Thursday, August 7, 2014

Tonight's Live Show is MUST SEE TV #BB16

Well, it looks like Zach might indeed be safe tonight, after some crazy scheming in the last 12 hours. On BBAD last night, I saw Caleb in The Hive talking to Frankie about the numbers.  Specifically, how evicting Zach is going to hurt their numbers.

He broke down how Jocosta would vote, and how vulnerable their group would be if certain people won HoH.  I watched Frankie take it all in, and saw the fear in his eyes, and he said he would have to talk to Derrick about it.

Apparently overnight Derrick and Cody had a change of heart, after realizing that Hayden is plotting against them.  (Not immediately...but I don't think Hayden would do anything to save them.)  I am flipping through the Flashbacks to see what I can find this morning, but one thing is sure...Zach is now aware that some people in the house want to vote him out.

And Cody can't wait to see Nicole, Hayden and Donny get blindsided when Zach has the votes to stay.  (Jocosta, too.)

Wow, huh?  Just wow...

I'm going to brew the coffee tonight and stay up and watch the live feeds after the show for what is sure to be A HOT MESS.  What if Zach wins one of the two HoH comps tonight?  Wow squared.

OK, so after midnight it looks like the decision has already been made, so I will go back further, but here is what was going down after midnight.

Derrick and Frankie tried to talk in the bathroom...Frankie said it looked less suspicious then being in The Hive with the door closed.  They discussed how Team America has caused problems for them, and I think they were talking about how Donny is running the show on the other side.

Jocosta came in the room, so Derrick got up and started flossing.

And does a tooth check.

Later in the hour a group gathered in the living room, just hanging out since the backyard is locked down.  There has been some construction going on in the HoH Suite upstairs...the "spare" bedroom is now locked and all sorts of hammering and banging is going on.

So they know that there will be no more Dual HoHs and suspect a Pandora's Box may be coming up.

Remember when Cody touching Christine in an innocent way like this used to upset people?  My how time changes....

They talked about other reality shows.  Derrick knew the spoilers for The Bachelorette, and says he told his wife that Andi was going to pick Josh.  Then they trash-talked Juan Pablo, and Derrick also knew that Juan Pablo blew his chances at being on Dancing With the Stars after he was a total butthole on After the Final Rose Ceremony.

(I'm embarrassed to even know all of that.)

But not as embarrassed as Cody should be.

Cody:  I was a big Juan Pablo fan...Juan Pablo all the way!

But maybe the soccer connection is what drew Cody to Juan Pablo.  I hope so, because....

(Google Reality Steve's website to learn spoilers from The Bachelor series, if you dare.  That is where Derrick got his info...)

Caleb said he wanted to do Survivor on Blood vs. Water with his brother Jake, but then says that Jake is his stepbrother, so Survivor casting turned him down.  (Is the season being filmed now a "civilian" Blood vs. Water, with no returning players?)

Caleb says at the Finale he's going to find who he needs to talk to about Survivor and tell them he's ready to go, now.  (I don't think they start filming the next two seasons again until Spring 2015, so the timing might work for him.)

Caleb says he would have no problem on Survivor with killing a chicken or duck with his bare hands, and illustrates that for us below, sweet-talking the animal as he strangles it.

Note Caleb is wearing Amber's bunny slippers as he discusses how fierce he is.

They talked about Hayden Moss and seemed confused about his performance on Survivor.  Someone said Hayden really blew it on that show, saying he was voted out 5th, but actually Hayden made the Final Five and had some STELLAR performances at Tribal Council.

Christine went to bed, but not before a LONG hug from the Codester.  I've noticed Christine using sign language in the house when she talks, and also in her DR sessions.   For example, they were saying that the votes tomorrow would be B.A. (Nicole's term for Bomb Ass) and she made the signs for B and A.

I don't know much sign language, but I do know the alphabet.

I don't think Zach will truly appreciate what happened this week until he sees it on TV someday...Zach's mom even had to stop watching the live feeds this week because it was so heartbreaking for her to see her son so cruelly misled.

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