Sunday, August 31, 2014

Want to See a Sloppy Dinosaur? #BB16

When you see the "closed door" shot like this, you know something is about to happen.  This flashback begins at about 5:45 pm BBT on Saturday, after the PoV competition concluded.

(Christine won the PoV.)

And at the same time, we see Derrick in the HoH room, listening to Frankie drone on and on about how much money it takes to build a school, Derrick is watching the living room on the Spy Cam.  Derrick is watching Caleb and Christine on TV.

It's so meta.

Cody  bursts out of the DR hallway, wearing his new Dinosaur costume.  He has to wear it for a whole week, and says he even has to sleep in it.  Derrick disputes this, saying Nicole didn't have to sleep in either of her costumes, but Cody just shrugs his shoulders.

Cody makes some scary dinosaur noises as he stomps around, and pretends to attack Caleb.

Someone says it looks comfortable.

Cody:  No, not really.  When I lift my arms up like this it pulls on my crotch.

Cody wishes his tail was longer, because he wants to be able to shake it around.

They have a lot of booze stored up from the last few days.  They saved it on purpose, so that they could enjoy it after all of the week's competitions were over.  But now two of the drinkers are Have Nots (Derrick & Nicole) so the drinkers tonight will be Caleb, Cody and Victoria.  Cody is ready to get things started.  He wants to shotgun a beer with Caleb.

Cody had to give Caleb instructions about piercing the can, and proper placement for being able to open the top.  Caleb didn't go to college, so he doesn't know all of the tricks like Cody does.

Cody's hat fell off while he chugged.

Cody walks around in a robotic fashion, making what he believes to be dinosaur noises.

Christine finds this hilarious, of course.

Cody pretends to take a bite out of Caleb's shoulder.  I think they both have the beginnings of a buzz going now.  They have six more beers and two bottles of wine to get through. So, there will be wasted house guests tonight.  Things might get dirty.

(I saw all of the chatter online about Frankie talking about raping Victoria tonight.  The reporting on that has just been irresponsible.  One popular blogger made that line her headline, and then admits in the post that she didn't see the footage and was just reporting from what she read on Jokers.  Or some shit like that.  I saw that scene on the live feeds, and no one said the word "rape".  You really have to watch the footage to put the comments in perspective.  Christine asked Cody to "please not make love to Victoria tonight because you know how feisty she gets when she is drunk".  Frankie then said they should take all of her virginities tonight and Caleb said he and Cody would "destroy her" and there would be "blood all over".  Derrick said as a dad, if he saw that he would "break the computer".  Then they imitated the Zingbot, if the Zingbot was having sex.  The whole thing was over in an instant, and they were just kidding around.  You know how I hate Frankie, but he wasn't trying to be evil.  They were just having fun.)

Note to Live Feeders:  After one shotgunned beer, Caleb starts with the rapping.  And the boasting.  For example, he tells all of us that with that shirt on, and a cowboy hat and boots, he's going to be "slaying them".  And he is probably right.

Cody does a little dance to get that tail shaking.  I think Production missed the boat on this costume.  The camouflage coloring just blends into the background.  I know they can't have a purple dinosaur, but a bright color like red or yellow would pop a lot more with the HDTV.  Even bright pink would be funny, too.  Cody's going to be a good sport about it, but that material is all wrong.

Cody:  Hey Derrick!

Cody gives Derrick the Double Bird.  The hands of the costume are funny.  I wish we could see them better.  Cody does a pretend pool shot and says the costume is going to hurt his game, and the teeth hanging down will obstruct his vision.

He's ready to shotgun another beer, but Caleb wants to slow down on that.  Caleb opened up a bottle of red wine and Cody gets started on a glass of that.  Both Cody and Caleb keep singing and they know they will get in trouble tonight because of it.

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