are taking it with them as they return to their normal lives.  I heard it a lot when I lived in NY---I think the best definition is "knuckleheads" or "dumbasses".)

Victoria:  I've already had a a showmance in this house.

The cameras shift to Derricks face, but then Victoria clarifies that it was with Frank, one of Frankie's "great" characters.

Frankie walked around with his hand stuck right down the front of his pants.  Yes, he did. And you know since he was in the kitchen he also touched some things.


Then he did some twirling and dancing.  All "LOOK AT ME...LOOK AT ME....LOOK AT ME!", of course.

Here's something for us all to look forward to...a few options:

1.  Frankie Grande getting fucking BOOED by the live audience when he is evicted from the game. (They can hear that in the house, too, you know.)

2.  Frankie Grande maybe getting fucking evicted during the Super Secret show that happens every year during multi-day live feed shutdown.  There is a token audience on hand, but the eviction is not broadcast Frankie will miss out on that, which will just KILL him.

3.  Frankie Grande going to the internet to find out just how loved he really was this season....


I had the live feed flashbacks on all day yesterday while I worked.  There was a very interesting conversation among Derrick, Cody, Zach and Christine.

Derrick told them that he went to a separate school then his brother and sisters.  They went to a Catholic school, but Derrick didn't go there, although he reported he was very close to his brother.

Zach:  Why not?

Derrick:  I couldn't get into that school....I was a truant...I missed 83 days of school one year.

Zach:  WHAT?

Derrick:  I went to Davies...representing Davies!

Everyone laughed, but Zach was particularly horrified.

Zach:  Where were you?  What were you doing?

Derrick:  Nothing, really.  Just hanging out at a friend's house.  My mom worked, so I would get home and take all of the absentee notices out of the mailbox, and erase the voicemails.

Zach:  Oh my God!  My parents would have killed me if I brought home anything less than a B!  But really, I expected that of myself...too.

Derrick:  Well, this all happened with I was 11 or 12 years old.

Zach was shocked by this, too.  Pretty sure he thought of his brother Peyton doing something like this and he was truly horrified.

(I'll bet Young Derrick was hitting a bong all day...just a guess.)

FYI Cody and Christine comforted each other as they learned this horrifying news about Derrick, over in the corner by the washer and dryer.

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